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News Archive

2008-12-20, Saturday :: Picsearch samples list
posted by Compn

The FFmpeg project would like to recognize and thank the people at Picsearch for their help improving FFmpeg recently. The Picsearch team makes extensive use of FFmpeg and provided feedback to FFmpeg in the form of thousands of files that either crash FFmpeg or use unsupported/unknown codecs. The FFmpeg development team is putting this information to work in order to improve FFmpeg for everyone.

We know that there are other organizations using FFmpeg on a large scale to process diverse input types. The FFmpeg team invites those organizations to provide similar feedback about problems encountered in the wild.

The MPlayer team is also working hard on this list, so far we have added support for 25 binary decoders and 23 fourccs to existing video codecs. Stay tuned as we continue testing files and adding support for more codecs.

We also urge all websites that use MPlayer/FFmpeg to share the crashing/unplayable files with us. We suspect that Youtube uses our software, and we would like everyone to benefit from their work.

One of our goals is to be able to play every video file. If you have a file which does not play with MPlayer, please upload it so we can take a look. You can find instructions in the Bugreports section of the documentation. Or you can report non-working videos on our Bug Trac or on the MPlayer-users mailing list or just send me an email with the URL of the problem video.

2008-09-09, Tuesday :: libdvdnav-4.1.3 and libdvdread-4.1.3 released
posted by Dominik

We are proud to announce another release. This time, it's a dual one, because libdvdread was split from libdvdnav and is now developed in a separate tree, retaining API compatibility with the old upstream.

Apart from the split, the highlights for this release include a large number of memory and resource leak fixes, pkgconfig support and the introduction of dvdread-config script.

libdvdnav-4.1.3 can be downloaded by HTTP or FTP.

SHA1SUM: d1b95eb8a7caee1fa7580a1abad84d6cb3cad046
MD5SUM: d62383c45b28816771e283515f2c27fa

libdvdread-4.1.3 can be downloaded by HTTP or FTP.

SHA1SUM: fc4c7ba3e49929191e057b435bc4f867583ea8d5
MD5SUM: 6dc068d442c85a3cdd5ad3da75f6c6e8

2008-05-29, Thursday :: MPlayer at LinuxTag 2008
posted by Roberto


Also this year MPlayer will be at LinuxTag. You can meet us at Messe Berlin in Hall 7 booth 113, from May 28 to 31.

This year we're sharing the booth with FFmpeg and OGP.

Come visit us in Berlin!

2008-04-30, Wednesday :: GPLv2
posted by Diego

No, we do not have plans to switch to GPL version 3 at this particular point in time. However, we do wish to be compatible with GPL version 3. We also wish to have the option of switching licenses available in the future. Circumstances making a license upgrade desirable might arise, one never knows. Unfortunately there are some bits of code in MPlayer, which are licensed as GPL version 2 only. Trying to get in contact with the authors of these parts has been fruitless, we have had no reaction from them.

Thus we are looking for help contacting them. Specifically, we are searching for the authors of (crossed out authors we already found)

written by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer, last known email addresses < bero at arklinux dot org > and < bero at redhat dot com >
written by Mike Baker, last known email address < mbm at linux dot com > and Christopher Wingert, last known email addresses < cwingert at qualcomm dot com > and < mailbox at wingert dot org > and < usenet at wingert dot org > and < tivo at wingert dot org >
written by Florian Schneider, last known email address < flo-mplayer-dev at gmx dot net >. Note that this is not the Florian Schneider from the band Kraftwerk, nor a researcher from the ETH Zürich.

If you know how to get in touch with them or if you are one of the people we are seeking, please contact us so that we can get these issues resolved. Thanks a bunch.

2008-04-15, Tuesday :: libdvdnav-4.1.2 released
posted by Dominik

On the first anniversary of libdvdnav under the new dev team, we're happy to announce a new release. But first, some history.

As some of you probably know, libdvdnav hasn't been actively developed upstream for quite some time. About a year ago, a couple of developers related to MPlayer took over the task of maintaining libdvdnav. The first release happened quietly on Sunday, October 28th 2007 and now it is time for another.

There have been many improvements to the build system and some bugfixes including plugging a few memory leaks since the last release, but no major changes.

libdvdnav-4.1.2 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

SHA1SUM: 65e8f5aa01a60cf8fd013ef9e5d8c23b9fef21d6
MD5SUM: 0e9a494403f9f5a2e781252c77599561

2008-01-30, Wednesday :: buffer overflow in stream_cddb.c
posted by Roberto


A buffer overflow was found and reported by Adam Bozanich of Musecurity in the code used to extract album titles from CDDB server answers.

When parsing answers from the CDDB server, the album title is copied into a fixed-size buffer with insufficient size checks, which may cause a buffer overflow. A malicious database entry could trigger a buffer overflow in the program. That can lead to arbitrary code execution with the UID of the user running MPlayer.


High (arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player) when getting disk information from a malicious CDDB entry, null if you do not use this feature. Please note that it is possible to overwrite entries in the CDDB database, so an attack can also be performed via a non-compromised server. At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit in the wild.


A fix for this problem was committed to SVN on Sun Jan 20 20:58:02 2008 UTC as r25824. Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0rc2 or update to the latest version if they are using SVN.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0rc2 and SVN before r25824 (Sun Jan 20 20:58:02 2008 UTC). Older versions are probably affected, but they were not checked.

Unaffected versions

SVN HEAD after r25824 (Sun Jan 20 20:58:02 2008 UTC)
MPlayer 1.0rc2 + security patches

2008-01-30, Wednesday :: buffer overflow in url.c
posted by Roberto


A buffer overflow was found and reported by Adam Bozanich of Musecurity in the code used to escape URL strings.

The code used to skip over IPv6 addresses can be tricked into leaving a pointer to a temporary buffer with a non-NULL value; this causes the unescape code to reuse the buffer, and may lead to a buffer overflow if the old buffer is smaller than required. A malicious URL string may be used to trigger a buffer overflow in the program, that can lead to arbitrary code execution with the UID of the user running MPlayer.


High (arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player) if you can play untrusted URLs (e.g. delivered by a remote playlist), null if you do not use this feature. At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit in the wild.


A fix for this problem was committed to SVN on Sun Jan 20 20:43:46 2008 UTC as r25823. Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0rc2 or update to the latest version if they are using SVN.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0rc2 and SVN before r25823 (Sun Jan 20 20:43:46 2008 UTC). Older versions are probably affected, but they were not checked.

Unaffected versions

SVN HEAD after r25823 (Sun Jan 20 20:43:46 2008 UTC)
MPlayer 1.0rc2 + security patches

2008-01-29, Tuesday :: buffer overflow in demux_mov.c
posted by Roberto


A buffer overflow was found and reported by Felipe Manzano and Anibal Sacco of CORE Security Technologies in the code used to parse MOV file headers. Other similar issues were found by Reimar Döffinger while fixing the code. The vulnerability is identified as CORE-2008-0122.

The code read some values from the file and used them as indexes into an array allocated on the heap without performing any boundary check. A malicious file may be used to trigger a buffer overflow in the program. That can lead to arbitrary code execution with the UID of the user running MPlayer.


High (arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player) when playing a malicious MOV file, null if you do not use this feature. At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit in the wild.


A fix for this problem was committed to SVN on Tue Jan 29 22:13:20 2008 UTC as r25920, Tue Jan 29 22:13:47 2008 UTC as r25921 and Tue Jan 29 22:14:00 2008 UTC as r25922. Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0rc2 or update to the latest version if they are using SVN.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0rc2 and SVN before r25922 (Tue Jan 29 22:14:00 2008 UTC). Older versions are probably affected, but they were not checked.

Unaffected versions

SVN HEAD after r25922 (Tue Jan 29 22:14:00 2008 UTC)
MPlayer 1.0rc2 + security patches

2008-01-29, Tuesday :: stack overflow in demux_audio.c
posted by Roberto


A stack overflow was found and reported by Damian Frizza and Alfredo Ortega of CORE Security Technologies in the code used to parse FLAC comments. The vulnerability is identified as CORE-2008-1218.

When loading a comment from the file, a length value is read from the file and then used as an index to a VLA array with no check performed. A malicious file could trigger a stack overflow in the program, leading to arbitrary code execution with the UID of the user running MPlayer.


High (arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player) when playing a FLAC file with malicious comments, null if you do not use this feature. At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit in the wild.


A fix for this problem was committed to SVN on Tue Jan 29 22:00:58 2008 UTC as r25917. Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0rc2 or update to the latest version if they are using SVN.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0rc2 and SVN before r25917 (Tue Jan 29 22:00:58 2008 UTC). Older versions are probably affected, but they were not checked.

Unaffected versions

SVN HEAD after r25917 (Tue Jan 29 22:00:58 2008 UTC)
MPlayer 1.0rc2 + security patches

2008-01-03, Wednesday :: HUP Readers' Choice Award 2007
posted by Diego

HUP Readers' Choice Award 2007

Like every year the Hungarian Unix Portal has held its annual Readers' Choice Award and MPlayer + its frontends came out on top of the "favorite video player" category. MPlayer got 600 votes (61%), placing it before VLC with 231 (23%) and Totem with 49 (5%).

If you can read Hungarian, check out the HUP award page.

2007-10-07, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0rc2 released
posted by the release team

It's been a while, but we are still around and have decided that it's time to funnel our steady stream of daily changes into a release again.

One main source of improvements has, as always, been FFmpeg, which added support for several new video and audio codecs along with speedups and massive code cleanups.

MPlayer now supports Real RTSP authentication and the libnemesi streaming library as an alternative to live555. Also, many QuickTime over RTSP streams can now be played. There have been various improvements to TV streaming, Intel Mac support should be complete.

Support for VC-1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS will make many HDTV streams work. Blu-ray or HD-DVD playback is not possible yet, but MPlayer can play the EVO files after they have been decrypted.

MPlayer now assumes square pixels as found on LCD panels. If the video on your monitor appears squished or stretched please use '-monitoraspect 4:3' to get back the previous behavior.

It is no longer necessary to patch the sources to get AMR audio support. Instead, download AMR libraries for Linux and install them as described on that page.

Note that this release will not compile on current (as of this writing) Cygwin versions due to a missing llrint implementation in Cygwin. You will have to wait for the next gcc upgrade in Cygwin or patch either Cygwin or MPlayer locally.

There is no need to download binary codec packages if you already have an older version.

MPlayer 1.0rc2: "AreWeThereYet?"


  • console messages and XML documentation converted to UTF-8
  • Russian documentation translation finished
  • Russian man page translation finished
  • Chinese man page translation finished
  • Chinese documentation translation started
  • Documented get/set/step properties in DOCS/tech/slave.txt


  • Intel Music Coder audio decoding via lavc
  • Monkey Audio audio decoding via lavc
  • Fraps v2/v4 video decoding via lavc
  • Video game codecs: 4XM audio, Electronic Arts ADPCM audio, Delphine CIN audio and video, Interplay DPCM audio, Sierra VMD video, Tiertex SEQ video, Westwood IMA ADPCM audio, XAN wc3 video, Id CIN video, Interplay video, XAN ADPCM audio, Westwood SND1 audio, Feeble Files DXA video, THP audio and video, Renderware TeXture Dictionary video, Bethesda Software VID video via lavc
  • video game codecs: XAN wc4 video via binary DLL
  • libmpeg2 updated to 0.4.1
  • fixed resolution switching with libmpeg2
  • handle resolution switching for Real codecs
  • FFmpeg video decoder can now handle aspect ratio changes
  • AMR now handled via libamr wrapper (http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/amr)
  • SIMD optimizations for mp3lib under AMD64


  • Implemented switch_video and switch_program consistently with switch_audio (default keys are "_" and TAB, respectively). For the time being program switching is only available in TS streams handled by demux_ts.c (not libavformat), while video switching is also handled by demux_lavf.c and demux_avi.c.
  • audio and video switching for the AVI demuxer (video switching untested)
  • GIF demuxer improvements, should work with all GIFs now
  • support for VC-1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS files (BD,HD)-DVD
  • support for EVO demuxing
  • support -noidx with libavformat demuxer
  • support for channel navigation with PVR input
  • text subtitles should now work with libavformat demuxer
  • cleaned up TiVo demuxer


  • authentication for Real RTSP streams
  • near-precise seeking in dvd:// and dvdnav:// (dvdnav:// requires libdvdnav from mphq)
  • speed selection when playing dvd:// streams, to make drive quieter
  • support SVQ3 and H.264 in X-QT over RTSP, now RTSP Apple keynotes work (live555)
  • SMIL playlist over Real RTSP
  • support H.263-2000 over RTSP (live555)
  • fix AAC-LATM over RTSP (live555)
  • support AMR over RTSP (live555)
  • support H.264 over RTSP (live555)
  • "device" and "adevice" suboptions now work for the *BSD BT848 TV driver
  • dvdnav:// now depends on MPlayer's fork of libdvdnav
  • teletext support for tv:// (v4l and v4l2 only)
  • radio support for *BSD BT848
  • channel scanner for tv://
  • fine tuning for tv://
  • driver autodetection for tv://
  • libnemesi RTSP/RTP support
  • EOF detection for RTSP (live555)


  • Intel Music coder audio decoder
  • Fraps v2/v4 video decoder
  • H.264 decoding speedup
  • Slice-based parallel H.264 decoding (-lavdopts fast:threads=N)
  • native NUT demuxer updated to spec
  • native NUT muxer
  • NUT muxing and demuxing support via libnut
  • WMA encoder
  • fix MJPEG-B on big-endian systems
  • lowres support for some H.264 files
  • DTS/DCA audio decoder
  • Atrac 3 audio decoder
  • MPEG-1/2 speedups
  • RoQ muxer, video and audio encoder
  • QTRLE encoder
  • AC-3 decoder
  • Matroska muxer
  • Monkey's Audio demuxer and decoder
  • Flac encoder and decoder speedups
  • AMV demuxer and audio/video decoder


  • iWMMXt-accelerated DCT and motion compensation for ARM processors


  • obsolete fame filter removed
  • vf_geq speed-ups
  • vf_yadif green frame fixed
  • fix af_pan when switching audio streams
  • add audio left/right balance feature to af_pan


  • write to output streams (currently only file:// and smb://)
  • support -ffourcc with -of lavf
  • removed B-frame warning message
  • fixed bugs that would corrupt headers in the video stream when using telecining and not patch the TFF flag correctly


  • Complete Intel Mac support
  • Hitachi SuperH (SH3) support
  • Blackfin optimizations


  • ALSA audio output now sets the non-audio bit for AC3 passthrough even if the user-specified default device name tries to clear it
  • fixed internal VIDIX in Solaris/x86, also auto-enabled
  • rework of internal VIDIX, now a fully static library with builtin drivers
  • updated VIDIX ATI drivers
  • Sun XVR-100 video output driver


  • monitorpixelaspect=1 is now default. Set monitoraspect=4/3 to get the old behavior (if you have non-square pixels).
  • libdvdcss updated to Subversion HEAD, now same as upstream version
  • libmpdvdkit split into libdvdread and libdvdcss
  • obsolete Xvid 3 support removed
  • long-deprecated -vop option removed
  • video stream switching
  • dvdnav:// honor -alang and -slang
  • support for doubleclick as input event
  • -really-quiet works as expected now
  • select libavformat demuxer (-lavfdopts format=)
  • internal minilzo removed in favor of FFmpeg implementation, use liblzo2 for encoding
  • change GUI dependency from libpng to libavcodec
  • ability to change subtitle size during playback
  • ability to turn loop on/off during playback
  • Apple Remote support
  • libdvdread updated to 0.9.7
  • many compiler warning fixes

MPlayer 1.0rc2 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MPlayer 1.0rc2 is also available on BitTorrent.

MD5SUM: 7e27e535c2d267637df34898f1b91707
SHA1SUM: e9b496f3527c552004ec6d01d6b43f196b43ce2d

2007-06-05, Tuesday :: stack overflow in stream_cddb.c
posted by Roberto


A stack overflow was found and reported by Stefan Cornelius of Secunia Research in the code used to handle CDDB queries. Two other similar issues were found by Reimar Döffinger while fixing the issue. The vulnerability is identified with CVE-2007-2948 and SAID 24302.

When copying the album title and category, no checking was performed on the size of the strings before storing them in a fixed-size array. A malicious entry in the database could trigger a stack overflow in the program, leading to arbitrary code execution with the UID of the user running MPlayer.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when getting disk information from a malicious CDDB entry, null if you do not use this feature. Please note that it is possible to overwrite entries in the CDDB database, so an attack can also be performed via a non-compromised server. At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit in the wild.


A fix for this problem was committed to SVN on Tue Jun 5 11:13:32 2007 UTC as r23470. Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0rc1 or update to the latest version if they're using SVN.

In case you can't upgrade or apply the suggested patch, these are some possible workarounds:

  • Don't use cddb:// URLs (be careful also with playlists)
  • Redirect freedb.freedb.org to (e.g. via hosts file)
  • Recompile with --disable-cddb

Please note that we are not releasing an updated tarball with this fix at the moment.
If you need to stay with 1.0rc1, get the MPlayer 1.0rc1 tarball, apply the patch with the fix and recompile MPlayer. If possible, however, we recommend that you upgrade to SVN.
If you decide to stay with rc1, don't forget to also apply this older fix. If you mantain a binary package for MPlayer, please name the updated version MPlayer 1.0rc1try3.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0rc1, MPlayer 1.0rc1try2 and SVN before r23470 (Tue Jun 5 11:13:32 2007 UTC). Older versions are probably affected, too, but they were not checked.

Unaffected versions

SVN HEAD after r23470 (Tue Jun 5 11:13:32 2007 UTC)
MPlayer 1.0rc1 + security patches

2007-05-13, Sunday :: MPlayer at LinuxTag 2007
posted by Roberto


Like in previous years, MPlayer will be present at LinuxTag. This year the event will take place from May 30 to June 2 at Messe Berlin. FFmpeg will be there, too.

You are welcome to meet the developers and tell us your suggestions in Hall 12 Booth 93.

If you happen to be there on Friday morning we suggest you to attend the presentation FFmpeg: Past, Present, And Future by Mike Melanson, an FFmpeg developer and well-known multimedia hacker.

See you in Berlin!

2007-04-17, Tuesday :: Thanks
posted by Guillaume

We would like to thank all the generous people who donated towards helping us organizing LinuxTag this year. Like last time when our server had broken down, the donations exceeded our expectations and are now closed.

The list of donors can be found on the donations page. Please mail me if you would like to have your name removed.

Many thanks to all of you!

2007-03-14, Thursday :: Donations request for travel expenses to LinuxTag
posted by Guillaume

Like every year, the FFmpeg and MPlayer teams are going to man a booth at LinuxTag this year. Unfortunately, some of our developers do not have enough cash to get there.

We estimated that we need about 800EUR to get everyone to LinuxTag. Thus we would like to kindly ask our users and supporters to donate us a little bit of money so that we can meet you in Berlin.

How to donate money


2007-02-21, Wednesday :: LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award
posted by Diego

2006 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award

We have just been notified that LinuxQuestions.org has held its annual Members Choice Award again and MPlayer has come out on top in the category Video Media Player Application of the Year.

MPlayer received 618 votes (41.93%), the second place went to VLC with with 306 (20.76%) and the third place to kaffeine with 235 (15.94%).

A big thank you to our many fans.

2007-01-17, Wednesday :: HUP Readers' Choice Award 2006
posted by Diego

HUP Readers' Choice Award 2006

Like every year the Hungarian Unix Portal has held its annual Readers' Choice Award and once again MPlayer came out on top of the "favorite video player" category. MPlayer got 799 votes (73%), placing it before VLC with 148 (13%) and xine with 52 (5%).

We also managed to return to the top of the "Favorite Hungarian Project" category. Thanks for the support!

If you can read Hungarian, check out the HUP award page.

2006-12-31, Sunday :: buffer overflow in asmrp.c
posted by Roberto


The code mentioned in DSA 1244-1 is also included in MPlayer. A potential buffer overflow was found in the code used to handle RealMedia RTSP streams. When checking for matching asm rules, the code stores the results in a fixed-size array, but no boundary checks are performed. This may lead to a buffer overflow if the user is tricked into connecting to a malicious server. Since the attacker cannot write arbitrary data into the buffer, creating an exploit is very hard; but a DoS attack is easily made.


High (DoS and eventually arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when setting up a RTSP session from a malicious server, null if you do not use this feature. At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit.


A fix for this problem was committed to SVN on Sun Dec 31 13:27:53 2006 UTC as r21799. The fix involves three files: stream/realrtsp/asmrp.c, stream/realrtsp/asmrp.h and stream/realrtsp/real.c. Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0rc1 or update to the latest version if they're using SVN.

Please note that we are not releasing an updated tarball with this fix at this moment, since MPlayer 1.0rc2 is already in process.
If you need to stay with 1.0rc1, get the MPlayer 1.0rc1 tarball, apply the patch with the fix and recompile MPlayer; else upgrade to SVN.
If you mantain a binary package for MPlayer, please name the updated version MPlayer 1.0rc1try2.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0rc1 and SVN before r21799 (Sun Dec 31 13:27:53 2006 UTC). Older versions are probably affected, too, but they were not checked.

Unaffected versions

SVN HEAD after r21799 (Sun Dec 31 13:27:53 2006 UTC)
MPlayer 1.0rc1 + security patch

Happy new year from the MPlayer team.

2006-10-22, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0rc1 released
posted by the release team

We wish to thank the Google Summer of Code project for sponsoring the FFmpeg project. Thanks to the SoC program for 2006, the FFmpeg project was able to get help from students to implement more native codecs.

The highlights of this release are native VC-1/WMV3, On2 VP5 and VP62 (used in some Flash video files) decoding, which works even on non-Intel platforms, and SSA/ASS/color subtitles.

Furthermore we can now run natively on Intel Macs (you just have to pass --disable-win32 --disable-mp3lib to configure), -endpos was finally added to MPlayer and the Windows GUI has seen a number of improvements.

Vorbis decoding has seen a big speedup, as has H.264. The optimizations to H.264 are still ongoing, but the difference should already be noticeable.

And last not least many bugs were found and fixed since pre8.

MPlayer 1.0rc1 will no longer load a file-specific configure file located in the same directory as the file you're playing, because of potential security concerns (thanks to Rudolf Polzer for pointing this out); if you want to restore the old behavior add -use-filedir-conf.

If you already have the binary codec package from pre8 you don't need to redownload it: The new 20061022 packages do not contain any new codecs, they just miss some that now work natively.

MPlayer 1.0rc1: "Codename intentionally left blank"


  • German documentation translation finished
  • Russian documentation translation synced and almost finished


  • IVTV hardware MPEG audio/video decoder output
  • ALSA audio output: AC3 passthrough now works even when the device name of the digital output port has been set by the user
  • bicubic OpenGL scaling works with ATI cards
  • md5sum switched to the libavutil MD5 implementation
  • support for libcaca 1.0 via compatibility layer


  • liba52 updated to 0.7.4 (slightly faster)
  • SSE optimizations for mp3lib
  • removed support for obsolete and non-free divx4 libraries


  • audio stream switching in MPEG-TS/PS, Matroska and streams supported by libavformat
  • audio stream switching between streams with different codecs
  • libavformat demuxer now honors -alang
  • chapter seeking in Matroska files
  • fixed seeking to absolute and percent position for libavformat demuxer
  • NUT demuxer using libnut
  • Matroska SimpleBlock support


  • split of stream layer from libmpdemux to new stream library
  • PVR input for hardware MPEG encoder based cards, such as Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150/250/350/500 AKA IVTV but also pvrusb2 and cx88 (requires Linux >= 2.6.18 kernel, featuring native V4L2 MPEG API)
  • native RTSP input (handles MPEG-TS over RTP) for generic RTSP servers
  • support for seeking to chapters in dvd:// and dvdnav:// streams
  • radio support (radio://)


  • VC-1/WMV3/WMV9 video decoder
  • Vorbis decoding speedup, now default Vorbis decoder
  • VMware Video decoder
  • On2 VP50 and VP62 decoder
  • lossless audio decoders: WavPack, TTA, Shorten
  • CAVS decoder
  • GXF muxer/demuxer
  • MXF demuxer
  • much improved FLAC encoder
  • more H.264 decoding speed improvements, plus support for -lavdopts fast
  • Theora decoder fixes
  • preliminary Vorbis encoder
  • MTV demuxer


  • Windows version added
  • drag-and-drop ignored last file
  • save and load cache setting correctly
  • working audio stream selection for Ogg and Matroska files
  • executable names like gmplayer_old etc. will now start GUI as well
  • -gui/-nogui options
  • xinerama fixes, now behaves similar to MPlayer without GUI


  • MMX-optimizations for -vf yadif
  • MMX-optimizations for -vf zrmjpeg


  • support of x264 encoding via libavcodec
  • rewrite -x264encopts option parser to use the 264 option parser; likely breaks 3rd party tools as the syntax of some options has changed
  • removed support for obsolete and non-free divx4 libraries


  • partial Intel Mac support, --disable-win32 --disable-mp3lib is needed
  • OpenGL can now create windows > screen size under Windows
  • allow filenames starting with \\ for remote paths on Windows


  • SSA/ASS subtitle renderer
  • -endpos option for MPlayer
  • -correct-pts option
  • UTF-8 used for OSD and subtitles, some bitmap fonts will no longer work correctly and -subcp must be set for all non-UTF-8 subtitles
  • more audio-truncation fixes
  • libavutil mandatory for MPlayer compilation
  • more intuitive -edlout behaviour
  • -nortc is now default since -rtc has disadvantages with recent kernels

MPlayer 1.0rc1 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MPlayer 1.0rc1 is also available on BitTorrent.

MD5SUM: 18c05d88e22c3b815a43ca8d7152ccdc
SHA1SUM: a450c0b0749c343a8496ba7810363c9d46dfa73c

2006-09-5, Tuesday :: A Call for Translators
posted by Diego

MPlayer and its documentation are available in many languages. Unfortunately not all translations are in good conditions. Many are outdated and incomplete. Therefore we need your help to get them back on track. Becoming a translator takes very little and is a great way to contribute or start contributing to free software. Without any sort of coding skills a small effort on your part can make a difference.

If you check out our documentation page you will see which translations are incomplete, outdated, in need of a helping hand or all of the above. So if you want to help us out with translations, read the translation HOWTO and join the MPlayer-DOCS and MPlayer-translations mailing lists.

Apart from the documentation another part of translating MPlayer are the console and GUI messages. We have them in Bulgarian, Czech, German, Danish, Greek, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukranian, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. Most of these are also outdated and badly in need of updating.

2006-09-11, Monday :: Windows GUI
posted by Diego

Experimental builds of the new Windows GUI can be found on the download page. Enjoy and tell your Windows-using friends about it.

2006-06-11, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0pre8 released
posted by the release team

It's been more than one year since our last release and yes, we are still alive! Like always, the length of the ChangeLog clearly shows we have been lazy to release but not lazy to code.

First off, we have uncovered some new security bugs in the AVI, Real and MOV code so we urge you to upgrade in any case.

Given how old pre7 is by now, it's strongly recommended to upgrade. We also recommend users to test and use the Subversion version when possible in order to both benefit from latest development, and report/fix bugs. Contrary to running a development kernel, it won't eat your data or make your cat pregnant, but it will help us improve the overall quality of MPlayer.

Among the many features that have been added, it should be noted that libavformat now supports a greater variety of files. If you have a hard time playing some files, please try demuxing with libavformat (-demuxer lavf). MEncoder can also take advantage of libavformat, in order to, for example, create Flash videos.

There have also been many enhancements to the H.264 decoder to make it a lot faster and more error-resilient. More audio and video codecs are supported. Audio/Video synchronisation has been further improved, especially on Real streams and Vorbis.

And that's not it yet! We have some more tricks for you up our sleeves for upcoming versions of MPlayer: experimental DVDnav (DVD menus) support and an experimental graphical user interface for our Windows port. Please join in the testing effort so that these features don't remain experimental ;-).

MPlayer 1.0pre8: "NeuTeam strikes back"


  • support for compilation with non-executable stack
  • fix the major issues caught by Coverity's static analysis runs


  • environment variables documentation started
  • interactive control fully documented
  • improved encoding guide
  • new technical encoding guide in DOCS/tech/encoding-guide.txt which is to be merged into the existing guide
  • encoding tips for x264 and XviD
  • how to set up MEncoder for x264 support
  • new advanced audio usage guide with surround sound instructions
  • Hungarian XML documentation translation finished
  • Czech documentation translation finished
  • French MPlayer documentation synced
  • German man page synced
  • Hungarian man page synced
  • Italian man page synced
  • Chinese console messages synced
  • misc improvements all over the place
  • AIX port documentation added
  • all XviD options documented
  • CONFIGURATION FILES section added to the man page
  • Doxygen comments added to configuration parser and OpenGL video out driver


  • JACK audio output rewritten without bio2jack
  • OpenAL audio output - unfinished, can only do mono output
  • OpenGL video output modules support -geometry and -wid options
  • for -vo gl manyfmts is now default (since it is a lot faster), use -vo gl:nomanyfmts if it does not work for you
  • streaming textures for -vo gl, much faster if supported (use -dr)
  • hardware YUV to RGB conversion for -vo gl and -vo gl2, see yuv suboption
  • support for custom fragment programs for -vo gl (see TOOLS/*.fp)
  • support for bicubic hardware scaling in -vo gl, see lscale suboption
  • use libvbe from vesautils as VESA video driver
  • several fixes for the GGI video output driver
  • fall back on next video output driver if vo_3dfx failed to initialize
  • improved XvMC library detection (disabled by default)
  • DPI (Print-Resolution) and Pixel-Aspect support in vo_jpeg
  • ALSA audio output: several small fixes and improvements
  • removed experimental mmap suboption from the ALSA driver
  • YUY2 and back end scaling for S3 Virge chips on fbdev (-vo s3fb)


  • Indeo2 (RT21) support via lavc
  • Fraps video decoder via binary DLL
  • support for 8-bit PNGs with palette
  • support for dmb1 MJPEG files with ffmjpeg
  • support for musepack audio (WARNING: when seeking you might get ear- and speaker-breaking noises). If you hear clipping, use -af volume.
  • experimental speex support via libspeex
  • On2 VP7 video decoder via binary DLL
  • Duck/On2 TrueMotion2 (TM20) support via lavc
  • support FLX and DTA extensions for flic files
  • QDM2 audio decoding via lavc
  • cook audio decoding via lavc
  • TrueSpeech audio decoding via lavc
  • CamStudio video decoder via lavc
  • hwmpa pass-through MPEG audio codec
  • tremor updated to libogg 1.1.2
  • PNG decoding via libavcodec
  • removed native RealAudio codecs (ported to lavc)
  • Zip Motion-Block Video (ZMBV) decoder via lavc and binary DLL
  • support for QuickTime in24/in32/fl32 PCM audio
  • internal libfaad updated to CVS 20040915+MPlayer patches
  • RTJpeg decoder from lavc is preferred
  • bug fix for lavc WMA v2 decoder, now all files should be playable
  • -vc mpeg12 resizes the window when aspect ratio changes
  • Smacker audio and video decoding via lavc
  • Windows Media VC1 video decoder via binary DLL
  • Flash Screen video decoder via lavc


  • simultaneous audio capture/playback (-tv immediatemode=0) fixed in v4l2
  • PVR support
  • AAC ADTS demuxer
  • libdvdread updated to v0.9.4
  • support for some more MythTV NUV files
  • modularization of demuxer code
  • MPEG in GXF container support with extension-based detection
  • faster MPEG and much faster GXF demuxing
  • more user-friendly demuxer forcing
  • MPEG Layer 1 and 2 demuxing fixed
  • properly pass Vorbis extradata from Matroska container
  • DVR format support
  • H.264 ES high profile support
  • TV channel cycling
  • DVD subtitle and audio stream mappings fixed
  • fixed RealAudio demuxing, now all files should have correct A/V sync
  • partial support for QuickTime sound atom version 2
  • improved handling of text subs in Matroska files
  • DVD subtitles disabled by default
  • support sipr codec in old RealAudio files
  • fixed framerate detection of interlaced H.264 in raw/PS/TS streams
  • support for variable framerate Ogg/OGM files
  • made demux_ogg.c work with ffvorbis decoder
  • fixed playback of RealVideo in Matroska files on PPC
  • added support for Vorbis in MOV/MP4


  • fix streaming of RealAudio files over HTTP
  • show SHOUT/Icecast metadata while playing
  • ultravox (unsv://) streaming support
  • stream code ported to new modular API, massive code cleanup
  • bandwidth selection for Real RTSP streams (for faster stream dumps)


  • Snow bug fixes and speedup on x86, x86-64 and AltiVec
  • MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264 decoder speedup
  • Indeo2 (RT21) video decoder
  • Fraps video decoder (v0 & v1, v2 not yet supported)
  • Vorbis audio decoder
  • RV20 fixes
  • VP3 decoder fixes and speedup
  • countless bug fixes all over the place
  • vstrict=-1 is default, Snow, ffv1 etc. need vstrict=-2
  • skiploopfilter/skipidct/skipframe decoder options for very fast H.264 decoding
  • D-Cinema audio demuxer and decoder support
  • Duck/On2 TrueMotion2 (TM20) decoder
  • FLX and DTA extensions for flic
  • QDM2 audio decoder
  • cook audio decoder
  • TrueSpeech audio decoder
  • WMA2 audio decoder fixed, now all files should play correctly
  • JPEG-LS decoder (unfinished)
  • CamStudio video decoder
  • Theora decoder
  • improved MOV and QuickTime demuxer
  • improved AVI muxer
  • multithreaded decoding
  • bitexact decoding
  • DV50 encoder, decoder, muxer and demuxer
  • true audio (TTA) decoder
  • AIFF/AIFF-C audio format, encoding and decoding
  • Creative VOC demuxing
  • Zip Motion-Block Video (ZMBV) decoder
  • KMVC decoder
  • NuppelVideo/MythTV demuxer and RTJpeg decoder
  • MP4 and MOV demuxer greatly improved to support all varieties of currently available files
  • AVS demuxer and video decoder
  • American Laser Games multimedia (*.mm) playback system
  • Smacker demuxer and decoder
  • Flash screen Video decoder
  • Trellis-optimized ADPCM audio encoder
  • Major improvements to Snow quality and encoding


  • skins now reside in a directory named 'skins', not 'Skin'
  • ported to GTK2
  • long standing upside down vpotmeter bug fixed
  • don't hang on unreadable skin files
  • random fixes and improvements


  • much faster version of spp filter (-vf fspp), and pp7 ("fast spp=6")
  • remove_logo filter
  • lavcresample now used by default (-af-adv force=0 gives old behavior)
  • vf_expand and vf_dsize now support aspect and round parameters
  • screenshot filter
  • -af pan command line fix, now outputs the right number of channels and accepts values < 0 or > 1. Channel order had to be changed.
  • -af sinesuppress to remove a sine at a certain frequency
  • negative stride support in swscale
  • big-endian and AltiVec fixes and performance improvements for swscaler, color conversions and post-processing
  • -srate fixed
  • hqdn3d: 2.5x faster temporal-only, 1.6x faster spatial-only
  • new proof-of-concept karaoke (voice removal) filter
  • motion compensating deinterlacer (-vf mcdeint)
  • Yet Another DeInterlacing Filter (-vf yadif)


  • audio encoding modularized
  • AAC (FAAC) audio encoding
  • border processing adaptive quantization in libavcodec
  • encoding zones, DivX profiles support, luminance masking, multi-threaded encoding for XviD
  • raw audio muxer
  • fixed various bugs in the EDL code
  • x264 "turbo mode" to speed up first pass of multi-pass encoding
  • x264 custom quantization matrices
  • -delay allows real audio delay instead of just a delay in the header
  • search for (deprecated!) frameno.avi is now disabled by default (use -frameno-file frameno.avi to enable)
  • -o is now mandatory. You can add 'o=test.avi' in ~/.mplayer/mencoder to get the old behavior back.
  • In multiple file encoding, either all or no files must have audio. Use -nosound to force.
  • support for VBR MP2 encoding in toolame
  • twolame support
  • libavformat muxers support
  • VBR audio in MPEG support
  • muxer_mpeg: added an experimental film2pal teleciner and fixed previous bugs that could lead to desync and to wrong TFF/RFF flags being set
  • rewritten muxer_mpeg.c: buffering and timing constraints will always be respected, provided that the muxrate is big enough


  • improved timer function on Mac OS X
  • New Mac OS X "macosx" video output driver. Supported on OS X 10.4 and 10.3 with QuickTime 7 (requires QuickTime 7 SDK to build on 10.3)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) fixes
  • macosx audio output driver fixes
  • preliminary support for Intel Macs
  • support for playing DVDs copied to harddisk on Cygwin
  • DragonFly BSD support
  • liba52 ASM optimizations ported to AMD64
  • configure check and compiler optimizations for VIA C3, C3-2 and Pentium-M
  • configure check and compiler optimizations for AMD-64 extended
  • configure can now run with cross compiling, new configure option --enable-cross-compile
  • -(no)border option to get a bordered/borderless window on Windows
  • Experimental AIX support
  • AltiVec support fixes
  • POWER5 support
  • OpenGL output ported to Windows
  • FreeBSD default DVD device added
  • MIPS64 support
  • Darwin portability fixes
  • improved Debian packaging
  • improved Win32 multi-monitor support
  • Sun's mediaLib disabled by default on Solaris (broken and non-optimal)
  • VP6 and WMVA binary codecs should now work also under FreeBSD 6


  • Audio/Video synchronisation fixes
  • enabled hinting for TrueType fonts
  • support for file:// syntax
  • -fb option removed, use the device suboption of -vo fbdev/fbdev2 instead
  • full gcc 4 support
  • TOOLS/vobshift.py: vobsub time-adjust tool
  • TOOLS/psnr-video.sh: computes PSNR between two existing video files
  • fixed auto-insertion of lavc encoder (for DXR2/3 and DVB)
  • new option: -idle, to make MPlayer wait for input commands when done playing all files
  • lots of new slave commands (check DOCS/tech/slave.txt)
  • lots of new information provided by the -identify option
  • fixed ugly looking OSD with -vo gl2 and MMX
  • support for OSD localization
  • -rawaudio/-rawvideo requires -demuxer rawaudio/-demuxer rawvideo
  • libdvdcss updated to 1.2.9
  • ~/.dvdcss is used instead of ~/.mplayer/DVDKeys for cached CSS keys
  • libcdio support for CD playback
  • new option -msglevel to directly control the verbosity of MPlayer modules
  • -verbose option removed, use -v or "-msglevel all" instead
  • -edl is now per-file in MPlayer
  • new input command prefixes, "pausing_keep" and "pausing_toggle" which alter pausing state immediately after command
  • environment variable MPLAYER_VERBOSE controls verbosity before the command line is parsed
  • environment variable MPLAYER_HOME controls location where configuration files are searched for
  • memleak fixes all over the code
  • TOOLS/aconvert: allows MEncoder to encode from an audio-only file
  • TOOLS/3*m_convert: D-Cinema audio and video conversion program
  • TOOLS/qepdvcd.sh: anything supported to VCD/SVCD PAL/NTSC
  • TOOLS/encode2mpeglight: MPEG format encoding tool using only MEncoder
  • allow multiple -help clauses on the command line
  • console "OSD" for audio-only files
  • show total time when playing audio-only files
  • support for .wpl playlists
  • support for ncurses as termcap library provider
  • parallel make fixed
  • (improved) support for shared libav* libraries
  • playback/encoding profiles support
  • new property API
  • new -monitorpixelaspect option to determine monitor aspect from screen resolution

MPlayer 1.0pre8 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MPlayer 1.0pre8 is also available on BitTorrent.

MD5SUM: f82bb2bc51b6cd5e5dd96f88f6f98582

2006-06-06, Monday :: Subversion repository online
posted by Diego

The CVS to Subversion conversion is finally finished. You can access the MPlayer Subversion repository at

  svn checkout svn://svn.mplayerhq.hu/mplayer/trunk/

or browse it online. Development will now continue normally with next-generation revision control technology.

2006-05-23, Tuesday :: MPHQ is dead
posted by Roberto

Our old server mphq died on Friday afternoon. Probably it won't come back online.

While many services were already moved to the new server natsuki, CVS repositories and mailing lists were still hosted on the old machine.

The mail system was set up in no time (thanks to our sysadmin team), and the lists are back online since Monday. The CVS server won't be moved: We are converting the repositories to Subversion (as already planned), and the development will continue using Subversion. But this will take some time. FFmpeg will be first (a testing only repository is already available to developers), then MPlayer will be converted.

The latest MPlayer and FFmpeg CVS snapshots are available. [snapshots removed, get MPlayer and FFmpeg with Subversion]

2006-05-04, Thursday :: MPlayer interview
posted by Diego

Alex, Oded and myself were interviewed by cruocitae for http://itreviews.blogspot.com/. To get a peek into our minds read the interview.

2006-05-01, Monday :: MPlayer at LinuxTag 2006
posted by Diego

LinuxTag logo

The multimedia booth at LinuxTag is starting to become an institution. If you decide to come to Wiesbaden this year you can meet some members of the MPlayer and FFmpeg teams there.

As a special feature this year we will attempt to fix any broken samples you deliver to our booth. If you have a problematic file, bring it to us, we will categorize it and try to find a fix and/or workaround for your problem. We can make no promises about the success, but we will give it our best shot.

2006-03-08, Wednesday :: LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award
posted by Diego

2005 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award

The polls have just closed on the annual Members Choice Award by LinuxQuestions.org and MPlayer has won in the category Video Multimedia Application of the Year.

568 people (46.94%) voted for MPlayer. The second place went to xine with 365 votes (30.17%) and the third place was taken by VLC with 117 (9.67%).

A big thank you to our many fans.

2006-02-27, Monday :: server operational
posted by Diego

If you can read this, the new server is already serving web pages.

Due to various circumstances it has taken us far longer than expected to get the machine set up and transported to its final hosting location. Right now it's already serving web pages and FTP as well as experimental Subversion repositories. Please bear with us for a little longer until we have the mirror network up and running, continue the transition from CVS to Subversion and move over the mailing lists.

Again, many thanks to the many donors that have made this wish a reality.

2006-02-15, Wednesday :: heap overflow in demuxer.h
posted by Roberto


A potential buffer overflow was found in the ASF demuxer, and further analysis showed that the bug was in some more generic code in demuxer.h, used to create and resize buffers. You can read the original bug report here media-video/mplayer ASF File Parsing Integer Overflow (CAN-2006-0579) on Gentoo Bugzilla.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when streaming an ASF file from a malicious server, medium (local code execution under the user ID running the player) if you play a malicious ASF file locally. At the time the buffer overflow was fixed there was no known exploit.


A fix for this problem was committed to CVS on Sun Feb 12 09:28:09 2006 UTC, and enhanced in versions 1.89 and 1.90. Users of affected MPlayer versions should download a patch for MPlayer 1.0pre7try2 or update to the latest version if they're using CVS.

Please note that we are not releasing an updated tarball with this fix at this moment. Since MPlayer 1.0pre7 is very old, we encourage you to upgrade to the CVS version.
If you need to stay with 1.0pre7, get the MPlayer 1.0pre7try2 tarball, apply the patch with the fix and recompile MPlayer.
If you mantain a binary package for MPlayer, please name the updated version MPlayer 1.0pre7try3.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre7, MPlayer 1.0pre7try2 and CVS before Sun Feb 12 09:28:09 2006 UTC. Older versions are probably affected, too, but they were not checked.

Unaffected versions

CVS HEAD after Sun Feb 12 09:28:09 2006 UTC
MPlayer 1.0pre7try2 + security patch

2005-12-23, Friday :: HUP Readers' Choice Award 2005
posted by Diego

HUP Readers' Choice Award 2005

Over in Hungary MPlayer appears to remain popular and has won the Readers' Choice Award of the Hungarian Unix Portal in the "favorite video player of the year" category for the third time in a row.

MPlayer got 539 votes (84%), placing it before VLC 58 (9%) and last year's runner-up xine 42 (7%). If you can read Hungarian, check out the HUP award page.

2005-09-02, Friday :: TUX 2005 Readers' Choice Award
posted by Diego

TUX 2005 Readers' Choice Award

Good news everyone!

It appears that MPlayer is as popular as ever. We have just been notified that TUX magazine has announced the winners of its first annual Readers' Choice Award and MPlayer has come out on top in the category Favorite Media Player.

Thanks for all your support, it's really appreciated!

2005-08-26, Friday :: heap overflow in ad_pcm.c
posted by Attila

There is a bug which, depending on configuration, can lead to a heap overflow. If and under which circumstances this is exploitable is unclear to us as of now. We are aware that at least one person was able to write a working exploit on his system using an AVI file with uncompressed PCM audio. We have found a file that is supposed to exploit it but could not make it work, still we do not want to put you at risk by waiting longer to publish this.


A fix for this problem was committed to CVS on Thu Aug 25 19:46:20 2005 UTC. You can download a patch for MPlayer 1.0pre7 here.

Adding ac=-pcm, (notice the trailing ',') to your configuration file is a quick fix that should keep you safe as long as you don't use the -ac option on the command line. It will prevent you from playing uncompressed audio, though.

We also prepared a new tarball for the pre7 release with the fix applied. Please note that this is not a new MPlayer release, if you want to have all the new features introduced after pre7 you should use the CVS version.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre7 and before
Up to now the only version where an exploit was demonstrated is MPlayer 1.0pre7, but the bug is present in all previous versions.

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre7try2 and after
CVS HEAD after Thu Aug 25 19:46:20 2005 UTC

MPlayer 1.0pre7try2 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MD5SUM: aaca4fd327176c1afb463f0f047ef6f4

2005-08-17, Wednesday :: thanks
posted by Alex

Firstly, we would like to thank all donors for the generous contributions we have received in the last weeks. We had never dreamed the call for donations would be so successful. Now we have ordered a much better server than expected, which opens the path for us to offer more and better services. We can even afford a backup solution! The server is expected to arrive in four weeks, but we will need a few more weeks for stress-testing and completing the setup.

The list of donors can be found on the donations page. Please mail me if you would like to have your name removed. Also due to some bank transfer conditions, some names are missing or wrongly spelled. Mail if you need correction!

Next updates will contain more in-depth information about the hardware and services. To be continued...

2005-08-16, Tuesday :: vesautils
posted by Alex

I merged the VESA efforts of MPlayer and MPlayerXP. Together with some utilities from svgalib and vbetool this forms vesatools. Starting with the next MPlayer release, this library will be used for the VESA video output. This adds support for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

2005-08-05, Friday :: new server wanted
posted by Alex

What happened?

As you may have noticed, we had a server failure due to an air-conditioning breakdown. The server's filesystem got corrupted, affecting our CVS repository. This has finally prompted us to look for a different hosting solution and maybe refresh the hardware in the process. We have an opportunity to host our server at a real hosting company with reliable air conditioning and power supply, but they only have space for a 1U rackmount case, while we have a standard tower case.

There are three options:

  • Get a new hoster for the old server and replace a few parts or
  • get a new 1U server and place it at the offered place or
  • get a new server and a new hosting provider.

After reviewing our requirements closely we would much prefer to get a new server that will suffice for some years to come. We were offered virtual hosting, but we really need a dedicated server. Also note that the FFmpeg project is hosted on the same server and other projects like xine rely on us to distribute codec packages for them, so this machine is really central for free software multimedia.

We collected some donations at LinuxTag to cover expenses and have roughly 70EUR left, but that is barely enough for a single disk. Now we are searching for special discounts, monetary donations - or better - a complete configuration. Regarding monetary donations, we would like to spend the whole sum on the server to avoid the problem of having money lying around.

the configuration we are looking for

  • 1U case (this is the most important part)
  • dual 1Ghz or single 2GHz CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2x 200GB HDD in RAID-1, preferably SATA disks
  • Reliable backup solution, we would like to have 3x300GB HDDs for backups to another server.

How to donate money

European bank account
Account name: Beregszaszi Alex (removed)
US cheques
Richard Felker (removed)
German bank account
Account name: Reimar Döffinger (removed)
Swiss bank account
Account name: Attila Dogan (removed)
French bank account
Account name: MR POIRIER GUILLAUME (removed)
Hungarian bank account
Account name: Beregszaszi Alex (removed)

It is important that you write MPlayer into the comment field. If you would not like to see your name on the donors list add anonymous.

We will report about financial status in at most a month. If you have any questions please contact us via the mplayer-dev-eng mailing list, IRC or privately.

2005-08-09 Failure Update

The disk with the ftp downloadable data (releases, codec packages, samples, skins, cvs snapshots, ...) failed again on Monday, and it's now offline. Please use one of our mirrors to get MPlayer. CVS is on a different disk and it's still available. Because of this failure online docs are no longer accessible, please refer to the documentation included in MPlayer tarball. Incoming directory is gone too.

2005-07-26, Tuesday :: video book
posted by Diego

book cover

Open Source Press has published an anthology about video under Linux. It gives a good overview of the current state of things in 19 chapters that cover the areas video playback, video editing and video streaming, with each chapter either covering software you can use to accomplish those tasks under Linux or giving an introduction to the many technical facets of video. The authors of the chapters are all project members or closely related to the projects they write about. Yours truly wrote - surprise - the chapter about MPlayer. The preface and table of contents are available online. The book is currently only available in German.

2005-07-11, Monday :: software patent directive rejected
posted by Diego

With a truly overwhelming majority the EU parliament has rejected the proposed software patent directive last week. This is a great victory for the movement against software patents and a relief for free software and all of the software industry in Europe and worldwide. It is also a great personal satisfaction for myself and other members of the MPlayer team that have been actively lobbying against software patents. Rejoice and be happy for this was a grand day indeed.

Nevertheless all that glistens is not gold and while we have won an important battle, this struggle is far from over. There are still thousands of software patents that have already been granted in Europe. Furthermore efforts to extend patentability towards software will now continue on the national level and probably return at the EU level in a few years. Thus we have to continue our fight to fend off software patents completely and worldwide. For this we need the help of all community members. You have to keep a watchful eye on your political representatives, inform them about the issues at stake and make sure they pass sensible legislation.

2005-06-19, Sunday :: MPlayer at LinuxTag 2005
posted by Diego

LinuxTag logo

It's that time of year again... The MPlayer team will be at the LinuxTag 2005 manning the multimedia booth. Roberto Togni, Alexander Strasser, Sascha Sommer, Dominik Mierzejewski, Reimar Döffinger, Diego Biurrun, Alex Beregszaszi, Luca Barbato will be present most of the time and we will be joined by Mike Melanson (FFmpeg / xine) and Måns Rullgård (FFmpeg / tcvp).

LinuxTag takes place in Karlsruhe, Germany from the 22nd to the 25th of June. Its motto is "Where .com meets .org." and it is a mix between a trade show and a conference where both companies and free software projects are present. Drop by if you wish to talk to us.

Video is one of the focal points of this year's LinuxTag. There will be a conference track dedicated to video on Thursday and Friday. The presentations in the video track are based on an anthology about video under Linux published by Open Source Press. Diego Biurrun will give a presentation about MPlayer on Thursday based on the book chapter he wrote.

2005-04-16, Saturday :: MPlayer 1.0pre7 released
posted by the release team

The patent Sword of Damocles nonwithstanding, MPlayer is still alive and the time is ripe for another release. Do you want to see more releases in the future? Please join us in our fight against the EU patent directive. The battle is not over and we might prevail if you help as well.

First off, we have uncovered some new security bugs in the MMST and RTSP streaming code so we urge you to upgrade in any case.

We are trying to release a little more often so the list of changes is not as huge as for pre6, but still formidable. Notable improvements have been made to MEncoder this time around. It can now output MPEG files that you can use to create (S)VCDs and DVDs. Support for even more container formats through libavformat has been added experimentally and you can encode multiple files at once. If you have not used MEncoder before, now would be a good time since we expanded and improved its documentation considerably.

We have added more codecs to the feature list, some native - most notable should be ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) - and some with the help of binary codecs - notable here are TwinVQ (VQF) and VMware video. Furthermore we have imported the Tremor Ogg/Vorbis decoder into MPlayer so Ogg files and Vorbis audio now work without the need for external libraries. MPlayer should now play more files than ever as with any new release. To get the most out of it, you should also install the latest codec packages.

Snow, the next-generation wavelet-based video codec has seen some improvement and considerable speedup, plus there is a bit of documentation for it now. Try it out and play with it, just remember it's experimental and what you encode today may well not be playable tomorrow.

A lot of internal cleanup was done to the audio layer. A directly visible result is the removal of the old audio plugins that were long deprecated by audio filters.

Last but not least, we made bug fixes everywhere, so MPlayer should work with fewer hiccups than ever.

And now enjoy those movies ...


Somehow we forgot to mention that we added audio track switching during playback, one of the most requested features since ages. It only works for Matroska and MPEG containers for now and is still experimental, but it's a start. Press the "#" key on a file with multiple audio tracks to try it out.

MPlayer 1.0pre7: "PatentCounter"


  • heap overflow in Real RTSP streaming code fixed
  • buffer overflow in MMST streaming code fixed


  • Czech documentation translation in progress
  • German man page almost synced
  • slave mode command documentation finished
  • TOOLS documented in TOOLS/README
  • audio filter documentation moved to the man page and updated
  • all audio filters documented
  • improved encoding guide
  • preliminary documentation for snow codec in DOCS/tech/snow.txt
  • misc updates and fixes all over the place


  • DirectX video output fixed on Windows95
  • DirectX video output now supports 256 color mode
  • audio device selection support for dsound audio output driver
  • --enable-macosx-bundle, use config directory in the appwrapper on OS X
  • Sun audio output cleanup
  • x86_64 support fixes
  • OpenBSD support in libdha
  • VIDIX support for more Radeon 9200 models


  • fixed ontop event for some window managers
  • audio output layer cleanup
  • unified colorkey handling code
  • vo_xvmc panscan fix
  • fixed some X11 crashes
  • OSD fixes in various video output drivers


  • TWinVQ decoder via binary DLL
  • integrated Tremor decoder for Ogg/Vorbis
  • fixed decoding of stereo alaw files
  • preload QT DLLs to work around problems with their hardcoded paths
  • support for Real 10 RV30/40 Linux binary codec (fixes some RV40 files)
  • expose support for 422P and 444P raw formats
  • 32 bit RGB support in binary TSCC decoder
  • dropped support of old FAAD2 versions (<= 1.1)
  • support for Real 10 cook Linux binary codec (decodes cook5.1)
  • improved NV12/NV21 support
  • support for 32 bit float and extended WAV files
  • prefer native RealAudio 1.0 / 2.0 decoder over binary decoders
  • support for multichannel WAV files
  • ALAC (QuickTime lossless audio) support via lavc
  • WNV1 support via lavc
  • AASC (Autoderk RLE video) support via lavc
  • LOCO video support via lavc
  • fixed Layer 1 stereo playback via mp3lib
  • VMnc (VMware video) decoder via binary DLL
  • AMR NB/WB support via libavcodec and external reference decoders
  • ADTS AAC support


  • vqf demuxer
  • seeking in MPEG-ES fixed
  • support for Real multirate files
  • framerate autodetection for MPEG-4 and H.264 video in ES and TS streams
  • MP3 in Real files
  • more user-friendly info about audio and subtitle tracks in Ogg files
  • avisynth demuxer
  • Multichannel MP3 in MP4 files support (MP3on4)
  • some classes of nonworking 14.4/28.8 RealAudio files fixed
  • added code to autodetect and demux MPEG audio layers 1 and 2
  • demux AC3 audio files using libavformat by default
  • online audio stream switching in the MPEG and Matroska demuxers
  • 3GP demuxing support
  • DVB updates and ATSC tuner support
  • AVC in Matroska support
  • SWF and FLV support via libavformat
  • use proper Vorbis fourcc


  • stream selection and bandwidth support for MMS over HTTP
  • fallback to HTTP if connection refused on pnm://
  • support for UDP streaming (udp://)
  • support for vstream TiVo streams (tivo://)
  • EOF detect and bugfixes in pnm:// streams


  • RV20 fixes
  • many H.264 fixes
  • B-frames in H.264, H.264 weighted prediction support
  • a lot of integer overflow and pointer fixes
  • 32 bit RGB support in TSCC
  • multichannel MP3 decoder (MP3on4)
  • 3g2 support
  • ALAC audio decoder
  • LOCO video decoder
  • WNV1 video decoder
  • shorten audio decoder and demuxer
  • AASC video decoder
  • AMR NB/WB support via external reference decoders
  • significantly faster snow decoding
  • experimental ratecontrol for snow
  • countless bug fixes all over the place


  • half size event implemented and added to the menu
  • ESD configuration dialog and software volume control option
  • memleaks fixed


  • big cleanup of audio filter layer
  • faster af_format for most common cases
  • float handling in the audio filter layer finally fixed
  • obsolete audio plugins finally removed
  • updated HRTF filter
  • center channel adding filter
  • soft-telecined input support in pullup improved


  • new experimental MPEG muxer, compatible with DVD and (S)VCD
  • multiple file support
  • -speed support (framerate conversion with speedup/slowdown)
  • EDL support
  • low bitrate mp3lame encoding fix
  • MJPEG encoding fix
  • NUV endianness fix (makes old NUV files unplayable)
  • experimental libavformat muxer
  • mp3lame CBR encoding fix
  • 35% faster turbo mode for 1st pass


  • -z option replaced by -vo png suboption
  • icc fix in the Win32 loader
  • crash with Turkish locale fixed
  • several memleak fixes
  • -aa* options are replaced by -vo aa suboptions
  • excessive verbosity reduced
  • RTC support for *BSD
  • non-UTF-8 external subtitles with Matroska fixed
  • gcc 4 fixes
  • partial NX (noexec bit) support
  • support libsmbclient with SSL
  • put changed notices into all imported files for GPL §2a compliance

MPlayer 1.0pre7 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MD5SUM: 5fadd6957d3aab989cd760ff38fb8fdf

2005-04-16, Saturday :: MMST heap overflow
posted by Roberto


A potential buffer overflow was found and fixed in code used to handle MMST streams.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when streaming MMS/TCP data from a malicious server, null if you do not use this feature. At this time there is no known exploit.


While enumerating streams from a server, MMST code stores stream IDs in a fixed length array, but there is no check to stop the process if too many stream IDs are received. A malicious server could announce more than 20 streams and overflow the array.


A fix for the vulnerability was checked into MPlayer CVS on Fri Apr 15 23:31:57 2005 UTC. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to an unaffected MPlayer version. Alternatively a patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre6 and before (including pre6a)

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre7 and after
CVS HEAD after Fri Apr 15 23:31:57 2005 UTC

2005-04-16, Saturday :: Real RTSP heap overflow
posted by Roberto


A potential buffer overflow was found and fixed in code used to handle RealMedia RTSP streams.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when streaming RTSP data from a malicious server, null if you do not use this feature. At this time there is no known exploit.


While getting lines from a server, Real RTSP code stores them in a fixed size array of MAX_FIELDS elements, but there is no check to stop the process if too many lines are received. A malicious server could send more than MAX_FIELDS lines and overflow the array. Since the array holds pointers to answer strings, an attacker cannot write arbitrary data into it, making an exploit more difficult.


A fix for the vulnerability was checked into MPlayer CVS on Fri Apr 15 23:30:44 2005 UTC. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to an unaffected MPlayer version. Alternatively a patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre6 and before (including pre6a)

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre7 and after
CVS HEAD after Fri Apr 15 23:30:44 2005 UTC

2005-04-10, Sunday :: a word about the last round of advisories
posted by Diego

Before anyone gets wrong impressions...

The last round of advisories from today is about vulnerabilities that were reported and fixed a long time ago, please look at the dates closely.

So you can blame me for being lazy and not writing the advisories earlier, but not the MPlayer team for reacting slowly to vulnerability reports.

2005-04-10, Sunday :: mpg123 buffer overflows
posted by Diego


Several potential buffer overflows were found in mpg123, an MP3 decoder library included with MPlayer in the mp3lib directory. You can read more details in the mpg123 advisory.


Medium (arbitrary code execution under the user ID running the player) when playing MP3 audio, should the buffer overflows be exploitable. It is unclear whether this is the case. At the time the buffer overflows were fixed there was no known exploit.


A fix for the vulnerability was checked into MPlayer CVS on Tue Sep 14 21:02:19 2004 UTC. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to an unaffected MPlayer version. Alternatively a patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5 and before

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5try2 and after


After being alerted to the potential buffer overflows a fix was checked into MPlayer CVS on Tue Sep 14 21:02:19 2004 UTC.

2005-04-09, Saturday :: PNM streaming buffer overflow vulnerabilities
posted by Diego


iDEFENSE found two buffer overflow vulnerabilities in the PNM streaming code of xine that also affects MPlayer. You can read the details in the iDEFENSE advisory and the xine advisory.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when playing PNM streams. At the time the vulnerability was fixed there was no known exploit.


A fix for the vulnerability was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed Dec 15 21:27:14 2004 UTC. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to an unaffected MPlayer version. Alternatively a patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5 and before

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5try2 and after


On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 xine developers were contacted by iDEFENSE who had found two remote buffer overflow vulnerabilities in the xine PNM streaming code. Since this code is shared between MPlayer and xine, xine informed us of the problem and a fix was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed Dec 15 21:27:14 2004 UTC.

2005-04-09, Saturday :: RTSP streaming heap overflow vulnerability
posted by Diego


iDEFENSE found a heap overflow vulnerability in the RTSP streaming code. You can read the details in the iDEFENSE advisory.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when playing RTSP streams. At the time the vulnerability was fixed there was no known exploit.


A fix for the vulnerability was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed Dec 15 18:16:24 2004 UTC. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to an unaffected MPlayer version. Alternatively a patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5 and before

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5try2 and after


On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 MPlayer developers were contacted by iDEFENSE who had found a remote heap overflow vulnerability in the MPlayer RTSP streaming code. A fix was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed Dec 15 18:16:24 2004 UTC.

2005-04-09, Saturday :: MMST streaming stack overflow vulnerability
posted by Diego


iDEFENSE found a stack overflow vulnerability in the MMST streaming code. You can read the details in the iDEFENSE advisory.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when playing MMST streams. At the time the vulnerability was fixed there was no known exploit.


A fix for the vulnerability was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed, Dec 15 19:12:46 2004 UTC. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to an unaffected MPlayer version. Alternatively a patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5 and before

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5try2 and after


On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 MPlayer developers were contacted by iDEFENSE who had found a remote stack overflow vulnerability in the MPlayer MMST streaming code. A fix was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed, Dec 15 19:12:46 2004 UTC.

2005-04-09, Saturday :: vulnerability in the bitmap parser
posted by Diego


iDEFENSE found a heap overflow vulnerability in the BMP demuxer. You can read the details in the iDEFENSE advisory.


Theoretical, the BMP demuxer is proof of concept code. We are not aware of multimedia content needing it. At the time the vulnerability was fixed there was no known exploit.


A fix for the vulnerability was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed Dec 15 18:52:38 2004 UTC. Since the bitmap demuxer serves no known purpose it was removed immediately afterwards. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to an unaffected MPlayer version. Alternatively a patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5 and before

Unaffected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre5try2 and after


On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 MPlayer developers were contacted by iDEFENSE who had found a remote heap overflow vulnerability in the MPlayer BMP parsing code. A fix was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed, Dec 15 18:52:38 2004 UTC. Since the bitmap demuxer was written as proof of concept and is not needed for multimedia playback it was removed immediately afterwards.

2005-02-08, Tuesday :: LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award
posted by Diego

2004 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award

We're proud to announce that LinuxQuestions.org has held its annual Members Choice Award and MPlayer has been voted Video Multimedia Application of the Year.

MPlayer received 487 votes (49.85%), beating xine with 304 (31.12%) and Totem with 77 (7.88%).

2005-02-05, Saturday :: Brokenbox Program of the Month
posted by Diego

Brokenbox Award 2005

Hey, we've won an award from Argentina... The Argentinian Linux software site brokenbox.com.ar has elected MPlayer 1.0pre6 "programa del mes" (program of the month). Thank you!

2004-12-29, Wednesday :: MPlayer 1.0pre6 re-released
posted by Roberto

The HTML version of the documentation is missing in the pre6 release tarball. MPlayer 1.0pre6a is a repackaging of MPlayer 1.0pre6 with the missing documentation added back. Except for the DOCS/HTML directory, the two files are identical.

MPlayer and MEncoder will report 1.0-pre6 as the version number, since there are no changes in the code.

If you still haven't got pre6, grab the new pre6a tarball. Else you don't need to download it, unless you're interested in HTML docs but you can't build them yourself from the XML sources.

MPlayer 1.0pre6a can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MD5SUM: a812d945b884c2e2fa7f90c57cd76bff

You can send truckloads of cola at my address :-)

2004-12-23, Thursday :: MPlayer 1.0pre6 released
posted by the release team

It's been five months since our last release and boy, does it show. This is the longest changelog ever, we've been hitting the keyboards hard. So we've decided to put this out at last and bestow an X-mas present upon the world. Since X-mas is tomorrow this means you'll have to wait one day to compile this. Opening presents before their time is out of the question! And no peeking, keep those tarballs compressed! If you send in bug reports or a comment prematurely we'll know you've been a nasty kid and unpacked your present early. And you know what happens to nasty kids...

The most important changes are support for a seemingly infinite number of new codecs and important fixes for some of the old ones. The experimental wavelet-based snow video codec by Michael Niedermayer deserves a special mention. It is very promising, maybe this is what the future of video encoding looks like. We also added support for encoding to H.264 with x264 and to MP2 through toolame.

Apart from that the unbelievable has happened and all the myriad of available options are finally documented. If you cannot find it in the documentation it simply does not exist, so RTFM! If you have a slow machine you should check out low resolution decoding with libavcodec (-vfm ffmpeg -lavdopts lowres=0-3). With some luck you should be able to play DVDs and MPEG-4 movies. Mac OS X has had some nice improvements with VCD and Real/Helix codec (get new codec packages) support among others. On Windows there is a shiny new DirectSound audio output and support for the -wid option should allow building browser plugins. If you use the polypaudio sound server there is now an audio output module for you. The remaining old audio plugins have been converted to audio filters so expect audio plugins to disappear in the next release. Already gone are the old alsa9 and alsa1x audio output drivers, use alsa instead.

As usual there were too many bug fixes to mention. They are all over the place, so MPlayer should run smoother and more stable than ever. A notable one is that length and position are now displayed for MOV files as well and that MPlayer's output is slowly becoming less verbose.

The changelog is relative to MPlayer 1.0pre5try2, so all recent security fixes are included.

Merry X-mas...

MPlayer 1.0pre6: "X-mas present"


  • finally all options are documented
  • man page completely reviewed for spelling, wording and clarity
  • all audio output driver suboptions documented
  • all video output driver suboptions documented
  • audio filters section added to the man page
  • XviD documentation completed
  • French man page in sync again
  • German man page updated
  • new Czech (complete) and Swedish man page translations
  • fixes and updates in various places


  • full x86_64 support
  • -rootwin, -panscan support in the quartz video output driver
  • key repetition and aspect fixed in the quartz video output driver
  • "Movie" menu for quartz video output driver with zoom options & preset
  • fs_res quartz video output driver suboption chooses fullscreen resolution
  • VCD support for Darwin (Mac OS X)
  • Mac OS X Finder startup argument support
  • fix for stdin input and slave mode on MinGW
  • support for -rootwin, -colorkey, -wid in the DirectX video output driver
  • improved monitor selection in the DirectX video output driver
  • new DirectSound audio output driver
  • mouse support in Windows
  • support for ZetaOS (mostly working)


  • fixes in the VESA and GGI video output drivers
  • -jpeg removed in favor of -vo jpeg suboptions
  • jpeg video output driver now supports output to multiple directories
  • improvements for the Blinkenlights video output driver ;-)
  • OpenGL video output driver colorformat fixes (with manyfmts suboption)
  • aspect, panscan, hardware OSD support in the OpenGL video output driver
  • new pnm and md5sum video output drivers, replacing pgm and md5
  • yuv4mpeg video output now has a file= suboption, can be used with -fixed-vo to concatenate files having same width, height and fps
  • JACK audio output driver updated to bio2jack API changes
  • alsa9 and alsa1x replaced by alsa audio output driver
  • ALSA audio output driver always uses specified device, even for hwac3
  • support for mixer channel selection in the ALSA audio output driver
  • audio output driver for the polypaudio sound server
  • VIDIX Cyberblade TV-out fixed
  • VIDIX I420 support for Cyberblade and mga
  • VIDIX Radeon support on big-endian systems, other Radeon fixes
  • VIDIX Radeon R200 QM (Radeon 9100) support
  • CLE266 VIDIX driver
  • experimental SAVAGE VIDIX driver


  • "experimental" support for 20 and 24 bit LPCM (DVD-Audio)
  • libmpeg2 updated to 0.4.0b
  • libfaad2 updated to 2.1beta CVS snapshot
  • DTS decoding via libavcodec
  • Windows Media Audio 9 Voice support via binary DLL
  • Windows Media Video 9 Advanced support via binary DLL
  • Windows Media Screen Codec 2 support via binary DLL
  • Windows Media Image Codec support via binary DLL
  • Windows Media Image 2 Codec support via binary DLL
  • VDOWave video support via binary DLL
  • Miro VideoXL video support via libavcodec
  • Creative ADPCM audio support via libavcodec or binary DLL
  • IBM Ultimotion video support via libavcodec
  • Micronas Speech codec support via binary DLL
  • H.261 video codec support via libavcodec
  • TechSmith Camtasia video codec support via libavcodec
  • sonic audio codec support via libavcodec
  • snow video codec support via libavcodec
  • QuickDraw video support via libavcodec
  • Cinepak, CYUV and RoQ audio/video moved to FFmpeg
  • Vianet Lsvx video support via binary DLL


  • fix -nosound and -novideo for NSV
  • subtitle switching and language code displaying for Matroska
  • support for the .vp5 file format (AVI variant)
  • seeking in audio-only ASF files fixed
  • improved MP3 detection
  • support for AVC in .mp4 files
  • support for raw H.261 files via libavformat
  • improved seeking precision in MPEG files
  • better subtitle language code handling for MKV files
  • support DVHS files and H.264 over MPEG-TS
  • display length and position (in the seekbar) for MOV files
  • raw video in MOV files playback improved


  • -cache-min and -cache-prefill options added
  • compilation fix for newer LIVE.COM versions
  • make ASF without ECC work
  • support for MMS on non-standard port
  • EOF detected in Real RTSP streams


  • reduced resolution decoding with the lowres option
  • new experimental wavelet-based snow video codec
  • new sonic audio codec
  • TechSmith Camtasia video decoder
  • IBM Ultimotion video decoder
  • QuickDraw video decoder
  • Creative ADPCM decoder
  • Miro VideoXL decoder
  • Sierra online audio files demuxer and decoder
  • QPEG video decoder
  • Electronic Arts Game Multimedia format demuxer
  • H.261 fixes, H.261 encoder
  • fix VIS accelerated code
  • DTS support via libdts
  • many DV fixes, seek in raw DV files
  • support AAC in MOV files
  • RV10, RV20 fixes
  • RV20 encoding
  • AVI demuxer cleanup, palette change support
  • iTunes metadata support
  • HuffYUV fixes (endianness, RGB32 predictor, median encoding, interlacing)
  • ffvhuff (enhanced HuffYUV codec)
  • SSE optimizations for 4x4 compare function
  • epzs motion search enhancements
  • quad tree based motion compensation
  • MPEG-4 qpel MMX2/3DNow! optimizations
  • H.264: lot of fixes and MMX2/3DNow! optimizations
  • AVC1 (H.264 without sync word in .mp4 files) support
  • H.264 qpel motion compensation
  • Indeo3 grayscale decoding
  • preliminary Truemotion 24 bit decoder
  • avizlib encoder fixed
  • trellis quantization support in H.263
  • DCT optimizations
  • AltiVec support on AmigaOS4
  • adapt MMX/MMX2/SSE/3DNow! optimizations to work on x86_64
  • seeking fixes
  • better and faster audio resampler
  • New dc1394 grabbing interface
  • preliminary decoding support for H.264 with CABAC and B-frames
  • dvr-ms support in ASF demuxer
  • NSV demuxer
  • DVD compatible MPEG muxer
  • MJPEG-B fixes
  • range coder (arithmetic entropy coder) used by snow and ffv1
  • ffv1 enhancements: signed golomb, range codes
  • multi slice support for main profile H.264 streams
  • as usual, lots of bug fixes and optimizations


  • software volume control when no hardware support available, can be controlled with the -softvol and -softvol-max parameters
  • high-quality audio resampling with -af lavcresample
  • cropdetect rounding parameter
  • MPlayer -af help
  • missing audio plugins (extrastereo, volnorm) converted to audio filters
  • sine sweep generator audio filter
  • hrtf audio filter to convert multichannel audio to 2 channel output for headphones, preserving the spatiality of the sound
  • big-endian fixes in rgb2rgb converter
  • yuv2rgb Altivec optimization fixes
  • support for LADSPA plugins


  • unified audio options dialog, also for ALSA
  • redrawing limited, decreases CPU usage in audio-only case
  • icons for the context menu
  • doublesize bug fixed
  • slowdown after opening the preferences panel bug fixed
  • remaining messages moved to help file for translation
  • slowdown after using the preferences panel fixed


  • x264 encoder support
  • support for MP2 encoding with libtoolame
  • libavcodec "turbo mode" to speed up 2-pass encoding
  • support for 3-pass encode for libavcodec and x264
  • XviD encoder and decoder modules updated to API-4.1 (XviD-1.1.x)
  • flush remaining frames at end of encoding process


  • -loop and -shuffle now work together
  • better EDL support
  • some --disable configure options finally work (mp3lib, liba52, libmpeg2)
  • framestepping
  • change playback speed during playback
  • some crashes with binary codecs fixed
  • subtitle alignment support for SAMI files
  • also support Windows path separator '\'
  • FriBiDi fixes for comma handling in Hebrew subtitles
  • -crash-debug option to attach gdb automatically after crashes
  • gcc 4 compilation fixes
  • compilation fixes for many files in the TOOLS directory
  • infamous "stuck mouse button" bug fixed, new -key-fifo-size option
  • reduced verbosity of MPlayer's output somewhat
  • -identify now prints some information about available languages
  • double buffering (-double) is now default
  • many memleaks fixed

MPlayer 1.0pre6 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MD5SUM: 4a628f87a7070e10ffea04a1598979a9

2004-12-22, Wednesday :: Brazilian Free Community Award 2004
posted by Diego

Brazilian Free Community Award 2004

Today seems to be award day... We were just notified that MPlayer has won another award, this time from the Brazilian Linux community at br-linux.org, the "Favoritos da Comunidade Livre brasileira em 2004" (Favourites of the Brazilian Free Community in 2004) in the category "Visualizador de Vídeo" (Video Player) with 1395 votes (48%), followed by xine and Kaffeine.

If you understand Portuguese you can read the details on the award page.

2004-12-22, Wednesday :: HUP Readers' Choice Award 2004
posted by Diego

HUP Readers' Choice Award 2004

We're proud to announce that MPlayer has won the Readers' Choice Award of the Hungarian Unix Portal in the "favorite video player of the year" as well as "favorite Hungarian project of the year" category.

In the video player category MPlayer got 473 votes (89%), xine 39 (7%) and VLC 10 (1%). It's the second year in a row for MPlayer to win this award. If you understand Hungarian you can read about it on the HUP award page.

2004-12-15, Wednesday :: MPlayer 1.0pre5try2 released
posted by Roberto

Multiple vulnerabilities were discovered in MPlayer by iDEFENSE, and more were found by us while reviewing the code:

  • potential heap overflow in Real RTSP streaming code (patch)
  • potential stack overflow in MMST streaming code (patch)
  • multiple buffer overflows in BMP demuxer (patch)
  • potential heap overflow in pnm streaming code (patch)
  • potential buffer overflow in mp3lib (patch)

All issues affect both MPlayer 1.0pre5 and current CVS versions. MPlayer 0.93 is obsolete and was not checked nor fixed. All problems were fixed, and the BMP demuxer was also disabled because it's useless and requires further analysis to be totally safe.

To be safe from harm users of MPlayer 1.0pre5 and below should upgrade to 1.0pre5try2 or apply this cumulative patch to 1.0pre5 and not play streams over the network in the meantime. CVS users can just 'cvs update'.

Detailed advisories will follow.

MPlayer 1.0pre5try2 can be downloaded from the following locations:

MD5SUM: 724c905a8dddb7e8ec9722fc585f833d

2004-10-30, Saturday :: Linux New Media Award 2004
posted by Diego

Linux New Media Award 2004

MPlayer has won the Linux New Media Award 2004 in the category "Best Media Player". The award is organized by the Linux New Media AG and the jury consists of about 150 respected community members.

MPlayer got 29.8% of the votes, beating xine (24.2%) and XMMS (23.4%) making this the second win in a row. Detailed results can be found on the German award page.

2004-09-02, Thursday :: MPlayer at SUCON '04
posted by Diego

The MPlayer team will be represented at SUCON '04 by at least Alex Beregszaszi, Roberto Togni, Jonas Jermann and Diego Biurrun. SUCON is the Swiss Unix Conference held September 2-4, 2004 at the Technopark in Zürich, Switzerland. From the description at their homepage:

SUCON is a emerging conference focused on topics related to the Unix operating system. Our goal is to bring together developers, system administrators and users in the field of Unix to foster projects, ideas and the knowledge of every individual.

Alex will give a talk about MPlayer on Friday, so if you are interested in MPlayer or would like to meet some of us and happen to be in the area, drop by.


Also present are Mike Melanson from xine and Samuel Hocevar from VideoLAN. They will be giving presentations as well and we will all be holding a multimedia birds-of-a-feather session together on Saturday.

Update 2

Some recorded talks have been made available. The talks by Mike Melanson and Alex Beregszaszi are among them.

2004-07-23, Friday :: Hard drive donation needed
posted by Diego

One of the hard drives in our project server is failing and needs to be replaced. Since it is part of a RAID1 array and performance suffers a lot when running RAID1 with different geometry drives we need either the same model as replacement or two new IDE drives. The drive is an IBM IC35L040AVER07-0 40GB IDE drive.

If you have such a drive or a pair of new drives lying around or are willing to buy it for us, please contact our admin Arpad Gereöffy and send the drive to him.


We have received a DTLA305040 in donation from Stefan Seyfried (Thank you!) and Sascha Sommer exchanged it for his IC35L040AVER07, which is now in the project server. Also many thanks to the other people who offered help.

2004-07-15, Wednesday :: MPlayer 1.0pre5 released
posted by the release team

Once again after a long delay we are proud and happy to present you our latest release. Tons of new features and bug fixes were included, many during a big hacking session at LinuxTag 2004. The pending patch queue has been greatly reduced and as usual we expect to make the next release in a more timely fashion ;-)

Since you already know about the name change the most important change is the security relevant string handling code audit. Read the details in the relevant advisory. If you haven't upgraded to a CVS snapshot already, upgrade to pre5 now.

Highlights of this release include improved Mac OS X and Windows support, improved seeking in Real files, better MEncoder documentation with an updated DVD ripping guide, streaming related bug fixes, fullscreen bug fixes, a new unified ao_alsa ALSA audio output driver to replace ao_alsa9 and ao_alsa1x, a JACK audio output driver and new icons for the GUI and menus. Of course we also did the usual stuff like support for more codecs, new video filters and bug fixes all over the place.

The codec packages have been updated and they now sport version numbers so you can easily tell whether you have the latest one or not. Grab them if you are interested in complete codec support.

Have fun...

MPlayer 1.0pre5: "LinuxTag release"


  • It's "MPlayer - The Movie Player" instead of "MPlayer - The Movie Player for Linux" now.


  • complete review of string operations, buffer overflows fixed


  • small additions, corrections, updates all over the place
  • audio output driver section added to the man page
  • several bug fixes and improvements in the MEncoder documentation
  • DVD ripping guide extended and improved
  • AUTHORS file massively extended
  • German man page partially updated
  • Hungarian XML documentation translation started


  • encrypted DVD playback on Windows fixed (again)
  • Cygwin and MinGW now accept the same -dvd-device syntax
  • LIVE.COM now works under MinGW
  • foundations for MinGW crosscompilation
  • disabled SSE on MinGW as it caused crashes
  • AC3 passthrough for ao_win32
  • improved vo_quartz (YUV, multiple screens support)
  • vo_quartz made default on Mac OS X
  • ao_macosx fixed and made default again on Mac OS X
  • RealVideo binary codecs support on Mac OS X (still buggy)
  • bigendian fixes in vf.c, vo_tga
  • OpenBSD portability fixes
  • OpenBSD/VAX support
  • AMD64 support


  • support for more Radeons (9800 XT among them) in VIDIX
  • Radeon related bug fixes in VIDIX
  • vo_gl2 now supports GUI, fix for flickering borders in fullscreen
  • support 24 and 32 bit PCM files, bigendian fixes
  • ao_sdl now converts unsupported formats instead of quitting
  • ENCA support
  • merged ao_alsa9 and ao_alsa1x drivers into ao_alsa
  • NeoMagic TV-out support through VESA
  • JACK audio output driver
  • vo_sdl fixes (wrong flags and screensaver disabling)
  • vo_directx fixes


  • MSZH/ZLIB, FLI, QTRLE, RoQ video and RoQ audio support moved to FFmpeg
  • FFmpeg Cinepak and CYUV decoders preferred
  • audio format 0xff support (is AAC)
  • "raw" audio in MOV supported
  • Indeo audio (iac25) support via binary codec
  • upgrade libfaad2 to the FAAD 2.0 release
  • MPEG-2 chroma422/444 support
  • Winnov WINX and WNV1 support via binary codec


  • Ogg subtitle handling and other bug fixes
  • Matroska improvements
  • support seeking in Real files without -idx
  • support seeking in Real files without index with -forceidx


  • ASF, MMST streaming fixes
  • URL escaping fixed
  • NSA (Nullsoft audio) streaming support
  • embedded RAM playlist support
  • multibyte URL support
  • rtp:// now supported even with LIVE.COM compiled in
  • miscellaneous bug fixes


  • vf_softskip: frame skipping filter for MEncoder
  • vf_harddup: frame duplication filter for MEncoder
  • vf_pullup minor fixes and improvements
  • AltiVec-optimized YUV to RGB converter
  • vf_spp memory corruption fix on reallocation


  • MPEG-2 encoding with 8, 9, 10, 11 bit intra DC precision
  • DC clipping fix, intra_dc_precision > 0 support
  • Cinepak fixes and palette support
  • support skipping of MB rows during decoding
  • Vorbis in NUT fixed
  • NUT updated to latest specification
  • segfault and artifact fixes in SVQ3 decoder
  • motion estimation code: overflow and chroma fixes
  • change qscale -> lambda for the motion estimation
  • noise preserving sum of squares comparison function in ME code
  • fixed memory overwrite in truemotion decoder
  • clip input motion vectors, better error tolerance on bad vectors
  • FLAC decoder cleanup (partial demuxer/decoder separation)
  • memalign hack for SSE/SSE2 on that alternative OS :)
  • lots of AltiVec optimizations
  • qscale + qprd fix
  • QTrle4 support
  • H.261 decoder
  • coefficient saturation fix in H.263
  • H.263 MCBPC fix
  • per line lowpass filter in MMX and faster C lowpass filter
  • SVQ1 encoder
  • as usual, lots of bug fixes and optimizations


  • fullscreen fixes for many window managers
  • fix crash on original Pentiums and older
  • dvd://start-end support
  • netstream (mpst://) support fixed
  • support comments in plaintext playlists
  • loader/ dependency removed
  • keepaspect option extended to all video output drivers
  • WMA to Ogg conversion and simple subtitle editing script added to TOOLS
  • support for more lame options
  • new set of GUI icons
  • memory conserving implementation of GUI potmeters
  • X11 code reindented
  • further gcc 3.4 support fixes
  • mixer API written for changing volume through libaf
  • -rtc-device option for specifying the RTC device
  • desktop/menu icon added
  • miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups
  • multi-threaded encoding with lavc
  • fixed a bug with Real files introduced in pre4
  • -use-stdin renamed to -noconsolecontrols

MPlayer 1.0pre5 can be downloaded from the following locations. Please be kind to our server and use one of our many mirrors.

MD5SUM: fbe6919eb025526e8ed129cd61a49969

2004-07-09, Wednesday :: MPlayer 0.93 released
posted by Diego

This is a security only update for our outdated stable branch. It contains a simple port of the fixes for the recent GUI remote buffer overflow vulnerabilities committed to the main MPlayer source tree. This was done without a complete audit of the 0.90 branch of our code base due to a lack of resources.

The 0.90 branch is long obsolete, there will be no further releases, probably not even security fix releases. Therefore we strongly recommend upgrading to MPlayer 1.0pre5 once it becomes available or a current CVS snapshot.

MPlayer 0.93


  • string operation buffer overflows fixed

MPlayer 0.93 can be downloaded from the following locations:

MD5SUM: 2ddd395cd1bc56559006398ef5105710

2004-07-01, Thursday :: remote buffer overflow vulnerabilities in the GUI code
posted by Diego


Multiple string vulnerabilities have been found and fixed in the MPlayer GUI code, at least one of which was remotely exploitable.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) if using the GUI to play certain types of playlist files, none when using only the command line. The MPlayer GUI is optional and not built by default.


A fix for the vulnerability with the known exploit was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed, 2 June 2004 12:40:41 +0000 (UTC). The result of a thorough code audit that uncovered further potentially exploitable bugs was checked into MPlayer CVS on Fri, 25 June 2004 16:49:52 +0000 (UTC). All of this will be included in MPlayer 1.0pre5. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to latest CVS or MPlayer 1.0pre5 once it becomes available. Alternatively a patch for the main and 0_90 MPlayer CVS versions is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

Affected versions

MPlayer 1.0pre4 and before
MPlayer 0.92.1 and before

Unaffected versions



On Tue, 1 June 2004 MPlayer developers were contacted by c0ntex who had found a string handling vulnerability in the MPlayer GUI code complete with an example exploit and a preliminary fix. That fix was checked into MPlayer CVS on Wed, 2 June 2004 12:40:41 +0000 (UTC).

When playing certain types of playlist files with extremely long entries a buffer overflow error occurs. This allows an attacker to overwrite memory with specially crafted playlist files and execute arbitrary code under the user ID running MPlayer.

Richard Felker started a general audit of the GUI code for further string handling problems and uncovered a host of potential bugs, some of which were probably exploitable. Nicholas Kain proceeded to do a full audit of the MPlayer code for insecure string handling, which was finished by Alexander Strasser. The result of this audit was checked into MPlayer CVS on Fri, 25 June 2004 16:49:52 +0000 (UTC).

Since the first quick review of the GUI code immediately revealed several potentially exploitable bugs we have refrained from publishing this advisory until a thorough audit of the whole code was finished.

On Thu, 1 July 2004 11:22:29 (UTC) a simple port of the fixes was committed to the 0_90 stable MPlayer source tree. This was done without a further audit of the 0_90 code base due to lack of resources. We have therefore dropped further support of the 0_90 tree and recommend upgrading to MPlayer 1.0pre5 or latest CVS.


MPlayer 1.0pre5, 0.93 and CVS snapshots can be downloaded from the MPlayer homepage or one of its many mirrors as soon as they become available. Go to the MPlayer download page to get MPlayer 1.0pre5 source code or a CVS snapshot.

2004-06-25, Friday :: MPlayer name change
posted by Diego

No, it's still MPlayer ;-).

But since we run on so many different operating systems now we thought that

MPlayer - The Movie Player For Linux

is not really a fitting name any longer. So from now on it will be just

MPlayer - The Movie Player

The king is dead - long live the king!

2004-06-24, Thursday :: Software Patents
posted by Alex

Your video player is... PATENTED (in the USA)

Demonstration against Software Patents in Karlsruhe, the city of LinuxTag with some developers and advocates of MPlayer. Read more at the FFII page.

2004-06-02, Wednesday :: MPlayer at LinuxTag 2004
posted by Diego

LinuxTag logo

The MPlayer team will be represented at LinuxTag 2004 by at least Alex Beregszaszi, Sascha Sommer and Diego Biurrun. LinuxTag is a mix between trade show and conference about Linux and free software for both companies and projects. It is held in Karlsruhe, Germany, from the 23rd to the 26th of June. We will have a booth in the projects area and be present for the full four days. Hopefully we will also be able to hold a small conference with as many developers as possible. If you ever wished to have a chat with us, that would be the perfect opportunity.

2004-04-28, Wednesday :: Exploitable remote buffer overflow vulnerability in the Real RTSP streaming code
posted by Diego


Multiple vulnerabilities have been found and fixed in the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) client for RealNetworks servers, including a series of potentially remotely exploitable buffer overflows. This is a joint advisory by the MPlayer and xine teams as the code in question is common to these projects. The xine team has assigned ID XSA-2004-3 to this security announcement.


High (arbitrary remote code execution under the user ID running the player) when playing Real RTSP streams. At this time, there is no known exploit for these vulnerabilities.


The players are only vulnerable when playing Real RTSP streams. There is no risk if Real RTSP (realrtsp) streaming is not employed.


A fix was checked into MPlayer CVS on Sat, 24 Apr 2004 12:33:22 +0200 (CEST). This fix is included in MPlayer 1.0pre4. Users of affected MPlayer versions should upgrade to MPlayer 1.0pre4 or later. Alternatively a standalone patch is available that can be applied to the MPlayer source tree.

xine-lib fix was checked into CVS on Fri, Apr 23 21:59:04 2004 UTC. This fix is included in xine-lib 1-rc4. Users of affected xine-lib versions should upgrade to xine-lib 1-rc4 or later. If this upgrade is not feasible for some reason, the vulnerable code can be disabled by removing xine's RTSP input plugin, which is located at $(xine-config --plugindir)/xineplug_inp_rtsp.so. If installed with default paths, that is: /usr/local/lib/xine/plugins/1.0.0/xineplug_inp_rtsp.so This workaround disables RTSP streaming.

Affected versions:

MPlayer 1.0pre1-pre3try2
xine-lib 1-beta1 to 1-rc3c

Unaffected versions:

MPlayer 0.92.1 and below
MPlayer 1.0pre4 and above

xine-lib 1-beta0 and below
xine-lib 1-rc4 and above
xine-lib CVS HEAD

History / Attack Vectors:

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 Diego Biurrun found a crashing bug in the MPlayer realrtsp code that Roberto Togni confirmed to be a buffer overflow vulnerability later that day. The xine team was notified and independent code audits were performed by Miguel Freitas (xine) and Roberto Togni (MPlayer), revealing multiple vulnerabilities.

  1. Fixed length buffers were assigned for the URL used in server requests and the length of the input was never checked. Very long URLs could thus overflow these buffers and crash the application. A malicious person might possibly use a specially crafted URL or playlist to run arbitrary code on the user's machine.
  2. Not all strings returned from a Real server were checked for length. It might be possible to cause a buffer overflow during the RTSP session negotiation sequence. A malicious person could use a fake RTSP server to feed the client with malformed strings.
  3. Packets of RealNetworks' Real Data Transport (RDT) format were received using a fixed length buffer whose size was never checked. It might also be possible to exploit this by emulating a RealNetworks' RTSP server.
  4. On Wed, 14 Apr 2004 22:45:28 +0200 (CEST) a change was made to MPlayer CVS that removes the extension checking on RTSP streams. MPlayer now attempts to handle every RTSP connection as realrtsp first, falling back to live.com RTSP. CVS versions from that date to the time the fix was checked in are susceptible to the same problem when playing normal RTSP streams as well.
  5. At the time of the writing of this advisory no real exploits are known to the authors and we hope to be the first to stumble across this vulnerability. Since we believe that the bugs described in this advisory are exploitable we have released this proactive advisory.


MPlayer 1.0pre4 can be downloaded from the MPlayer homepage or one of its many mirrors. Go to the MPlayer download page to get MPlayer 1.0pre4 source code.

xine-lib 1-rc4 can be downloaded from the xine homepage.

2004-04-28, Wednesday :: MPlayer 1.0pre4 released
posted by the release team

A long time has passed without a release and really a lot has happened. Between the KiSS affair and the farewell of some developers one might almost get the impression that not much development has been taking place. Indeed there have been many internal changes. Alex Beregszaszi (who has been the maintainer since 0.90rc3) is now supported by a team of maintainers, making this the first real team release of MPlayer. To reflect that we are also presenting the site in a new design. If you thought about helping us out in building the fastest and most flexible video player, now would be the perfect moment to join our team, just come and join us on our mailing lists and IRC channels. We can use not only coders but also documenters and people that want to help us out with the many details that have to be taken care of to make such a big project a success. But if you thought MPlayer development was stalled, just have a look at the huge changelog.

We fixed a remotely exploitable security vulnerability in the Real RTSP code, please read our advisory for details. Many thanks go to the xine team for cooperating so well with us in the audit of this shared code. We also found a buffer overflow in the Matroska demuxer and in the CDDB code, so we strongly urge you to upgrade.

Apart from that there are so many changes it gets hard to pick out the highlights.

As usual the documentation has been improved and extended and our many ports have been improved. The BSDs are getting closer and closer to the Linux version, Mac OS X and PowerPC users will enjoy as much as a 100% speed improvement through many AltiVec optimizations and a native Quartz (Mac OS X) output driver. The Windows version of MPlayer is shaping up to be an equal contender to the Unix versions, grab and spread it.

If you had problems with streaming in the past this may be the release for you. We fixed tons of bugs and added support for SMIL playlist to Real streaming and now support Nullsoft Streaming Video (NSV)

With (experimental) AVI OpenDML read and write support we have knocked a longstanding item from the wishlist. Now is the time to play and create huge AVI files.

Our video filter system has been extended by no less than seven filters and is thus more flexible than ever.

If you are an oldschool text mode addict and like ASCII art output you can now enjoy it in full color with the caca output driver.

On the codec front we now support XviD 1.0, VP5 and VP6 and the existing codecs have been improved and optimized. Accordingly the codec package has been extended by a few DLLs, don't forget to grab a new one.

As usual we would be nothing without FFmpeg and the many native codecs they provide. FLAC among others has joined their long list of supported codecs and the rest has seen notable speed and quality improvements.


MPlayer 1.0pre4: "YAML Counter"


  • HTTP parser remote heap overflow vulnerability fixed
  • Real RTSP remote buffer overflow vulnerability fixed
  • buffer overflow in the Matroska demuxer
  • potentially exploitable buffer overflow in CDDB TOC code


  • new Copyright file covers files from other projects and their licenses
  • new DOCS/tech/translations.txt explains how to properly translate MPlayer
  • new Japanese console message translation
  • Polish translation finished
  • Italian man page translation
  • DVD ripping guide
  • telecine/interlacing guide
  • video out driver section added to the man page
  • XML build system rewritten - now supports building individual languages
  • miscellaneous updates all over the place


  • better PA-RISC detection
  • support for VAX (tested on VAXstation 4000/VLC) -- really, believe me!
  • optimizing for specific MIPS CPUs under IRIX
  • AMD64 detection under BSDs
  • fbdev driver updated for Linux 2.6
  • support for ELF only OpenBSD
  • optimizing for PPC 970 (aka G5)
  • SDL support fixed on MinGW
  • VIDIX working under Windows XP/2000 (native dhahelper)
  • builds out of the box under GNU Hurd
  • SSE optimizations enabled under MinGW
  • SSE support under OpenBSD
  • AltiVec support under NetBSD
  • GCC 3.4 support (due to changed behaviour in ASM code snippets)


  • Matroska containing RealVideo works better
  • fixed random segfaults in VIVO
  • endianess fixes in CDDA
  • UYVY support in tvi/v4l2
  • tvi/bsdbt848 now working under FreeBSD 5.2-CURRENT
  • tvi/bsdbt848 audio part working under NetBSD
  • LIVE.COM demuxer updated to conform with latest libraries
  • new, independent, C implementation of the Matroska demuxer
  • fix for rare Real files
  • more robust Real demuxer (can resync after errors)
  • support for AAC inside Real
  • MPEG Aspect code 4 fixed
  • support for selecting subtitle streams with -slang inside Ogg
  • wrapper demuxer for FFMpeg's libavformat (Nut is playable this way)
  • much improved seeking in Ogg
  • Nullsoft streaming video (NSV) demuxer
  • AVI OpenDML read and write support


  • SMIL playlist parser
  • support for URL redirection
  • support for seeking in HTTP streams
  • updated LIVE.COM streaming code
  • fallback to live.com RTSP after Real RTSP
  • suggests -playlist if normal streaming fails
  • many improvements and bug fixes in the streaming code


  • compilation failure without zlib in vd/lcl fixed
  • removed obsoleted decoders (which were moved to libavcodec), affected: vd/8bps, vd/msrle, vd/msvideo1, vd/rpza, vd/smc
  • workaround for buggy codecs in ad/acm (support for Sharp G.726)
  • fixed chroma-swapping in Hauppauge Macroblock decoder
  • AltiVec optimized resampler in liba52
  • support for VP5 and VP6 DLL decoders
  • support for Alparysoft lossless video codec (through DLLs)
  • support for Lead MCMW wavelet video codec (through DLLs)
  • HE-AAC working through libfaad
  • removed libmpflac in favor of FFmpeg's FLAC implementation
  • liba52 dynamic range compression support


  • vf_bmovl bugfixes
  • vf_filmdint now handles 15fps NTSC input
  • huge updates and speedup on vf_pullup
  • big updates to vf_ilpack (proper interpolation and MMX optimizations)
  • vf_zrmjpeg: fast MJPEG encoder using libavcodec for Zoran
  • interlaced scaling support in vf_scale
  • vf_kerndeint: adaptive deinterlacer
  • vf_rgbtest: rgb test pattern generator for developers
  • vf_qp: qp change filter
  • vf_noformat: the same as vf_format but with reversed meaning
  • AltiVec optimized SWScaler
  • vf_phase: phase shift fields
  • vf_divtc: duplicate frame removal from deinterlaced telecined video


  • ao/esd behaves better over network now
  • support for Radeon 9200/9600/9600 Pro/9700 in VIDIX
  • -mixer support for alsa9
  • fixed OSS audio grabber module with hardware not supporting 44khz
  • native ALSA 1.x support (not through 0.9 emulation)
  • better multibuffer support in VIDIX nVidia driver
  • pan & scan support in VIDIX nVidia driver
  • support for more cards in VIDIX nVidia driver
  • vo_libcaca: color ASCII art output driver
  • vo_quartz: native MacOS X/Quartz video output
  • support for VIDIX when ATI FireGLX drivers are used


  • H.263 AIC and MQ encoding support
  • fixed low delay decoding
  • fixed H.263+ encoding without UMV
  • lots of CBR improvements
  • MB type and QP visualization
  • lots of code cleanup
  • intra & inter dequantization split -> speedup
  • fixed stereo IMA ADPCM encoding
  • VBV delay setting support (MPEG-2 CBR)
  • improved RV20 decoder (most known errors eliminated)
  • interlaced DCT
  • interlaced motion estimation
  • interlaced MPEG-2 encoding
  • 4MV encoding fixes
  • initial interlaced MPEG-4 encoding
  • improved visual quality in SVQ3 decoder
  • fixed never-before-tested embedded string decoder in SVQ1
  • optimized quantization (including the trellis way)
  • Sierra VMD video decoder
  • MMX and SSE2 optimized H263 denoiser
  • better SVCD compliance (encoder side)
  • MMX and MMX2 optimized interlaced DCT decision
  • various cleanup, memleak and segfault fixes
  • optimized (2x faster) the MPEG layer 3 decoder
  • grayscale coded MJPEG decoding support
  • avimszh and avizlib decoders
  • "packed" XviD decoding
  • fixed some bugs in RV20 B-frames decoding
  • closed GOP encoding
  • SSE2 optimized FDCT
  • support for quantizer noise shaping
  • support for EA ADPCM and SMJPEG IMA ADPCM
  • QT RLE decoder
  • OBMC fixes
  • FLAC decoder
  • better support for DivX5
  • MMX and SSE2 optimized VP3/Theora decoding
  • support for Theora alpha3
  • many H.264 improvements
  • more robust MJPEG startcode search mechanism
  • better WMV8 decoding
  • native Sparc VIS optimizations
  • native G.726 codec


  • -codecs-file option for specifying alternative codecs.conf file
  • fixed some minor bugs in the GUI
  • prevent sig11 when $HOME is not set
  • fix some command line handling corruptions
  • Swedish and Polish yes/no options in config files
  • support binding F11 and F12 keys
  • TOOLS/divx2svcd updated
  • stricter thread code in Win32 loader (works under NetBSD)
  • PJS subtitle support (was: dunnowhat)
  • TOOLS/avifix: simple tool to fix chunk sizes in AVI files
  • proper extraheader handling when libavcodec is used in MEncoder
  • AVI OpenDML read and write support
  • AVI VPRP (video property) read and write support
  • fixed long standing lame quality option off-by-one bug in MEncoder
  • MPL2 subtitle support
  • less verbosity in Win32 loader and other places

MPlayer 1.0pre4 can be downloaded from the following locations:

MD5SUM: 83ebac0f05b192516a41fca2350ca01a

Also don't forget to visit the downloads page for the updated codec pack!

2004-04-26, Monday :: New ways of communication
posted by Alex

Since a while, MPlayer has two official IRC channels on the freenode network:

  • #mplayer for users
  • #mplayerdev for developers

2004-04-23, Friday :: Resurrection
posted by Alex

After two (nowadays not so active, but valuable) developers leaving the project (both of them posting an unneeded news article about it), one could think it's almost dead now. This assumption is false, other developers are still active, but busy with work.

Be prepared for a new tech release!

Just for clarification: I say 'unneeded news article', because many developers left already without news entries and more joined the project after them.

2004-04-23, Friday :: Say NO to software patents - Bruxelles 2004
posted by Alex

The FFII has organized a demo this year just like the one in 2003.

The MPlayer project is proud to be a part of the conferences: Diego Biurrun and myself have been there and talked about patents and the KiSS issue with known and great authorities, such as Alan Cox and George Greve (President of FSF Europe).

As a report, read this post from Diego.

2004-04-23, Friday :: Leaving
posted by Gabucino

I've decided to leave the MPlayer project. Personal thanks go to:

  • A'rpi, Pontscho, Alex for all the fun we've been through together
  • LGB for his poetry
  • Diego Biurrun for never giving up


2004-03-30, Tuesday :: Exploitable remote buffer overflow vulnerability in the HTTP parser
posted by Gabucino


HIGH (if playing HTTP streaming content)
LOW (if playing only normal files)


A remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerability was found in MPlayer. A malicious host can craft a harmful HTTP header ("Location:"), and trick MPlayer into executing arbitrary code upon parsing that header.

affected MPlayer versions:

MPlayer 0.90pre series
MPlayer 0.90rc series
MPlayer 0.90
MPlayer 0.91
MPlayer 1.0pre1
MPlayer 1.0pre2
MPlayer 1.0pre3

unaffected MPlayer versions:

MPlayer releases before 0.60pre1
MPlayer 0.92.1
MPlayer 1.0pre3try2
MPlayer 0_92 CVS

Notification status:

Developers were notified on 2004-03-29 (by "blexim")
Fix was commited into HEAD CVS at 2004-03-30 12:58:43 CEST
MPlayer 0.92.1 (vuln-fix-only release) was released on 2004-03-30 16:45:00 CEST
MPlayer 1.0pre3try2 (vuln-fix-only release) was released on 2004-03-30 16:51:00 CEST

Patch availability:

A patch for all vulnerable versions is available.

Suggested upgrading methods:

MPlayer 1.0pre3 users should upgrade to latest CVS.
MPlayer 0.92 (and below) users should upgrade to 0.92.1 or latest CVS.

MPlayer 0.92.1 (PGP signature) (MD5 checksum) can be downloaded from the following sites:

MPlayer 1.0pre3try2 (PGP signature) (MD5 checksum) can be downloaded from the following sites:

2004-03-26, Friday :: Leaving MPlayer
posted by A'rpi

I (A'rpi) already left MPlayer G1 a year ago, when 0.90 was released. This is not YAML (Yet Another Mplayer Leaving :)), I left G1 dev to work on MPlayer G2. Now I'm leaving the whole MPlayer project, including G2 development and all the rest, except for MPHQ server administration (for technical reasons). I did not read mplayer lists (any) since months (except for a few mails pointed to me), and I lost the rest of my interest towards MPlayer development.

About G2, my primary reason of giving up on it was the dual licensing issues, discussed recently on the g2-dev list. My opinion about GPL was proven again, ie. it doesn't protect us against code stealing (see the KiSS issue for example), while it keeps project sponsors and companies away. I wanted to make G2 to be usable by any program as the standard linux media lib/API, but GPL is too strict for this, and all other license options were immediately refused by all other (potential) G2 developers. Of course G2 can be written as free GPL software (free as RMS:)) too, but it will took long, and I have no interest to participate.

What's now with me? I'm back to some of my old projects, like AMC, and I've started a new project about heuristic email virus scanning, called pymavis.

2004-03-10, Wednesday :: Radio interview with Pontscho
posted by Gabucino

The hungarian Tilos Radio's Speedlight program has made a live interview with Zoltán Ponekker (Pontscho), one of the MPlayer founders who has developed significant parts of MPlayer, most notably the GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Download the interview here (Hungarian): 1. part | 2. part | 3. part |

2004-03-06, Saturday :: Softonic Multimedia Award Won
posted by Gabucino

Softonic Award 2003

Thanks to our fellow users, we've won another award, this time it is Softonic's "Mejor Reproductor de Vídeo" trophy.

Thanks for the support!

2004-01-26, Monday :: MPlayerHQ server update: moved to SCSI disks
posted by Arpi

Thanks to the great donations by Charlie (Adaptec 29160 controller) and Lupin III (2 x 36GB 10krpm disks), we could finally move OS and data (mailing lists, cvs, web etc) to SCSI base, hopefully solving the continous stability issues we had with those old IBM IDE disks since December. It should also improve speed and reaction time of the server.

Anyway we still have a small problem: the disks have 80-pin (SCA) connectors, and the 80-to-68pin converters I could buy here don't work in LVD mode, thus limiting bandwith to 40Mb/sec (SE mode). It should be enough for our current needs, but if you have 2 pieces of spare LVD-capable 80/68 converters, don't hesitate to donate! :)

2004-01-19, Monday :: HUP Reader's Choice Awards 2003
posted by Alex

HUP Reader's Choice Awards 2003

2003 seems to be the year of MPlayer. Yet another award we got!

The Hungarian Unix Portal - the biggest Hungarian free software site - promoted it's first Reader's Choice Awards in November 2003. Members could vote starting on 19th November 2003 until the 20th December 2003.

For the people, who don't speak Hungarian, here are the results:

  1. MPlayer (96%)
  2. xine (2%)
  3. VideoLan and avifile - head to head

The Hungarian speaking minority could visit the portal: article about the winners.

2004-01-18, Sunday :: LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award
posted by Diego

2003 LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award

LinuxQuestions.org has finished voting for its LinuxQuestions.org Members Choice Award and MPlayer has been voted Multimedia application of the Year.

MPlayer received 44.61% of the votes, beating XMMS with 27.90% and xine with 17.40%.

2004-01-15, Thursday :: Mailing lists problem
posted by Arpi

Thanks to the serie of IDE HDD crashes we've got in past weeks, some of the mailman config/user databases got corrupted.

Especially the MPlayer-G2-dev list, which is uncorrectable, so I've re-created the list today, and subscribed everyone again, at least who subscribed until Aug 15 this year. I have no info about member (un)subscribes past that date, as I've disabled the notification. Please verify your membership and settings!

Since the MPlayer-users list also got somehow corrupted, several people reported that they either stop receiving mail or begin to receive them again despite of their are no longer member (they've already unsubscribed). Anyway this list has over 1500 members, many of them with broken (bouncing) addresses.


So, to clean things up, I've created an mplayer-newusers list, but Attila Kinali suggested a better method: send a mail asking everyone at mplayer-users to subscribe again, mass unsubscribe everyone, and then re-create the list.
So, you have to subscribe again, even if you were already subscribed: SUBSCRIBE.

2004-01-10, Saturday :: Radio interview: KiSS VS MPlayer
posted by Gabucino

The Danish National Radio (http://dr.dk) has made an interview with me (as MPlayer representative), and KiSS Technology's managing director Peter Wilmar Christensen.

It is going to be broadcasted tonight at 20:35, but it is also downloadable from the Internet right now:

A written article is also available, in Danish.

We have made a rough english translation of the session (thanks to Anders Rune Jensen). Our commentaries can be found at the bottom.

The development of MPlayer was started by a little group of Hungarian programmers 3 years ago.
We needed a program that could play media files under Linux and were so unsatisfied with the existing choices that we started making a better alternative - said Gabucino, the spokesperson for the MPlayer programmers.
MPlayer has reached a wide recognition in the Open Source community. Gabucino emphasizes the program's stability and ability to play many different movie formats as some of the obvious advantages.
The trouble with KiSS technology started recently when one of the MPlayer developers was shopping for a new DVD player and went for a product by the Danish company. For fun the programmer started looking at the software in the Danish DVD player, the so called firmware, and compared it with MPlayer's own code. There were enough similarities to take a closer look at the case and make the MPlayer team angry - Gabucino said.
The specific part of the code in which the similarities are found is the one controlling the subtitles when playing movies. The reality is that the code doesn't contain anything really brilliant. On the contrary, it's very simple. So Gabucino is puzzled why anyone would even bother using the code instead of writing it themselves. He suggests that it could be laziness on the programmer's side.
I think it's actually a very normal thing that programmers borrow Open Source code because they are too lazy to write it themselves. There have been some cases prior to this which have caused quite a lot of trouble. I think there are hundreds of examples like this that we just don't hear about - Gabucino said.
The MPlayer team has published the accusation of the code theft on their website and has tried to document it by listing the strings in the code which are identical in the two pieces of software. According to Gabucino, there are so many similarities that it's unthinkable that this might be a coincidence.
Normally this type of code is different depending on who implemented it, so, when there are so many identical strings, it's obvious that we're dealing with theft, the Hungarians believe.
GPL or General Public License which MPlayer is licensed under is a very widely used Open Source license, which gives the users certain rights and certain duties. Long story short, it is okay to take the code from MPlayer and develop it further, as long as the result is given back to the community. In this specific example Gabucino and the other Hungarians therefore demand that KiSS Technology should release the software used in its DVD players. And makes it clear that it is not a matter of getting some money from the Danish company, but a matter of fulfilling the requirements of the GPL and releasing the software.
KiSS Technology at first didn't react to the Hungarians' inquiry, but after the story began to get large publicity in the different net-medias and forums the company began to investigate the case this week. There are two main questions: whether code from MPlayer really is inside the KiSS software and how the licenses of Open Source software should be interpreted and applied. Apart from being accused of taking code from MPlayer, KiSS Technology has also been accused of using other Open Source software, but managing director Peter Wilmar Christensen denies all accusations with small requisitions. The DVD player from KiSS uses a modified version of Linux as its operating system and that part of the software has been released in accordance with the licenses. But KiSS proclaims that the programs used in the machines on top of the operating system, which enables them to play video and music files are the company's own and therefore are not required to be released, the managing director Peter Christensen explains.
I would say that the is no truth to the accusations. In large there has been some interest regarding our applications recently and around GPL, which is the software used in the Open Source community which requires you to publish the source code if you use it. And there has been some interest in some of the programs used on our DVD players. Something called libmad and libjpg and than this Hungarian company MPlayer. On our DVD players we run Linux which is licensed under the GPL, we have on our webpage published the operating system so that people can download the improved version of Linux that we use. The application layer on top of Linux is proprietary and is not based on any GPL code. We doesn't use MPlayer, we use our own player, a player like we know from Real Player, Microsoft Media Player is the application used to display movies. It is a fundamental thing for our player, because it's what we are known for, being able to play a wide range of different formats.
The documentation the Hungarians has presented on their website is parts from your code. By simply comparing the strings line for line and concludes that they are so identical that this can be no coincidence. What is your comment on this?
We are currently investigating exactly that specific part, how that can be and if it's really true what they say. Currently we have not investigated it enough to be sure whether or not they are right or wrong in their accusations. What is important is that we do not use their application (Of course, only the subtitle reader! - Gabucino). Should there be cases where the code is very much alike, we have to look at how that could have happened. But we doubt that there is any truth to the accusations. There are a lot of things that could have happened, one could imagine that code from our community has spread to other communities included the Open Source and code originating from our player could accordingly be a part of MPlayer, if in fact there are any similarities. It can be hard to tell how those similarities have supposedly appeared. What is important is that we do not use their application. If there are a few identical lines then one might ask themselves how that has happened. But it could have just as well come from one side as from the other. In any case, we are under no circumstances of the opinion that we have borrowed code.
Whoever made the code for subtitles in the Hungarian software and in the Danish DVD players can be thought of as a minor issue in today's world. But what is important is the matter of principles in this specific issue and what private companies can allow themselves when they use Open Source and on the other hand what the Open Source community can expect from the companies. Because of the current case, managing director Peter Wilmar Christensen has had a closer look at the GPL license and evaluated its legal status.
We have confirmed what we already knew, that when using code licensed under the GPL then we have to publish any derivative work. This means that the legal foundation is very thin and there is no place in the world that I know of where the GPL has been tested in court. So from a business perspective I would say that the license is relatively weak. This doesn't change the fundamental spirit in the Open Source community which I think - all in all - is positive. But it is clear that as a commercial company living off selling its product, can not and will not release its proprietary code. It is naturally so that one should not use GPL code in proprietary systems.
According to Gabucino, the Hungarian software developers of MPlayer are glad that their accusation against the Danish company has reached the media.
As he said, there are no big economical options for dragging the case to court. Instead they hope that the Open Source community will put so much pressure on KiSS Techonology that they will be forced to release all its software.
But that is completely out of the question, said the managing director Peter Wilmar Christensen, even though he is very keen on staying good friends with the Open Source community.
We don't have any intentions of working against or in another way make enemies with the people in this community. We try to tell what we use and what guidelines we follow. Have we made any error, such as making incorrect descriptions in our manuals then we will of course fix those things. It is not so that we in any way want confrontation, but we have to make a clear statement that our software will not be released as Open Source.
What is your conclusion of this case, what will it be after this?
The conclusion will be that the licenses in this area are a good description of how one ought to operate within this community. They're more of a tool to describe how to operate than a set of rules that can be used in court. And I think that the Open Source circles uses far too much energy on hunting down private companies like us for instance, because it's so obvious that one as a private company simply can't release your source code. We appreciate the Linux community very much and see it as a good thing for the industry. Generally that there is an alternative to the Microsoft community. But we think that the community should respect the companies who use Linux and not hunt them because I don't think that's beneficial for anyone.


Gabucino's comments: I find it quite disgusting to read so much plain lies. It's obvious how companies like KiSS or SCO treat open source. Let's read these particular sentences again:

...There are a lot of things that could have happened, one could imagine that code from our community has spread to other communities included the Open Source and code originating from our player could accordingly be a part of MPlayer, if in fact there are any similarities. It can be hard to tell how those similarities have supposedly started. What is important is that we do not use their application. If there are a few identical lines then one might ask themselves how that has happened.

It's quite clear that they've never read our News section, because we hurried to state they've even stolen our own subtitle file format MPsub (see our specifications).

Its idea was mine, then I asked laaz if he would be so kind as to implement it in MPlayer. Then in 2001 October 12 at 13:51:58 he commited the support. The format was never spotted in the wild.

Several things can be concluded:

  1. Mr. Christensen never took the time to read our announcements.
  2. Mr. Christensen suggest they've implemented our subtitle format way before we did it ourselves. The KiSS firmwares are all made in 2003, which is - as far as I know - a way later year than 2001.
  3. Mr. Christensen doesn't have the slightest clue about what software his company is using.
  4. KiSS Technology has strange interpretation problems with some sentences, like "...We don't have any intentions of working against, or in another way make enemies with the people in this (Open Source) community."

Actually we can picture a quite nice representation of their viewpoint, especially after seeing their unwillingness to start a conversation with us in E-Mail. KiSS Technology's views are:

  1. "...making our source open to public is out of question"
  2. Pressing Microsoft (or Bush)-style PR, like repeating their own lies, emphasized again and again: "What is important is that we do not use their application."
  3. Spreading FUD: "It can be hard to tell how those similarities have supposedly started." Ever heard of version control systems?
  4. Holding good communiqe with the Open Source community: "If there are a few identical lines then one might ask themselves how that has happened. But it could have just as well come from one side as from the other..." The pitful aspect of this is that it implies a totally ignorant viewpoint, like 'our sources are ours, it's completely obfuscated, but yes, our claims are the truth, yours are plain lies'

How come companies like KiSS cant'be punished by Law?

2004-01-07, Wednesday :: Update on KiSS Technology
posted by Gabucino

The binaries in KiSS Technology's newer firmwares doesn't seem to contain our strings at the first sight. First we though they are encrypted, or obfuscated in some other way, like an executable packer. Actually these new files are simply compressed with gzip. Decompressing them is very simple:

dd if=fileplayer.bin bs=64 skip=1 | gunzip > fileplayer.bin.decomp

The strings are still there. Nothing has changed.


2004-01-03, Saturday :: Another stolen software in KiSS firmware
posted by Gabucino

It has been brought to my attention, that the now famous KiSS Technology - already in violation of the GNU General Public License - has been confirmed stealing another program which is also completely under the GPL license.

The software in question is the high-quality MPEG audio codec, MAD (libmad). This codec is used by a lot of other audio players, like mpg321, a command line MP3 player found in most Linux distributions - including Debian.

The strings from the KiSS firmware (matching libmad sources), can be viewed - but you can also check it for yourself, it's really easy.

And if you do: don't be surprised when you run into more strings - which match libjpeg's.

2004-01-03, Saturday :: KiSS Tech comment
posted by Gabucino

Before I get another 10 mails about this: the GPL.ZIP file which they offer for download on their site contains only the Linux kernel and busybox sources, not MPlayer's!


2004-01-02, Friday :: Another GPL violation: KiSS Technology
posted by Gabucino

Basically KiSS Technology is specialized in particular kinds of media hardware, namely DVD and MPEG-4 players, set-top-boxes, and such.

There is nothing wrong with that.

However, if a careless user initiates a string search in one of their firmwares:

$ strings KiSS_DP-508_FW2.7.4_PAL.iso | grep -A 3 -B 6 MPSub
Subviewer 2.0
Subrip 0.9

Running the same command on the MPlayer binary:

$ strings /usr/bin/mplayer | grep -B 8 mpsub -A 4
subviewer 2.0
subrip 0.9

You can also check the subreader.h or the subreader.c files in MPlayer sources.

As you can see, the KiSS firmware contains the subtitle formats in the very same order as we do. The thing that really catches the eye is the MPSub format, which is our own subtitle format, which hasn't been used anywhere else so far.

Another nice nit is the "dunnowhat" AKA "unknown" subtitle format, whose name remains unknown for us - thus the naming. It's the same in KiSS' files.

This of course is hardly enough for a proof. What really makes it a one hundred percent stealing is quite obvious: the sscanf() calls which contains the patterns of the subtitle formats known to the subtitle parser, in order to identify the chosen subtitle file.

Let's take an easy example:

$ strings fileplayer.bin
%d:%d:%d.%d %d:%d:%d.%d
@%d @%d
Dialogue: Marked

$ strings subreader.o
%d:%d:%d.%d %d:%d:%d.%d
@%d @%d
Dialogue: Marked

These are the patterns we use to identify a SAMI subtitle file. We have one more pattern in our parser, which was commited on 2003 July 20, in effect of supporting a new subtitle format, called "ASS". KiSS Tech's files are missing this one, so they must have lifted our code before that date.

Let's see another:

$ strings fileplayer.bin
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d.%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d.%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d:%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d:%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d:%d.%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n

$ strings subreader.o
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d.%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d.%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d:%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d:%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n
<%*[tT]ime %*[bB]egin="%d:%d.%d" %*[Ee]nd="%d:%d.%d"%*[^<]<clear/>%n

These are the patterns we use to identify an RT subtitle file.

Every single one of their patterns match ours! This is not coincidence. This is stealing GPL code into a proprietary product! KiSS Technology failed to answer our inquiry for their source files (which they are obligated to provide), so this news entry is posted.


  • KiSS firmware
  • KiSS fileplayer strings
  • MPlayer subreader strings

2003-12-19, Friday :: MPlayer with libcaca
posted by Gabucino

libcaca is basically a colored variant of aalib. Although being alpha, it looks very nice. Some better output drivers, and optimizing is needed, tho.

libcaca screenshot
Shot from "Üvegtigris"

MPlayer is yet to support libcaca directly, but with the following patch, the -vo sdl:caca MPlayer option will enable caca video output (if it's monochrome, check the TERM enviroment variable).

The patch for the vanilla SDL 1.2.6 can be downloaded here: patch-SDL-1.2.6-deb-caca.diff.bz2

2003-12-18, Thursday :: MPlayerHQ OS change to Slackware
posted by Gabucino

From December 17 14:30 until early this morning, our main server has undergone an OS reinstall (not winXP). The Debian Woody to Slackware transition did not have much effect on the CVS service, but the HTTP, FTP and mail services have suffered slight downtimes. We had several reasons for the reinstall:

  1. MPlayerHQ was cracked on November 16 17:50, but noticed 10 minutes later due to some hidden traps. Possibly due to recent lame Linux kernel vulnerability (greetz to kernel devs for not publishing details much earlier).
  2. The old OS was installed 3 years ago, so time to clean up the mess
  3. Debian sucks - that's the opinion of most of the core developers
  4. Mailing migrated from sendmail+qmail combination to a single postfix installation

For further information, read the mail of A'rpi.

2003-12-09, Tuesday :: MPlayer 1.0pre3 second try
posted by Alex

A huge bug slipped into the release. Pre3 won't compile on big-endian machines (such as ppc, sparc and m68k).


2003-12-09 05:24 GMT: the bug was discovered
2003-12-09 09:15 GMT: committed the fix into CVS
2003-12-09 10:00 GMT: our FTP site contains the updated tarballs

Grab the tarballs from the usual locations, only users of big-endian machines should update.

MD5SUM: 998becb79417c6a14d15c07e85188b82 MPlayer-1.0pre3.tar.bz2

2003-12-09, Tuesday :: MPlayer 1.0pre3 "The Real Counter" released
posted by Gabucino

Well it's been a while, and we're back in business with a (guess what) new prerelease. Now with Windows Media Player skin support. Ok just joking. But the ChangeLog is still very long, actually just thinking about inserting it and writing all those HTML tags feels tiresome.

I'd like to emphasize our newest reverse engineered codec: RealVideo 2.0 (RV20), with B frames support! Time to move on to RV30.. ;)

SiS video card users are going to be very pleased with the new sis_vid Vidix driver! Check out the documentation! Oh, and by the way: the nvidia_vid driver also got hell a lot of bugfixing, doublebuffer support for Geforce2, etc etc...

No doubt many ppl will celebrate one of the new MEncoder features: the ability to encode the output audio stream with libavcodec!

Don't hold your breath for even another moment, ChangeLog falls upon thee from the heavens:

MPlayer 1.0pre3: "The Real Counter"


  • all MPlayer and MEncoder options documented
  • all FFmpeg/libavcodec options documented
  • Support for building incomplete XML documentation
  • Support for building all-in-one HTML docs
  • HTML documentation obsoleted
  • English, Polish and French HTML documentation removed
  • Spanish documentation translation finished
  • Macedonian runtime output translation added
  • small improvements and bug fixes all over the place


  • fixed compilation of Matroska on MinGW32/Cygwin
  • support for detecting non-Intel CPUs under Cygwin
  • sub autoloading under Windows
  • removed pthread dependency (compiles out of the box on a default NetBSD install)
  • more 64 bit fixes
  • a lot of Mac OS X fixes
  • prefer TOOLS/cpuinfo over linuxemu's /proc/cpuinfo under FreeBSD/x86
  • Darwin XMMS libs supported
  • support newer Darwin versions in Altivec detection code
  • support for newer Apple GCCs

Codecs and demuxers:

  • better support for (buggy) MEncoder created streams in libmpeg2
  • MPEG-TS demuxer updates
  • fixed the MPEG muxer
  • fixed tons of bugs in MMS streaming
  • user settable http user-agent field
  • improved (now working) seeking with support for growing files in Realmedia format
  • saveable and loadable index files (workaround for formats not supporting files over 2GB)
  • Ultimotion VfW decoder
  • support for MMS streams with UTF urls
  • big DVB demuxer update
  • fixed MOV demuxer to always read ImageDesc (fixes ffsvq3 bugs)
  • fixed an old bug in AVI/Waveformatex size calculation
  • XviD API-4 (1.0 beta2) support
  • improved FLAC-in-Ogg support
  • Matroska: better AC3 detection
  • Matroska: VOBsubs, MP2, FLAC, AAC and HE-AAC support
  • improved detection of Real RTSP through URL analysis
  • fixed stereo 16 bit TWOS
  • fixed MPNG when using BGR24 images
  • control functions in OGG demuxer
  • http cookies support
  • LML-M4 MPEG4 capture card raw stream format support


  • some fixes in the delogo filter
  • optimized eq2 filter
  • weighted gamma support in the eq2 filter
  • new filters: hue, spp, fil, yuvcsp
  • alternative postprocessing filter (spp)
  • big scale filter updates
  • zrmjpeg filter, a kick-ass mjpeg encoder using FFmpeg/libavcodec
  • filmdint: new inverse telecine filter, heavily mmx and 3dnow optimized


  • Lagrange multipliers instead of qscale, encoding quality much improved
  • fixed an old bug in MPlayer's support code
  • support wider range of VOLs in H263
  • direct rendering support in MJPEG
  • massive MLib optimizations
  • more VQA files supported
  • Theora support
  • Sunplus JPEG (SP5X) support
  • H.263 GOB fixes
  • massive cleanups
  • reduced memory footprint (!)
  • fixed decoding if aspect ratio changes
  • MMX2 optimizations in HuffYUV
  • lots of bugs squashed in HuffYUV
  • long standing decoding errors after 'first frame is not keyframe' fixed
  • CRI ADX support
  • XA ADPCM support
  • fixed files with odd dimensions on PPC
  • optimized MPEG2 bitstream parsing
  • better interlacing framework
  • support for IBM's XLC compiler
  • support for SAR (sample aspect ratio)
  • floating point AAN DCT
  • dynamically alloc big data fields (lower memory usage in most cases!)
  • fixed stereo IMA-ADPCM encoding
  • inline vs always_inline - some speedups
  • MMX2 optimized FDCT
  • accurate 2-4-8 DCT
  • much faster DV encoding (it beats libdv)
  • support Cinepak files with funky (not divisible by 4) resolutions
  • Altivec optimized FDCT
  • XvMC speedups
  • initial ZyGoVideo decoding
  • RGB support in FFV1
  • new Palette API, all codecs updated
  • Noise reduction of DCT coefficients
  • "av_log" logging API
  • support for buffer hints from codecs
  • BGR24, RGB555 and PAL8 image formats
  • 8BPS, MS RLE, MS Video1, QT RPZA, QT SMC, FLIC and TrueMotion1 decoders
  • 16x8 MV visualisation support
  • H.263 overlapped block motion compensation (OBMC), 4MV support
  • H.263 alternative inter vlc support
  • H.263 deblocking filter (MMX optimized)
  • H.263 modified quantization support
  • H.263 slice structured mode support
  • Real RV20 decoder (with B-frame support)


  • VIDIX equalizer support in fbdev, svga and vesa
  • VIDIX colorkeying support in fbdev, svga and vesa
  • obsoleted option: -fb
  • new SiS 650/651/740/etc VIDIX driver
  • safer vo_directx direct rendering
  • massive nvidia_vid updates
  • gl2 updates
  • ggi now supports non-directbuffer rendering and slices
  • tdfxfb fixed on gcc 3.x
  • dfbmga updated, G200 support
  • colorkeying can be disabled
  • Radeon 9800 (R350) support in VIDIX
  • proper fix for buffer size workarounds in vo_zr
  • new vo_zr2 driver, which uses the advantages of the filter layer
  • fixed vesa when used together with pthread
  • runtime stay-on-top functionality (in almost all output drivers)
  • ALSA 1.x support


  • updated MLib (Sun VIS) support
  • more accurate filters (rounding fixes)
  • MMX optimized UYVY output
  • eliminated chroma scaling bugs


  • fixed aspect and geometry
  • fixed compilation when libavcodec is missing (although it's a bad idea)
  • MTRR detection added to TOOLS/cpuinfo
  • FAAD detection in configure fixed/improved
  • improved FLAC configure detection
  • GUI file selector updated for newer formats
  • Fontconfig support
  • proper VOBsub seeking support
  • removed oldskool libcss support (nobody uses it and has drawbacks)


  • FFmpeg/libavcodec audio encoding support
  • exit if there's no video stream (avoids unexpected segfaults)
  • huge bug fixed (missing InitTimer call), screwed up timers in some cases
  • rawyuv (i420) 'encoder'

MPlayer 1.0pre3 can be downloaded from the following locations:

2003-11-25, Tuesday :: Linux New Media Award 2003
posted by Diego

Linux New Media Award 2003

MPlayer has just been voted best multimedia software in this year's Linux New Media Award 2003 (German) by a jury of Linux New Media AG editors and community members.

MPlayer got 25.8% of the total votes, positioning it slightly ahead of xine (24.2%).

2003-10-11, Saturday :: FFmpeg CVS moved to MPlayerHQ
posted by Gabucino

Due to the continuing degradation of Sourceforge services' quality, the decision was made to move FFmpeg CVS to mplayerhq.hu.

MPlayer "oldtimer" users may remember the ages when libavcodec (the codec part of FFmpeg) was developed right inside the MPlayer CVS tree. The development was moved back to the Sourceforge server, so other projects - and the main FFmpeg of course - could take advantage of our developments. But let's get back to our current topic.

The FFmpeg CVS tree on Sourceforge will cease to exist shortly! Other services will stay on SF for now, but it's highly possible we'll move the mailing list too.

To checkout the new FFmpeg tree, the following command must be issued:

cvs -z9 -d:pserver:anonymous@mplayerhq.hu:/cvsroot/ffmpeg co ffmpeg

To update an existing checkout, issue the following commands:

cd ffmpeg
cvs -z9 update

2003-10-05, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0pre2
posted by Gabucino

The next beta prerelease of 1.0. Test it or leave it.

NVidia users are going to be pleased with our (rather Sascha Sommer's) newest breakthrough: the nvidia_vid VIDIX driver. It is still in beta stage, but it is known to work on at least TNT2 and Geforce2.

You may or may not need to first initialize your card with the closed-source binary (?) XFree86 NVidia drivers.

If aye can give ye a hint: assuming you have an NVidia card, try playing a DIV3 (DivX 3.11) file with the following commandline:

$ mplayer filename.avi -vc divxds -vo cvidix -vf format=uyvy

!!SPOILER!!: Yes, you'll experience REAL graphics video playing, on a REAL text console. Kinda neat, eh?

Let's see the ChangeLog:

MPlayer 1.0pre2


  • remotely exploitable buffer overflow in the asf streaming code fixed


  • Spanish and Russian translations almost finished
  • French, Hungarian, Polish translations updated
  • New Romanian translation started
  • numerous sections updated


  • initial Amiga/MorphOS (through GeekGadgets) support
  • FreeBSD 5.x (libkse/libthr) support in win32 DLL loader
  • finally fixed the compilation on non-mvi capable alpha CPUs
  • OSD menu now works on MinGW
  • slave mode, VOBsub and MEncoder support on Windows
  • MinGW 3.1.0 supports MPlayer out of the box!

Codecs and demuxers:

  • support for QuickTime version 6.3 DLLs
  • fixed some bugs in imported FAAD
  • disabled internal FAAD when using buggy GCC
  • --enable-externalfaad option to force using external FAAD library
  • imaadpcm bug fixed
  • ViVD v2 codec support (DLL only)
  • QuickTime codecs support inside Matroska
  • improved seeking inside Matroska
  • some bugs with DMO codecs have been fixed
  • fix for MOV files with bogus user data length
  • fixed some demuxers which read after the EOF
  • better RTP synchronisation
  • FLAC support through imported libmpflac


  • new delogo filter (for removing TV channel logos)
  • presets support in swscaler filter
  • new audio filter export, for supporting visual effect applications
  • correct select handling in bmovl filter


  • better divx/xvid bug detection code
  • Id RoQ decoder
  • Interplay MVE decoder
  • WC3/Xan video decoder
  • Xan DPCM, DK3 & DK4 ADPCM audio decoders
  • detect old xvid with fourcc=DIVX
  • vp3 decoder fixes
  • improved the Alpha optimizations
  • x86 optimizations are threadsafe now
  • settable scene change threshold
  • better MPEG1/MPEG2 conformance encoder
  • quality improvement for high bitrate videos with trellis quantization
  • indeo3 decoder fixed
  • new options: mv0, cbp
  • DV video encoder
  • MPEG1 now works with Trellis quantization


  • synced to latest CVS
  • HE_AAC profile added
  • SBR QMF improvements
  • DRM updates
  • Covariance speedup
  • reduced memory usage
  • overall cleanups and fixes


  • VIDIX driver for nVidia cards
  • VIDIX and libdha ported to Windows
  • SDL on IRIX support
  • directfb2 fixed for latest directfb
  • opengl video output for Windows
  • smoother audio playback with alsa9
  • fullscreen and geometry support in directx
  • fullscreen support with opengl drivers
  • OSD fixed with svga
  • new cvidix and winvidix drivers
  • user settable colorkey


  • several leak fixes
  • selecting optimizations for PPC 7455 CPU
  • CPU detection code now measures speed on x86
  • unrarlib cleaned up a bit
  • updated the list of known x86 CPUs (including Opteron!)
  • alignment and smart line splitting option on subtitles

MPlayer 1.0pre2 can be downloaded from the following locations:

2003-09-25, Thursday :: Exploitable remote buffer overflow vulnerability in MPlayer
posted by Gabucino


HIGH (if playing ASX streaming content)
LOW (if playing only normal files)


A remotely exploitable buffer overflow vulnerability was found in MPlayer. A malicious host can craft a harmful ASX header, and trick MPlayer into executing arbitrary code upon parsing that header.

MPlayer versions affected:

MPlayer 0.90pre series
MPlayer 0.90rc series
MPlayer 0.90
MPlayer 0.91
MPlayer 1.0pre1

MPlayer versions unaffected:

MPlayer releases before 0.90pre1
MPlayer 0.92

Notification status:

Developers were notified on 2003-09-24 (by Otero Hernan)
Fix was commited into HEAD CVS at 2003-09-25 02:36:36 CEST
MPlayer 0.92 (vuln-fix-only release) was released on 2003-09-25 12:00:00 CEST

Patch availability:

A patch is available for all vulnerable versions here.

Suggested upgrading methods:

MPlayer 1.0pre1 users should upgrade to latest CVS
MPlayer 0.91 (and below) users should upgrade to 0.92 OR latest CVS.

MPlayer 0.92 can be downloaded from the following sites:

2003-09-01, Monday :: MPlayer 1.0pre1 released
posted by Gabucino

This pre-release is the first piece of the pre-1.0 bugfixing series, leading straight towards the upcoming 1.0 final version. Please note: this tarball is NOT developed from the obsoleted 0.90 or 0.91 series, but from the HEAD development branch, which was forked from the 0.90rc4 pre-release.

Please test it as much as you can, and report any bugs you stumble upon!

We're looking for people who could maintain (not just momentarily translate) Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Dutch and Turkish documentation.

Let's see the Changelog. Pretty small, ain't it..?

MPlayer 1.0pre1 -- "Development" on the beach


  • DOCS/Language/ dirs renamed to DOCS/id, English files moved to DOCS/en
  • HTML --> XML format conversion (English, Russian and French for now)
  • new Spanish DOCS translation
  • man page restructured, options ordered
  • Finally merged libavc-option.txt into the man page.
  • slave mode commands moved from the man page to DOCS/tech/
  • traditional Chinese help file added
  • massive help file updates, most languages are up to date now
  • new and improved Windows port section with Cygwin and MinGW subsections
  • almost all options documented
  • fixes and small updates all over the place

Big/Structural changes:

  • linux/ dir renamed to osdep/
  • postproc/postproc* files moved to libavcodec
  • old libmpeg2 replaced with patched version of the 0.3.1 release
  • docs priority & installation (--language=ab,cd,ef,all and so on)
  • yuv2rgb conversion removed from most vo drivers (like fbdev, gif89 etc)
  • -vop option obsoleted by reverse-order -vf, big config layer changes
  • stream layer "cleanup", -dvd -> dvd:// etc
  • autosub fuzziness, it tries to load all subs with similar filenames
  • removed the whole old config reader, leaving only the newer one (no backward compatibilty!)


  • HP-UX fixes
  • Ported to Darwin / Mac OS X (with extra accurate Darwin timers)
  • Ported to Win32/MinGW (including network, timers, getch etc)
  • win32 codecs DLL support on Win32/Cygwin (and MinGW too!)
  • Lots of PPC (including Altivec) optimizations
  • Some ARM fixes
  • Alpha fixes (especially non-gcc3 support)
  • Initial Hitachi SuperH support (SH3/SH4)

Codecs/demuxers support:

  • realaudio win32 DLLs support
  • various realaudio/realvideo fixes, including WxH bugs, Sipr etc
  • various realmedia a-v sync fixes
  • realaudio v4 demuxer
  • realaudio 14_4 and 28_8 codecs support (both binary DLLs and native code)
  • realmedia rtsp:// support (independent from the live.com rtsp stuff!)
  • Matroska demuxer
  • demuxer: enabling mpeg4-es autodetection, h264-es support
  • .wav extradata parsing (for truespeech, atrac3 etc)
  • MPEG-TS (Transport Stream) and TIVO demuxers
  • DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) input driver
  • hwac3: DTS passthru support
  • new filters: down3dright, detc, telecine, tfields, ilpack, ivtc, dsize, tinterlace, pullup (mmx optimized!), framestep, tile
  • vf layer: slices support (crop, expand, swscale only)
  • vf scale aspect fixes
  • swscaler: cleanup & API change, yv12 -> yuy2 in alpha asm, -fPIC compileable
  • swscaler: brightness/cont/sat. and different YUV matrices support
  • NUV encoding
  • SGI image files decoding (-mf)
  • Theora video (using libtheora/libogg) support
  • DivX.com 5.0.5 libs support
  • support for latest XviD en/decoder features
  • decoder for Hauppauge PVR 250/350 MB-YUV format (fourcc HM12)
  • support for Vanguard's win32 h264 etc codecs
  • Video for Linux 1: various bugfixes, video eq support
  • Video for Linux 2 support
  • TV support: kick-ass image format handling
  • mp3lib: moved the assembly sources into gcc inline assembly (c)
  • mp3lib: sync with mpg123 0.59s-pre
  • mp3lib: final layer-1 support
  • mp3lib: skip trashed first mp3 frame, fixes lot of buggy/misdetected files
  • imported a working FAAD version
  • 8BPS (Planar RGB) support
  • working DVD (libmpdvdkit) support for Cygwin/MinGW


  • libavcodec: static,const,compiler warning cleanup, UINTX -> uintx_t
  • old HuffYUV v1 support
  • PAL 4:1:1 SMPTE 314M DV streams support, NTSC DV last MB column fix
  • fixing padding bug autodetection for some rare files
  • DspContext.(i)dct_* bitexact cleanup
  • user settable quantizer bias
  • MPEG1 slice encoding support
  • MSMPEG4 2-pass support
  • H264 video decoding
  • Indeo 3 video decoding
  • VP3 video decoder (buggy somtimes)
  • Sorenson 3 (SVQ3) video decoder (it's actually a h264 variant)
  • 3IV1 (3ivx v1) decoding
  • ASV1 (ASUS Video v1) and ASV2 (ASUS Video v2) en/decoding
  • Improved SVQ1 decoding (using FFmpeg VLC functions)
  • truncated unary binarization, unary k-th order exp golomb binarization :)
  • FFV1: lossless YUV codec, compresses a lot better than huffyuv, but slower
  • lossless MJPEG en/decoding, pegasus "pseudo yuv" (=RCT) decoding
  • ATI VCR1 and VCR2 decoding
  • full featured SH4 optimizations
  • ARM optimized simple_idct
  • MPEG2 encoding
  • PSX MDEC decoder
  • user settable quantization matrices


  • x11_common: fix detection of metacity
  • x11_common: 10l fix in original layer detection code
  • x11_common: extended fstype config options
  • x11_common: smooth window moving
  • tdfx_vid driver (3dfx cards overlay with AGP support)
  • vo_xover: general x11 overlay driver, currently only tdfx_vid uses it
  • mga_vid: various fixes, 16MB G400 detection, support for multiple cards
  • new svgalib vo driver
  • vo_directfb2: triple buffering support, configuration sys changed, fixes
  • OpenGL driver cleanups/fixes (both vo_gl and vo_gl2)
  • vo_fbdev cleanup/partial rewrite, now with real direct rendering
  • vo_xvmc: new driver featuring XvMC (HW MC/IDCT) acceleration
  • new TGA output driver
  • new vo_fbdev2 (written from scratch)


  • gcc can now detect badly called mp_msg()s
  • a lot of config/cmdline parsing fixes (some of them were at least 100000l bugs)
  • configure: enable VIDIX for PPC
  • configure: full featured PPC optimizations and rewritten architecture handling
  • spudec.c: Fix "invalid fragment" handling, Improved subtitle queueing
  • network streaming layer: IPv6 support
  • FTP support
  • playtree parsing speedup :)
  • various URL parsing fixes
  • crashing on broken config files finally fixed!
  • GUI: PPC (reverse byteorder) fixes
  • GUI: revert to 'default' skin if configured skin failed
  • TOOLS/plotpsnr.pl: PSNR plotting tool using gnuplot
  • DOCS/tech/mpcf.txt: MPCF/NUT draft/specification
  • TVout/matroxtv: various improvements
  • spelling/grammar fixes in numerous files

MPlayer 1.0pre1 can be downloaded from the following locations:

2003-08-14, Thursday :: Some progress on 1.0
posted by Alex

As you already know, we are planning to release MPlayer 1.0pre1. This won't be a normal release, at least it won't be similar to the older ones. It's special because it's intended to help the bug hunting and provide a technology preview, to show what we can do now.

Now all of you probably ask what we can do?

  • Support of all the widespread codecs with libavcodec, that means, that no binary codecs are needed! (the new codecs are H264, Indeo3, Sorenson3, VP3, 3ivx, FFv1, ASV1, VCR1/VCR2)
  • Only the newer RealMedia files' (and some QuickTime audio codecs') playback requires binary codecs
  • More stable than ever
  • Cleaner source code (although G2 will be much cleaner)
  • Support for MPEG-TS (Transport Stream), DVB and TIVO
  • Support for DivX.com 5.0.5 libraries
  • Unique support for Matroska
  • Support for Theora
  • Almost complete native Windows (MinGW) port, help and testing is appreciated

You can view the current ChangeLog in CVS.

And what about that bug hunting you mentioned?

We plan switching on all the problematic parts of the source, so we can find most of the bugs which were hidden so far. For example the command line / config parsing routines have had some features switched off because they weren't tested yet.

Ohh, before I forget, have I mentioned that we are planning to organize a bug hunting party?

We await lots of coders, you can join the thread on the mailing list, it starts here.
And I want to ask all of you, dear users, to send real bug reports to the mplayer-users mailing list (after reading the documentation and the bug reports section, which you can find here). Add [BUG] to the subject line, if you want to get your bug really fixed! This applies to all the bugs that were reported in the last weeks, which haven't been fixed yet.

And now, all I can say is: long live MPlayer!

2003-08-13, Wednesday :: MPlayer 0.91 released!
posted by Gabucino

This is a surprise release. If you've payed attention to the MPlayer news, you know that we've been continuously maintaining the 0.90 codebase, backporting fixes from the 'main' branch.

This is the last release from that branch. We don't have the manpower to maintain it any longer, nor has it any sense. This release does not contain recent new features of the 'main' branch, like opensource Sorenson 3, and others!!! Consider this as a bugfix release for MPlayer v0.90, and be ready for MPlayer v1.0pre1 in just a few days!!!

The ChangeLog:


  • French, Hungarian, Chinese translation updated
  • console output translations updated
  • numerous fixes in HTML documentation
  • fixes, clarifications in the man page
  • wishlist updated :)
  • Polish documentation removed (outdated)
  • Norwegian, Romanian, and Turkish help files removed (outdated)


  • small fix for sp5x video codec
  • menu pause bug fixed
  • detc video filter improved
  • fixes in video output driver zr
  • fixes in video output driver directx
  • fixes in video output driver sdl
  • fixes in video output driver vesa (multiple init support)
  • midentify works again
  • TOOLS/matroxtv enhanced and fixed
  • now every binary codec is searched in $PREFIX/codecs directory (--with-codecsdir)
  • K6/2+ and K6/3+ detection support
  • Mono PCM streamcopy fixed in MEncoder
  • bigendian OSD fix
  • SIGBUS error fixed on HPUX 11.00
  • default fps fixed in NTSC v4l
  • definition fix ported from libdvdread main branch
  • configure option --enable-qtx-codecs renamed to --enable-qtx
  • a crash fixed in command line parser
  • fix in MMS streaming
  • crash with invalid config file fixed
  • metacity support


  • QT audio decoder now compiles on MacOSX
  • compile and crash fixes in MOV demuxer, for Cygwin
  • some Cygwin compilation fixes
  • OpenBSD support in RealVideo and RealAudio

MPlayer 0.91 can be downloaded from the following locations:

2003-08-09, Saturday :: MPlayer G1 news
posted by Gabucino

Everyone is obsessed about MPlayer G2. But what about our good old companion, MPlayer G1? Well, not much. Honestly. If you have ever listened to what we were saying you know that there are currently two G1 branches:

  1. 0_90 - which is the 0.90 version, plus critical bug fixes. This is probably our most stable version at the present, however it is also the most featureless. It doesn't even include Sorenson 3. A new release from this particular branch has already been scheduled since months, but it was always delayed in the end. My opinion is: it doesn't even worth a release.

    Currently the maintainers and release coordinators for this branch are me, and Diego Biurrun (yo diego!;). Expect MPlayer 0.91 to born from here.

  2. main - the ordinary head development branch. Most features. Most unstable. Least A'rpi :) Definitely a must-use branch. So. We don't have even the slightest idea about this branch. No release timeframe, not even a common agreement on version numbering.

    Alex is the maintainer of this branch, however he says he's away all the summer, going out with girlz to the beach, so mostly Diego and I are helping him in introducing new 10l bugs all the time. Maybe it will be 0.99 (but Alex prefers a lower number). Keep reading this news in the following days to get informed.

2003-08-06, Wednesday :: Debian follows SuSE? Please do NOT package crippled MPlayer!
posted by A'rpi

According to the latest DWN (Debian Weekly News), Debian people are again considering packaging MPlayer. Since they are even more paranoid than SuSE, they will "of course" cripple it by removing most of the native codecs (starting with libavcodec) and also most files with no nice GPL header included, rendering the player unusable.

SuSE warning

I think that including an unusable build of an application is even worse than not packaging it at all. It is not only valueless for the users (they will have to remove it and compile the source of the original version), but it gives the application a bad reputation, i.e. advertising it as a useless player being incapable of even playing a simple small file, or an unencrypted DVD (with AC3 sound)... Unfortunately most users won't notice the small comments in distribution specific files (like README.SuSE, or README.Debian) and will tell their friends, magazines (which occasionally write distro reviews) and post on portals/forums that it is a very bad, broken, unusable application.

We keep receiving bug reports from users telling us MPlayer on SuSE is unable to play file XYZ but for example his friend can play the same file on Red Hat. It's boring to explain to them over and over again, that SuSE (and soon Debian) comes with a crippled MPlayer, and they have to completely delete the package, and compile it from the original source, if they want to play any files...

Note, that they also patch MPlayer code to hell, resulting in new bugs and side-effects we are unable to reproduce (with the original source). They should send the patches to us, so we can review and apply the correct fixes and tell them about the problems with the rest.

I (A'rpi) want to ask all of those distributions to consider dropping MPlayer packages completely instead of shipping unusable crippled files! Our motto: if you can't do it right, you better don't do it at all! Users can still download the sources and compile them at their own responsibilty. We do know the legal issues well, but since the whole multimedia industry is completely covered by various patents, it's impossible to create a decent free multimedia player without breaking most of these patents. I'm even considering patenting my A-V sync algorithms used in MPlayer G2, to prevent unwanted crippled distribution of the next generation code, but I hope they will recognize their fault in time, and I won't have to do so.

2003-08-06, Wednesday :: MPlayer G2 pre-39 update
posted by Gabucino

Two updates on the recently released G2 tech preview:

  1. Unfortunately it prefers XSHM output before XV, thus it won't use hardware acceleration, and will be slow.
    Solution: use -vo xv command line option to use XV.
  2. The cool new fbdev video output driver - which features triple buffering - uses /dev/fb1 framebuffer by default.
    Solution: use -vo fbdev=/dev/fb0 command line option.

Have A Nice Experience Of Generation Two!

2003-08-03, Sunday :: MPlayer G2 pre-39 (tech preview) released!
posted by A'rpi

MPlayer G2 is the next generation of MPlayer, developed from scratch, by reusing good parts of the "old" code, but built over a new, clean design. The old project is not dead, we're just focusing more to the G2 code, which was almost invisible to users, until now.

G2 screenshot
MPlayer G2 in action

Recently there were big changes in G2 code, to get it ready for the first, brave testers :)

You can expect:

  • Much better A-V sync, and timing in general, compared to G1
  • Native OGG and NSV demuxers
  • Much better MPEG audio/video demuxer
  • Faster video path, more reliable direct-rendering and slices
  • New, clean video-out API, with new fbdev, x11, xv, mga/tdfx_vid drivers
  • Stability, clean source code

What you won't get yet:

  • Playback of files other than MPEG (ES/PS/TS/MP3), AVI, ASF/WMA/WMV and OGG/OGM.
  • Seeking (some limited raw seeking is already there, but it's not finished)
  • GUI (development of a new gtk2-based gui is under discussion)
  • OSD and subtitles (it's under development)
  • lots of commandline parameters, config file(s), hot-keys
  • many codecs and video filters (it's easy to port them, but not yet done)
  • documentation :)
  • ...and all the fancy extras of G1. Hey, this is a tech preview only!

If you feel you're brave enough to give it a try (don't worry, it won't burn your house or eat your cat, at least i hope so :)), get it here! You should NOT report bugs, but if you have file it can't play correctly (and it's one of the supported formats mentioned above), upload to ftp://ftp.mplayerhq.hu, and mention G2 in the attached .txt!

Download URLs:

2003-07-01, Tuesday :: European Software Patents
posted by Gabucino

The European Union is just about to vote total control over software patents! If you want to avoid the police harassing you, please read the summary here, then sign two petitions at http://petition.eurolinux.org and http://petition.ffii.org.

If you think all these efforts are in vain, then please tell your nearest EU representative about the matter.

2003-06-08, Sunday :: Selectable homepage themes
posted by Gabucino

I made some of the older homepage designs available, each is dynamically generated and contains the same content. I don't guarantee too much backward compatibility, but I see no reason for any big breakage. Choose the one for your liking :)

2003-05-26, Monday :: MPlayer O'Reilly article
posted by Gabucino

Kivilcim Hindistan has written an O'Reilly article about MPlayer. Click here to read!

2003-05-13, Tuesday :: Media world news
posted by Gabucino

  • MPlayer - first: in case you missed to notice it, the 0.90 release had a 0.90pre version number internally. Do not bother about it, we just forgot to increase it :) Anyway: a new release (0.91) is due in weeks.

    News in the 'main' branch:

    The most important announcements:

    • MPlayer 'main' branch supports playing the Matroska container format.
    • beginning from May 11, MPlayer supports decoding of the opensource Theora video codec.

    In any case, just grab a CVS version of MPlayer for recent bugfixes, new features, and enhancements!

  • MPlayer G2 - A'rpi has finally begun coding his next generation player: MPlayer G2 (generation 2). According to A'rpi, it is going to be a player core, separate from any UI (user interface), with totally clean design.

    Currently it's not available in public CVS because it's so very alpha. Do not expect it to be released soon.

    So what's new about it? Well currently two features come to me, first is the totally synchronized MPEG playing (0.000 A-V sync difference), the other is the new OGG demuxer, which contains the functionality of the bloated, slow libogg in only a few kilobytes (yes, actually OGG is a very simple format, a non-object-oriented coder can make a much more optimized decoder than the original:)

    This new core - when completed - will open up brand new possibilities amongst media players. Get psyched! :)

  • SVQ3 - an anonymous coder has recently introduced an opensource Sorenson 3 (SVQ3) decoder into ffmpeg. The decoder is currently unoptimized, but it already outperforms the original binary DLL (which is a shame on Apple, but what did we expect?).

    The format itself turns out to be an early adaptation of the H.264 standard, just like M$ adapted MPEG4 into his MSMPEG4 (v1, v2, v3 = DivX) codecs.

    To use this decoder, you'll need a CVS ffmpeg, and a CVS MPlayer (the latter from the 'main' branch).

    (Footnote: the SlashDot article "Xine Gets Native Sorenson3 Decoding" is misleading, as the decoder is in ffmpeg, so every project using ffmpeg can add support for it in no time - for example AFAIK MPlayer already supported it 1 day earlier). BTW, xine uses its own copy of the ffmpeg tree, because they don't trust the original.. You can see the consequences in the next paragraph:

    Anyway lately an intentional (possibly forgot) tidbit was found in xine's own copy of the ffmpeg tree (why, oh why), which disabled the usage of MMX/SSE/Altivec/etc-enabled functionality in ffmpeg codecs for quite some time :))) Have a nice time using xine! :)

    UPDATE: I stand corrected, the bug above wasn't present in the public CVS, but only in a developer's own CVS checkout. Users weren't hindered.

  • VP3 - Mike Melanson has recently started to code his own, opensource VP3 decoder (into ffmpeg of course). It's currently in very alpha stage, but shows nice progress.
  • Indeo 3.1 - this decoder was also created by the SVQ3 guy. MPlayer supports it - as usual, use CVS version of ffmpeg and MPlayer ('main' branch).

    NOTE: this decoder is very new, and currently works only on i386!

2003-04-06, Sunday :: Finally! MPlayer 0.90 released!
posted by Gabucino

459 days have passed since we released our last "stable" release: MPlayer 0.60 "The RTFMCounter".

As usual, I'm sitting in front of my 15" CRT display, trying to create a news entry that would.. just do it. And the only thing that comes to me is that I should hit the bed as soon as possible. Let's make this quick then.

The most important thing: A'rpi is leaving project maintainership at the moment 0.90 is released. You can read his first and second mails on this subject (from the mplayer-dev-eng mailing list).

It's unclear if there'll be another "leader" for the project, and if yes, who will it be. I'm sure of one thing: the CVS will be very unstable in the next weeks/months/eons. Don't worry: 0.90 is stable for everyday usage (has some known bugs though - but if we waited for a fix for each of them, we wouldn't have a release in the next few aeons). If you aren't pleased with 0.90, please check the 'main' CVS tree if it fits your needs. Send patch, it might get incorporated into a 0.91, or like.

One more thing before I fall off my chair unconscious: we have results on the skin competition.

  1. Blue - Franciszek Wilamowski (Xenomorph)
    the new default skin for MPlayer GUI
  2. Orange - Ognian Vasilev
  3. krystal - Gary Whitmore, Jr.

MPlayer 0.90 "CounterCounter" can be downloaded from the following locations:

2003-03-17, Monday :: Oh no! MPlayer 0.90rc5 out for testing!
posted by Gabucino

Oh yes yes, no need to remind be: I promised rc4 would be the last prerelease. Well A'rpi had other ideas in his mind - as usual. However dear user, don't be alarmed! 0.90rc5 contains only important/critical backports from the main CVS branch. So please test and report bugs, blah-blah.

The ChangeLog for MPlayer v0.90rc5 "BackportCounter"


  • Chinese docs/help translations update
  • english manpage updates (new filters, fixes)
  • Gui about-box updated


  • new video filters: detc, down3dright, hqdn3d, telecine, tfields
  • mpcodecs: SGI image decoding (usable with -mf)
  • mpcodecs: NUV _en_coding support (mencoder)
  • mpcodecs: RealAudio Win32 DLL support on linux, 'cook' codec crash fixed
  • DLL loader: truespeech codec support (tsd32.dll)


  • MacOSX support for quicktime en/decoding, MOV demuxing, video timer
  • mpdemux: Dynamic DVD drive selection on Darwin
  • dshow, dmo: cbAlign=1 fix for proper win32 support
  • mpdvdkit2: HPUX, Cygwin fixes


  • mpdemux: RealVideo demuxing fixes (better WxH, fps parsing, A-V sync)
  • mpdemux: MOV parser fixes: AAC (mp4a) support, variable fourcc
  • mpdemux: WAV extra header (cbSize>0) parsing fixed
  • mpdemux: mpeg bitrate calculation fixed (still bad for VBR files)
  • mpcodecs: TGA decompression fix
  • DShow interface: BGR 15bpp support fixed
  • X11 fullscreen code: fix detetcion of metacity
  • vidix: radeon_vid ecp_div fix
  • vidix: mga_vid chroma pitch fix
  • drivers/mga_vid.o: fixed G400 16MB detection
  • -ao win32 fixes
  • -ao alsa9 faster seeking support
  • -ao nas (mem?)leak fix
  • -ao mpegpes: fix DVB volume mixer (with the HEAD driver)
  • -vo directfb2: DFB 0.9.17 support
  • -vo directx: 'ontop' option, other fixes
  • -vo dxr3: fix subpic placement
  • -vo gif89a: VOCTRL_DUPLICATE_FRAME support, YV12 supp. removed
  • -vo dfbmga: Update sub-picture layer, support for selecting field parity
  • TOOLS/matroxtv: improvements, now it looks much better...
  • configure: MacOSX support, better (un)gif, FAAD detection, etc
  • configfile parser: better error messages

2003-03-15, Saturday :: Legal stuff on other media projects
posted by Gabucino

Lately I've been pursuing some projects which are using ffmpeg and/or MPlayer, and are only partly or not at all complying with the (L)GPL license.

  • QuickView Pro
    Platforms: DOS, Linux
    Author: Wolfgang Hesseler

    QuickView is a neat little 16-bit DOS program capable of viewing old AVIs with Cinepak, Indeo video, and the likes. This version's last release was in 1998, so it can be considered unmaintained.

    QuickView Pro however, is being worked on even today. This is a simple 32-bit media player for DOS, using ffmpeg. On one hand it's nice to play MPEG4 files under DOS, but the downloadable program is a shareware version, and you have to pay for the full featured player. Of course this isn't illegal - well who would pay for a program that's available for free anyways? But let's take our time to check on its license:

    All files belonging to QuickView contain proprietary information which are protected by copyright. This includes reverse engineering, decompiling and disassembling. No part may be altered or translated without the prior written consent of the author. Any violation of the copyright will be prosecuted by the author and by Intel.

    EXPORT LAWS: You agree that this Software is not intended to be shipped either directly or indirectly to country groups Q,S,W,Y,Z,Afghanistan or the People's Republic of China, unless a validated export license is obtained from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

    It's assumed that these claims come from the Indeo codec's license (the author has licensed the codec from Intel). However the LGPL license explicitly permits reverse engineering, while QV's license forbids it.

    The solution is either to

    • drop ffmpeg from QV
    • drop Indeo'n'stuff from QV
    • publish that crappy Indeo source at last ;)

    The conclusion: although QV is a small and interesting project, IMHO it's unacceptable to require payment for an illegal software.

  • BroadQ's Qcast Tuner
    Platforms: Playstation 2

    This project uses ffmpeg (LGPL) and madplay (GPL) projects. They claim to open their sources for download soon (?!), until then, source can be requested in e-mail. I did that, now waiting. Their site says:

    BroadQ's QCast Tuner(TM) system loads different applications for handling media on the PS2.

    I guess this way it's OK to use GPL and LGPL programs, but if anyone has other opinion...

    UPDATE: they've sent their ffmpeg changes, which are currently merged back into ffmpeg CVS repository. Thanks!

  • PS2 Media Player
    Platforms: Playstation 2

    Yes, another PS2 media player using ffmpeg. They've sent their modified ffmpeg sources to me upon request. Its inclusion into ffmpeg is currently under discussion. The URL can be found in the ffmpeg-devel mailing list archive.

  • DMS3 "Dev.olution Memory System"
    Platforms: Playstation 2

    This is a modchip, or whatever. Its author sent a message to the http://ps2newz.net forum, claiming that they are using the PS2 Media Player (see above) for their chip.

    However, their homepage is full of PR text, nothing actual information of included software, licenses, source, etc..

    Also, I couldn't find a contact e-mail address, and the dms3.com mailer daemon returned all my mails (info@, abuse@, root@, postmaster@, etc).

    Conclusion: legal status unclear, most possibly stolen ffmpeg

    UPDATE:: I've learned that they do not supply any program with their modchip. However their homepage makes the opposite impression.

2003-03-11, Tuesday :: MPlayer Finetuning HOWTO
posted by A'rpi

Fine tuning MPlayer, the movie player for Linux
[written by Arpad Gereoffy (A'rpi), author/ex-maintainer of MPlayer, for freshmeat.net]

Click here to see the article!

2003-02-26, Wednesday :: Skin Design Compo
posted by Pontscho

I'd like to propose a Skin Design Compo. We think the time passed on the default skin. It's up to you to design a new, default skin.


  • we DON'T accept xmms/winamp/etc skin ports
  • it must be elegant
  • it has to be extensible in functionality, it must us every features of the skin renderer
  • the license must be GPL

You can read about skins here, and take a look at the default skin for examples.

Unfortunately we can't give a prize, but the winner can boast that a program with several hundred thousands of users starts with his/her skin. And we'll also advertise it.

Please send inquiries and skins to pontscho at kac.poliod.hu


Pontscho / fresh!mindworkz

2003-02-09, Sunday :: MPlayer 0.90rc4 released
posted by Gabucino

So this is going to be the last RC release before the final 0.90. This one is called

MPlayer 0.90rc4 "FlameCounter"


  • some clarification and updates in the English DOCS
  • massive translation and help-file updates


  • -ac hwac3 fixed (was broken in rc3)
  • vo_svga: 4bpp & 8bpp fixes
  • various GUI fixes, including some critical bugs
  • rage128 VIDIX PPC fixes
  • libmenu: one crash fixed, some cleanup
  • fixed ./configure --cc="ccache gcc"
  • -loop fixes, now -loop 2 plays it twice :)
  • the volume symbol of OSD fixed (|\ -> /|)
  • 32bpp QT-RLE support
  • Altivec on non-Darwin systems support
  • QuickTime reference file support fixes
  • mp3lib: layer-2 decoding fixes
  • updates to extension->demuxer mapping table
  • libavcodec: DivX 5.03 decoding fix
  • ao_oss: limited channels handling fixed
  • fixed OGM subtitles and iconv
  • fixed -subcp option with unicode truetype fonts
  • -mf: type detection (based on extension), better defaults
  • vo_xv: -fixed-vo support fixed (fullscreen switching)
  • ogg-in-avi (audio format 0xFFFE) demuxing fixed
  • vorbis decoding fixed (outer loop cleanup)
  • swscaler: 4bpp depth 1 pixel/byte format support for -vo svga
  • missing error message in command line parser for missing parameters
  • swscaler: YVU9->YV12 fixes
  • -ao mpegpes + -ac hwac3 fixed
  • -ao pcm bogus wav header fixed
  • -vo x11 + -wid fixed
  • auto-insert the 'palette' filter if needed, support fixed in filters
  • the sig11 when playing second audio-only file fixed
  • configure: detection of cdda, nas, i18n, svgalib, faad2, lame fixed
  • -af/-af-adv support in mencoder fixed
  • libmpdvdkit2: upgraded to use libdvdcss 1.2.5


  • raw video support (-rawvideo, similar to -rawaudio)
  • experimental mpeg4-ES support (enable with -demuxer 27 -fps xxx)
  • new video filter: field (cheap deinterlacer)
  • DVD/VOBsub improvements: positioning, optional gaussian blur scaler
  • vf_bmovl: 400% speedup :)
  • libavcodec: native DV audio decoder
  • GIF demuxer (for animated GIFs)
  • new noise removal filter: -vop denoise3d
  • per-channel gamma and MMX-opt'ed bri/cont/saturation support in -vop eq2
  • live.com lib support cleanup, support for more stream types
  • importing the playtree into the Gui instead of gui's own playlist hack
  • support for the xvid and divx4/5linux libraries at the same time
  • -fstype option: override priority/layer of the fullscreen switch methods
  • libavcodec: some B-frames related encoding failures/crashes fixed

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MPlayer vs Debian? - 2003-01-27.
posted by Gabucino

We've started a thread on the debian-devel mailing list, trying to get an answer on why xine is allowed to include libavcodec in Debian, and why MPlayer isn't. Also, why does debian-legal think they know what is GPL and what is not better than MPlayer and XAnim authors.

This discussion (on both lists mentioned above) is a must-read.

The thread begins here.

MPlayer v0.90rc3 is out - 2003-01-19.
posted by Gabucino

Here is it: the result of 3 weeks of heavy bug-hunting (and cola-drinking:)), code cleanup and docs updating!

Let's see the longest ChangeLog:

MPlayer v0.90rc3 "BugfixCounter"


  • english man page & HTML docs updates
  • audio filter documentation
  • help_diff.sh doesn't depend on BASH any more
  • Hungarian, French, Italian, German, Polish(?) docs synced

Important fixes:

  • X11 fullscreen switching (yes, again...) rewritten, some x11 code cleanup
  • Voxware and Quicktime DLLs finally work (was broken in some contexts)
  • VIDIX Radeon support cleanup, should really solve the pink screen bugs
  • Cygwin: -vo directx crashes and garbled picture with some files fixed
  • OGM/Ogg seeking (broken frames) fixed, subtitle fixes, XCD support
  • libaf: big (audio filter layer) updates, floating point support, speedup
  • ffwma2 fixed (better error resilience)
  • SPU queueing - fixes missing or early disappearing DVD subtitles
  • the mysterious DVD audio delay (150-300ms) fixed
  • extension-based fileformat detection fixed the .mp3 vs. mpeg-ps conflict
  • cache2 keeps buffer for non-seekable media, fixes quicktime streaming


  • mp3lib CPU detection part cleanup, 'decwin' linker problem fixed
  • various cddb:// fixes, support of netbsd-1.6
  • libmpdvdkit2: Fix DVD authentication on Solaris 9
  • libmpdvdkit2: libdvdcss upgraded to 1.2.4 (keeping the key cache patch)
  • libmpdvdkit2: fixed decryption from multiple VOB files (hdd or darwin)
  • -ao arts, -ao oss: Fix 8-bit sound support
  • -vop expand + ffmpeg codecs conflicts solved, some other -vop bugs fixed
  • -ac ffmp2 with MPEG files (sig11) fixed
  • QT Qclp audio codec initialization fixed
  • mplayer exit codes cleanup (0 for quit/eof, 1 for error)
  • -ao win32 sync problems solved, -autosync 100 is still recommended
  • -vo gif89a uninit sig11 fixed
  • the usual compiler warning fixes :)
  • use -pphelp instead of -vop pp=help
  • various bigendian fixes
  • 16bpp packed yuv fixes in crop, mirror, rotate filters
  • some -fixed-vo and vo_preinit fixes, -vo sdl,xmga,mga should work...
  • various Solaris compatibility fixes (should work out of the box)
  • mms:// port fixes, tries 1755 if 80 failed
  • libavcodec: various ME fixes, B frames fixes, WMV2 slice decoding fixes
  • -ao alsa9 audio-file playback high cpu usage fixed
  • libaf updates, 2-pass initialization to get better filter path
  • better detection of playlists, support for [Reference]-style format
  • handle quicktime reference media files as playlist
  • cddb:// & cdda:// cdrom device name fixes on linux and *BSD


  • -ao esd: new EsounD audio driver
  • -vo dxr3: new NORM option
  • XAnim & RealPlayer binary Codecs working on PPC
  • Radeon 9000 support in VIDIX, colorkey restoring for all Radeons
  • Initial PPC (Big-Endian) support in VIDIX Rage128 driver
  • PNM:// streaming support (ported from xine)
  • Muxer layer: mencoder can now write MPEG-PS format, too (EXPERIMENTAL!)
  • libavcodec: wmv2 decoder (buggy/untested)
  • DVB "HEAD" (aka. NEWSTRUCT) drivers support
  • Subtitles background bounding-box support (optional grey-level & opacity)
  • libaf: 3 new filters: panning, compressor/limiter and a noise gate
  • per-mediafile config file support (for file-specific options)
  • iconv (codepage conversion) support for OGM (Ogg) subtitles
  • v4l: user friendly channel tuning
  • Freetype & old-style RAW font support usable (compilable) at the same time
  • vo_directfb2, vo_dfbmga: DirectFB 0.9.16 support
  • libavcodec: motion estimation pre pass, qpel encoding, trellis quantization
  • libavcodec, liba52, mp3lib: Altivec optimizations
  • keep window's aspect ratio at resizing (x11, xv), requires WM support
  • -geometry option, also accepts X11 syntax
  • real .bin+.cue (S)VCD images support (-vcd 2 -cuefile xxx.cue)
  • postprocess: YUV 411/422/444 support, stride fixes
  • jumping of overlapping subs fixed, sorting is automatical, iconv fixes
  • mpeg2 telecine detection and automatic inverse telecine (mplayer only)


  • correct GTK widget destroy event handler
  • fullscreen switching fixed (sync with x11_common)
  • fix gtk submenu
  • new font render engine
  • added persistant history patch
  • SDL Audio configure window
  • add overlapping to preferences
  • add play bar for subwindow
  • add vertical potmeter for skin
  • fixed 'single pixel bug'
  • fixed some possible crashes

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Some statistics - 2003-01-01.
posted by Gabucino

The people visited my presentation at the Hungarian GNU/Linux Conference already know an earlier version of this graph. It shows the number of the WEB (FTP was not counted) downloads of release tarballs, and the other curve shows the number of lines added to (or changed) the code in CVS, summarized per month.


MPlayer v0.90rc2 is out - 2002-12-24.
posted by Gabucino

Another Xmas, another MPlayer release... enjoy rc2.

I'm (A'rpi) prepared for the final commits for the final 0.90 - get ready!

Let's see the ChangeLog now:

MPlayer v0.90rc2: "Xmas 2002 Edition"


  • DOCS/tech/encoding-tips.txt and tech/directfb.txt
  • Some DOCS corrections/updates/sync/html fixes
  • GUI: fixed three submenu bugs and several other problems
  • more compiler warning fixes
  • NetBSD: cpu sse/sse2 detection & VCD reading fixes
  • fixed possible v4l capturing crash
  • Merged the EDL 0.5 patch - using & creating Edit-Lists (runtime cut&skip)
  • Subtitle lines alignment changeable: top/bottom/middle (key 'i')
  • -slang support for VOBsub files


  • X11 fullscreen switching code changed again (esp. for gnome2/kde3.1)
  • VIDIX: svgalib kernelhelper support (as libdha alternative)
  • VIDIX driver for trident cyberblade card
  • VIDIX: 8 pixel shift & pink window bugs fixed in the RADEON driver
  • New, rewritten version of vo_svga (vidix support etc) and vo_gif89
  • yuv4mpeg vs. framedrop/frameskip fixed


  • libavcodec: fixed possible 20% speedloss bug
  • support for the experimental (and buggy) dev-api-3 XViD CVS branch
  • fallback to built-in codecs.conf if no compatible external file found
  • experimental Sorenson 1/3 encoding (using quicktime DLLs) (only to AVI, and these files can only be played with MPlayer! It's needless to mail us about when will be MOV encoding too, as neither we know:)
  • More accurate video bitrate calculation for AVI files
  • Presets support for libmp3lame encoding
  • CDDA seeking fixed
  • Win32/RealPlayer codecs DLL & 64bit Alpha Linux RealPlayer codecs support
  • XMMS Input plugins (demuxer & codec) support

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MPlayer v0.90rc1 is out - 2002-12-07.
posted by Gabucino

We've began preparations for the real release: this pre-release is the RC1. There are quite some features about it which make it the player supporting all modern codecs of the world today. No other player can boast with support for all of RealAudio/Video 9, Windows Media Audio/Video 9, Quicktime Sorenson 3, QDesign Music Audio. This is a peak improvement, and I'm not talking PR now. I'm watching TV with MPlayer even now. I could do so even on my EGA or Hercules display. Quite touching isn't it.

al3x has started a weekly "forum" for MPlayer: the MPlayer Weekly News. Its issues can be downloaded.

Let's quote the ChangeLog.

MPlayer v0.90rc1: "CodecCounter"


  • new French translation
  • Irix section
  • various updates (both English & Hungarian)


  • New codec pack download page (there are several packs for various IFs)
  • Win32/Quicktime codec plugin DLL support -> SVQ3 + QDMC/QDM2/Qclp !!!
  • Win32/DMO codec DLL interface support -> Windows Media Audio/Video 9 !!!
  • MJPEG 2000 support (using Morgan & Imagepower VfW DLLs)
  • libavcodec: optimized HuffYUV en/decoder, with experimental YV12 support
  • libavcodec: mjpeg-b support (need more samples)
  • more xvidencopts
  • VorbisGain tag support, tremor (fast vorbis decoder lib) support
  • BIG libavcodec messups & codmetics & cleanups & API changes & fixes
  • dynamic plugin support for libmpcodecs (for future binary codec releases)


  • general code cleanup, more robust gtk code
  • preferences: Screensaver, Autosync settings
  • cache=4 fixed (caused jerky/lagging/slow playback with gmplayer)


  • new config/cmdline parser code (optional)
  • OSD menu system (preferences, shell, file selector etc)
  • libaf: runtime cpudetection, volume, equalizer, better format conversion
  • subtitle overlapping can be disabled, added subtitle sorting
  • subtitle dump to JACOsub and SAMI formats
  • displays URLs from 'Reference Media' type .mov files, dump generic data
  • get position/length function in demuxers - for slavemode & -indentify
  • -ao alsa9 surround fixes, 8-bit PCM fixed
  • -vo dfbmga: -dr support, fixed OSD flickering
  • -stop-xscreensaver fixed, support for KDE screensaver too
  • More compiler warning fixes
  • Altivec (G4) support

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WMV9/WMA9 is also supported now - 2002-12-04.
posted by Gabucino

Yes, now even MPlayer can play Windows Media Video 9 (WMV9) and WMA9 files. Get the CVS and fire it. I'm going to sleep.

Sorenson playback complete - 2002-11-19.
posted by Gabucino

A'rpi and Al3x marvelously hacked the built-in Win32 loader to load the QuickTime codecs (Sorenson 3, QDesign Music Audio). You don't need the libwine hack, mentioned in the previous news entry. Just follow the New QT Howto, download the codecs and start MPlayer.

Now the only remaining important codecs are WMV9 and WMA9. Guess what, the avifile project already got them working :) If you didn't know: those codecs use Micro$oft's new API: DMO (its predecessor was DirectShow). The funny thing is that these codecs are still "Release Candidate" according to Micro$oft :))

Please be patient until we finish porting the DMO interface from avifile.

How To Enable QuickTime Codecs In MPlayer - 2002-11-19.
posted by Gabucino

A'rpi whipped up a small text which describes how to use closed-source QuickTime codecs (Sorenson, QDesign Audio, etc) in MPlayer. The process is a bit difficult, but currently the only solution. Be patient, we are working on a better implementation.

It is important to emphasize the fact that although this method includes usage of the windows emulator Wine, this is NOT just like using the QuickTime Player. Wine is only used for the decoder, thus from MPlayer's viewpoint it looks just like any other codec: you can use xmga, aalib, vidix, whatever to display the movie. And, you can even encode it with for example DivX, with MEncoder.

The instructions can be found in DOCS/tech/qt-libwine-howto.txt. Good luck!

Introducing MPlayer OSD Menu - 2002-11-19.
posted by Gabucino

Alban Bedel has commited his first complete OSD Menu support. It is just awesome :) You can adjust most of the playing options runtime, with your selected font, displayed right on the used video output. There is a file browser, help text displayer, preferences, but the most unbelievable feature is the Console: basically it's like a terminal emulator, running in MPlayer :) Check the following screenshot, I executed some Unix commands :)

OSD menu
Click on the picture to zoom

MPlayer plays Sorenson SVQ3 + QDM2 MOVs! - 2002-11-11.
posted by Gabucino

Oops... We did it again :) So you can play your favourite brand-new quicktime movie trailers with mplayer! Oops... you cannot yet... at least the code is working, and was uploaded to CVS, but it needs some hacking to get it work... (not so bad, you need some DLLs from QT5 player and sdk, and libwine from wine-20020310 and some config.h editing) - okay, we'll work on getting this more user-friendly... :) so be patient, it'll be available in next (pre)release for sure!

Click on the image for a larger version!

Until then here is a screenshot, playing 2 well-known qt videos, the original sorenson 3 codec demo file and the 'Ellen Feiss about Windows' MOVs.

MPlayer 0.90-pre10 "BirthdayCounter" released - 2002-11-11
posted by Gabucino

MPlayer is 2 years old today! It's worth to check MPlayer v0.01, it has evolved a lot since then :) Anyway, this prerelease has both major bugfixes and new features, just like pre9 had...



  • dvd auth, vcd sections extended (DOCS/cd-dvd.html)
  • unified *BSD sections, extended cygwin


  • LIRC error message (Error while reading cmd fd X : Success) fixed
  • playback of some (streamed?) divx files fixed, starting with non-I frames.
  • -vo png fixed (removed builtin YV12 support, removed OSD)
  • some .mp3 playback/seek segfaults fixed
  • vidix mach64 colorkey on PPC fixed
  • -ao sdl now handles "featureless" soundcards
  • -vo zr fixes
  • fixed sig11 if vo init failed
  • various dxr2 and dxr3 fixes
  • v4l buffering fixed
  • fixed multiple reads caused by byteswapping macro (mjpeg.c, mach64_vid.c)
  • cleanup of postprocessing code - now it's threadsafe and can be shared
  • ported to GNU/Hurd
  • cleanup of AVI pts (timestamp) handling - no more BPS hack in mplayer.c
  • small cleanup of A-V sync code - using relative timers instead of absolute
  • GUI code cleanup, obsolete files/dirs removed
  • various small bugfixes, endianess fixes
  • mencoder: -pass option removed, use -divx4opts pass=N / -lavcopts vpass=N
  • mencoder: "ff_rate_estimate_qscale: Assertion `q>0.0' failed" fixed!
  • mencoder: -ovc xvid fixes, cleanup, enhancements
  • screensaver/dpms re-enabling fixed
  • realvideo demuxer fixes - asf-style stream detection method


  • -ao win32 (for windows port)
  • libavcodec: native WMA v1/v2 (aka. DivX audio) decoder
  • hw-accelerated video eq for -vo x11 and gl2, using DirectColor colormap
  • overlapping subtitles support, jacosub (*.js) format support
  • -vo dxr3 got a new syncengine, ':sync', also added native overlay support, activate with ':overlay', read the manual for more info on how to set up
  • QDMC/QDM2/MACE audio codec support, using quicktime 5 win32 DLLs (libwine!)
  • libavcodec: various MJPEG decoding fixes - now it decodes all sample files!
  • mencvcd updates, sox/toolame support etc
  • -vo dfbmga - play video on Matrox G400's second head using directfb 0.9.14
  • RealAudio ATRC (sony atrac3) audio support (using binary plugin)


  • -af/-af-adv options cleanup
  • now auto-inserting -vop lavc for mpeg-only vo's
  • video filter API documented :)
  • better deblocking filter (-vop pp), pp/npp syntax changed!
  • -vop 2xsai - 2x scaler for drawn images (low color cartoon anims)
  • -vop unsharp - an sharp/blur filter, nice, but very slow
  • -vop il - (de)interleave fields
  • -vop swapuv - guess what :)
  • -vop boxblur - box blur...
  • -vop perspective
  • -vop sab
  • -vop smartblur

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now! :)

Opensource WMA v1, v2 (Windows Media Audio) decoder in ffmpeg - 2002-10-29
posted by Gabucino

The well-known ffmpeg project has made its new WMA decoder available. WMA is an audio codec from Micro$oft, which tries to compete MP3 (however, just try to encode the sound of the rain:). Just to remind you: ffmpeg already can decode the WMV7 video codec from M$ (amongst all other MPEG4 variants).

This new decoder's speed is the same as of M$'s decoder, but it's yet to be optimized.

This decoder finally enables you to decode these audio streams on non-x86 platforms.

MPlayer is the first player to support this feature.

End (?) of XBox Media Player debacle - 2002-10-29
posted by Gabucino

After some mails (the thread could be followed on the mplayer-users mailing list), XBPlayer developers opened their Media Player's source: it is available by CVS on http://xbplayer.sf.net.

Their reasoning: the Win32 version that is/was available for download at http://xboxmediaplayer.de was an older version which didn't contain ffmpeg or xvid, and has non-GPL license, equipped with a DivX3 decoder which was 20-30% faster (!) than ffmpeg. Well that's what they say. Unfortunately, the source of that version was lost (??!!).

They also insist on us providing an apology. For what? They nuked any topic on their forum which was discussing GPL. The homepage did not contain enough information about licenses - only the success story of porting ffmpeg and xvid..

And the "losing" of the old source.. Either way, let's hope they are more tolerant to (L)GPL licenses now.

MPlayer 0.90-pre9 released - 2002-10-24
posted by Gabucino

Hey. Here is pre9 and we're still not "stable" enough... This prerelease has both major bugfixes and new features :)

The (longest ever) CHANGELOG:


  • man page rewritten again :)))
  • man page updated to latest options, including lavc options
  • Chinese docs translation added
  • Hungarian translation is (was? :)) up-to-date again


  • divx4_vbr.c is now really GPL - with the permission of the DivX.com guys!
  • cyuv decoder restructuring, now supports planar YUV formats, too
  • removed obsolete variables, like has_audio, has_video, allow_dshow, fifo
  • help_mp-XX.h files moved to help/ subdirectory, removed obsolete entries
  • the obsolete 0x1ff eof hack removed from mpeg-es demuxer and decoders
  • stheaders.h cleanup, removed unneeded wine includes from mplayer core
  • tons of compiler warning fixes, including some 10l ones
  • mga/xmga vo shared code, vesa and svga drivers cleanup
  • major vo drivers are now -fixed-vo compliant: x11, xv, xvidix, xmga, gl2
  • cleanup of libmpdemux option handling - now it's mplayer-independent again
  • removed fork() from LIRC input module
  • libfame removed from main tree/release - libavcodec is faster, better etc.


  • Some fullscreen switching fixes, including Metacity vs KDE 3.1
  • Many GUI bug fixes
  • -vo DGA fixes, cleanup
  • -dvdkey sig11 fixed
  • k6-3's 3dnowex vs mmxext sigill fixed in mp3lib
  • -vo gif89, jpeg U-V swapping fixed
  • RTC setup fixes, more verbose messages, hints
  • mencoder: demuxer/codec uninit order fixed (solves some sig11)
  • various v4l and ALSA capturing fixes
  • demux_mov: fixed crash with MPEG4 on SPARC, decoding on big endian
  • various NAS ao fixes
  • libvo: optional stride support for packed YUV / RGB formats
  • mencoder: set keyframe flag on audio packets, fixes Windows seeking problems
  • loader: fixed 2 10l bugs, ATI VCR2 DLL now working. using new style CS code.
  • demux_avi: always use block counter, even if dwSampleSize!=0, fixes some files
  • SPU decoder (DVD/VOB subs): fixed 2 major bugs causing lost subtitles
  • various memory leak fixes (valgrind rulez :)
  • fixed RealAudio SIPR(O) codec (the wrapper didn't find the dspr.so.6)
  • mms:// audio (radio) streaming fixed
  • DVB: -vop lavc=bitrate is working again
  • various big endian fixes


  • new audio filter layer (libaf) - automatic samplerate conversion
  • experimental -vo directx driver for cygwin build
  • unrarlib included for rar'ed VOBsubs
  • native xvid encoding (-ovc xvid) interface for mencoder
  • new softeq filter with gamma support: -vop eq2
  • -ao/-vo accepts list of drivers and can fall back to one, just like -ac/-vc
  • audio/video codec selection (-ac/-afm) rewritten, now uses codec/fm list
  • get_delay() smoothing (-autosync) - should help buggy sound drivers
  • smb:// URL support (disabled by default, ./configure part not yet done!)
  • support for 1/4/8bpp raw video (requires -vop palette / -vop 1bpp)
  • support for quicktime alaw/agsm audio codecs, 3IV2, 3VID video codecs
  • swscale can now output to YUY2 format, upscaled (default) or unscaled (-sws 0)
  • Vidix with LinuxPPC support (mach64 is confirmed to work)
  • GUI: cache, autoq settings, start in fullscreen, toggle button in menu
  • New video filter to overlay images over video: -vop bmovl


  • RV10 codec cleanup (2nd level demuxer moved to demuxer layer)
  • MPEG4 interlaced DCT _en_coding support
  • luma masking support (encoding)
  • runtime selectable IDCT algo
  • faster MPEG1/2 decoder
  • DV decoding (both PAL and NTSC)
  • MPEG1 2-pass encoding support
  • better/cleaner error resilience (done in a 2nd pass after decoding)
  • h263/MPEG4 out of order slice decoding
  • -lavdopts bug= reworked, now uses flags, autodetects most of them
  • complete MPEG4 GMC decoding support

Leech from

now! :)

X-Box media player issue #2 - 2002-10-11
posted by Gabucino

The XBMP developers issued an article telling they didn't make official releases, therefore they are not obliged to release source code. So I guess they can say: "Oh, you have an XBMP binary? It must have been leaked, we are soo sorry."

That's a lie. Seeing their download area, there is a Win32 binary (amongst many else), obviously with GPL license. Please send the source to gabucino at mplayerhq.hu, which you are obliged to do.

X-Box media player infringing GPL - 2002-10-04
posted by Gabucino

Some win32 guys made a media player for Micro$oft's well-known "console", the X-box. Unfortunately they used FFMPEG and XVID sources in their closed-source product, and failed to make their sources - and changes to the used GPL codebase - available either in public, or by request - as the GPL license forces them to do so. They can't be contacted because they don't publish their E-Mail addresses due to an expectable threat from M$, or whatever their reasons are.

This violates GPL.

As we currently cannot move against them (not that we want to do so, in the first place), we can only warn the open-source community to


It's a pity that so much people don't give a shit about the tireless work of FFMPEG/XVID creators.

MPlayer 0.90-pre8 released - 2002-09-18
posted by Gabucino

Hmm. It seems that pre7 was the most buggier pre-release ever... So time to release a bugfix/hotfix one now.



  • manpage has been rewritten, now has better indenting, and convertable to html
  • AUTHORS, MAINTAINERS converted back to separate text files, and updated.
  • ChangeLog file is included again (was removed after 0.18)
  • some new tech docs on libmpcodecs, updates/fixes in others, manpage-howto
  • more updates in translation files (help_mp-XX.h)
  • removed obsolete/unused entries from help_mp-en.h


  • XAnim interface merged & fixed, now uses mpi and supports direct rendering
  • cleanup of libmpdemux stream layer, especially of TV and MF parts
  • some more unused files removed: vo_fsdga, vo_odivx, vd_rle, timer.c, ttf_load


  • the http:// infinite memleak bug has been fixed, some WMS9 mms:// fixes
  • various sparc/sun, hpux and netbsd/openbsd portability fixes
  • -vop palette fixes, CRAM and QPEG colors are OK now
  • demuxer fixed for >2GB nuppelvideo files
  • mencoder: -ss fixed for 3-pass encoding
  • gui.conf locale bug fixed (again... hope this time it's ok)
  • X11 fullscreen switching fixed, when d_width == screenwidth
  • MOV files edit-list handling fixed - solved 'short read' issue


  • new demuxer for .PVA files (fileformat of TV/DVB apps on win32)
  • -mf now supports TGA (24/32bpp uncomp/rle) images
  • libavcodec: support for interlaced mpeg-4 _de_coding
  • libavcodec: aspect ratio encoding support (mpeg4, mjpeg, h263?)
  • win32 DLL loader merged/synced with avifile CVS

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MPlayer 0.90-pre7 released - 2002-09-05
posted by Gabucino

Hmm. Yet another month and we're at pre7... instead of the 0.90 stable... People just cannot insist commiting fixes and features :)


  • libvo2, old input code & sis_vid removed, other code cleanups
  • tons of compiler warning fixes, some configure/makefile improvements
  • more messages are translated, many translations updated
  • docs review continued, html cleanups
  • option -vfm/-afm now uses names instead of numbers, driver IDs removed


  • vfw/vfwex cleanup, support for runtime csp queries, 8bpp support
  • new native mszh/zlib codec
  • libavcodec: 2-pass control code rewritten, now everything customizable
  • libavcodec: mpeg4/xvid en/decoding support improved, rv10 decoding fixes
  • various realvideo demuxer and video codec fixes, sipr audio support
  • new video filters: soft eq (brightness), halfpack (deinterlacer), film noise
  • .ogm subtitles support
  • optional freetype 2.1+ support for runtime-scalable .ttf font rendering
  • various networking and mms:// fixes, live.com support improved
  • various v4l video capturing and audio capturing fixes, audio input layer
  • libmpdvdkit2 - based on libdvdcss 1.2.2 + libdvdread 0.9.3 + key cache
  • alsa: iec958-init completely rewritten - better SP/DIF AC3 support


  • gui.conf locale bug fixed (hopefully)
  • gui preferences menu extended, runtime subtitle loading support
  • gui: drag'n'drop support

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XVID open source MPEG-4 codec stolen! - 2002-08-24
posted by Gabucino

XVID is a leading open source MPEG-4 video codec, covered by the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). At the beginning of July 2002, XVID learned that their codec was entirely stolen by Sigma Designs (the manufacturer of DXR3/H+ hardware MPEG2 decoder cards), and is distributed with the name REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec, under Sigma Designs' own license (not GPL).

The XVID people immediately contacted Sigma Designs, who confirmed the violation, and promised to remove all violating code. On August 9th, Sigma released version 1.1 of "their" codec, which turned out to be still containing XVID, but it was disguised by programming and compiling tricks. As Sigma didn't show any sign of cooperation since, the XVID project leaders decided to close the project, until the matter is settled. Or forever...

This is a brief snippet of the story available at www.xvid.org. Please take the time and read it!

I think the Sigma guys are lamers, they didn't notice that icc (Intel's C compiler) inserts the source's filenames and the used compiler options into the binary, thus it was easy to spot.

The reasons we support XVID in this peril:

  • MPlayer team and XVID have always been loosely cooperating.
  • MPlayer also has been stolen and renamed some time ago, with no credits given to us (WarpVision for OS/2...)
  • we want XVID to live and evolve: it is one of the two open source MPEG-4 video codecs, not some toy for a firm.
  • we are curious of the outcome. If XVID wins, the GPL license has bright future. If it fails despite the simplicity of the situation, it's destinied to die.. Let's see if RMS can do useful things after hammering Linux and BitKeeper relationship.

MPlayer in 256 bytes - 2002-08-09
posted by Gabucino

Flag 2002 party

The great Flag 2002 party was held in Budapest, Hungary on July 12-14th with some MPlayer team members present, including A'rpi, Pontscho and me (Gabucino). Don't be alarmed, I won't write a party report, but only put a note about a 256 byte compo entry that A'rpi coded just for fun: MPlayer256. It does OSD and noise filter in only 256 bytes :) Unfortunately it didn't get a single vote :)

Also, big thanx to the organizers for a great party!

MPlayer 0.90-pre6 released - 2002-08-06
posted by Gabucino

Hmm. After about 2 months of "testing" pre6 is out... It should be named v1.00 rather than v0.90-pre6, due to the many new features and major bugfixes - but it's pre6 now.
The crippled list of changes:

  • WMV1, Sorenson v1 (SVQ1) and RealPlayer 8.0 (RV20/30, Cook) codecs support
  • libavcodec M1 direct rendering, IPB support with Xv
  • libavcodec improvements, bugfixes - both the encoder & decoder sides
  • Raw DV demuxer, libdv-based DV audio/video decoder
  • Various MOV/MP4, RM and ASF/WMV demuxer bugfixes, improvements
  • Detection of AVI files which needs -ni option, workaround for some Nandub bugs
  • Support for live.com RTP/RTSP streaming libraries
  • Support to rip DVD subs in VOBsub format, bugfixes of mpsub/srt converter
  • Closed Captioning (ascii subs on RC1 DVDs) support
  • Massive directfb updates
  • Vidix fixes/updates, including fixes of all known radeon bugs
  • dithered 1/4/8 bpp support with -vo svga (EGA rulez:))
  • AO: alsa9 fixes/improvements, native ARTS driver
  • various endianess and 64-bit fixes, including mencoder and -ao pcm
  • tons of small compatibility/portability fixes, better cygwin, darwin support
  • GUI fixes, new features - playlist, audio/video equalizer, preferences
  • Skins: fixed many small glitches, few new skins
  • 'mencvcd' script - helps creating VCD/SVCD with mencoder
  • html DOCS updates, manpage & README restructured (again :))

Leech from

now! :)

Just about recent changes - 2002-06-27
posted by Gabucino

  • Sorenson v1 (SVQ1) support - based on Xine's Sorenson v1 (SVQ1) decoder, we implemented it in MPlayer. It uses libavcodec's MMX/3DNow!/etc optimized functions, while Xine's version is plain C. So ours should be faster.
    NOTE: Sorenson v3 (SVQ3) still can't be decoded, either with MPlayer or Xine! Same for QDM audio :(
  • EGA support - EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adapter) is an old graphics card, the predecessor of VGA. It does 16 colors in maximum 640x350 resolution, and became very popular many years ago - many old games support only EGA, not VGA.
    Recently Michael Niedermayer added 4bpp (16 colors) converter in MPlayer, enabling us to use SVGAlib's EGA driver.

    Matrox G400 on TV versus EGA card 320x200x16 on CGA monitor
    (click here for darker version (better colours)

  • RealPlayer codecs loading support - i.e.: now RealVideo G2/8.0/RealOne (RV20, RV30) and RealAudio (Cook, Sipro) is playable with MPlayer! Credits go to Florian Schneider. I guess this is the first time someone found out how to use RealPlayer's binary codec plugins. See the documentation for more information!

You will have to use the CVS version!

Donations page created - 2002-06-12
posted by Gabucino

I've put a donations page up, in case someone would need only this to start donating... Click here -> DONATIONS PAGE

Please think about donating. MPlayer is a non-profit program, and we don't ask for too expensive things.

MPlayer 0.90pre5 released - 2002-06-08
posted by Gabucino

Here comes a brand new pre-release of MPlayer 0.90: pre5. Below you can find a short list of changes, compared to the pre4 version.

Documentation changes:

  • lot of fixes, updates, cleanups
  • new README containing quick install guide
  • tech level docs on libavcodec encoding options
  • HTML doc is now IE 6.0.2600 compatible! :)))

Code changes:

  • subreader (ASCII subtitle file parser) fixes
  • spudec (VOBsub) cleanup/fixes, a new (faster, better) scaler, bbox support
  • mmst:// streaming support
  • .ogm (OGG) audio/video stream selection
  • native Micro$oft MPEG4v1 (MPG4) codec, error concealement for all MPEG4s
  • various libavcodec encoding improvements
  • MPEG1 && -vo x11 crash fixed when movie's height%16!=0
  • raw (uncompressed) video fixed (avi & mov)
  • flickering/blocking fixed for old vfw codecs (indeo3, cinepak etc)
  • introduced codecs.conf versioning to avoid problems caused by too old conf


  • some more X11 cleanup, icewm fullscreen fixes, -vo gl/gl2 fixed
  • xscreensaver disabling support (optional, disabled by default)
  • pan&scan support in xv, xmga, xvidix
  • Xv YV12 stride problems fixed when width%8!=0
  • vidix r128/radeon driver synced with mplayerxp, various xvidix fixes
  • DVB A/V sync fixes, libfame updated to 0.9.0
  • native -ao arts driver, AC3 passthrough support for -ao alsa9, -ao nas fixed

Miscellaneous fixes:

  • GUI: VCD and URL support, some bugs fixed
  • some cleanup of messages (less debug stuff) printed by MPlayer
  • gcc 3.1 support
  • various portability fixes (cygwin, darwin, 64bit sparc/alpha)


Matrox's new card: Parhelia - 2002-06-04
posted by Gabucino

The well-known video card maker Matrox has released its new card continuing the Gxx series: Parhelia. Unfortunately mga_vid won't support it, unless someone sends us some of this baby. We mailed Matrox some weeks ago, but - sadly - haven't received any answer.

Donations are welcome.

MPlayer 0.90pre4 released - 2002-05-13
posted by Gabucino

I can't think of any introduction text. So: the new pre-release 0.90-pre4 of the most popular movie player is out. List of main changes:

  • X11 fullscreen toggle fixes with various windowmanagers, multifile playback
  • DXR2 support
  • Output into animated GIF
  • "cropdetect" video filter to autodetect needed size to crop
  • libavcodec marked as default encoder for MEncoder
  • manpage rewrite
  • lot of other fixes


MPlayer 0.90pre3 released - 2002-05-03
posted by Gabucino

This prerelease contains some serious bugfixes, and no big new features. We promised various big things in pre2 announcement, but they are delayed to pre4 now, as we want to release these fixes ASAP. The most important fixes were:

  • 3DNow optimization of AC3 4ch downmix fixed, optims re-enabled
  • DGA error/fail after 1 second of playing fixed
  • big A-V desync for some AVI files fixed
  • image distortions when seeking in some MPEG files fixed
  • libmpdvdkit + gcc 3.x issue solved (our CFLAGS triggered a gcc3 bug...)
  • GUI aspect ratio and fullscreen switch fixes, cleanups
  • low FPS .wmv playback fixed
  • MACOS-X (Darwin) port?
  • buggy v4l audio grabbing disabled, we cannot fix, but patches are welcomed!
  • various mjpeg improvements in libavcodec

You can download it from the following places:

And please check the Freshmeat popularity statistics, it has Linux kernel on 100%, second place is MPlayer with 94.61% and increasing. The third is cdrecord with 47.41% :)

MPlayer 0.90pre2 released - 2002-04-30
posted by Gabucino

This is the second pre-release intended for public testing. We'd like to make a totally bugfree 0.90 later, so please try this out and report problems! We've got many bugreports since 0.90-pre1, most of these have been fixed.

Known problems, with top priority on our TODO (scheduled for pre3):

  • keeping/altering width/height and aspect by filters
  • check uploaded files (ftp incoming) and fix bugs if needed
  • cleanup warning/debug messages printed by mplayer
  • fix mencoder windows compatibility (ac3 and cbr mp3 sound)
  • make DOCS up-to-date

List of changes, without being complete :

  • hwac3 fixes (try AFMT_AC3 first), bigendian fixes for PCM audio
  • 2-pass encoding with libavcodec (-lavcopts vpass=x), B frames support
  • faster .ogg seeking (use -forceidx for slow but accurate one)
  • audio-only with gui fixed
  • -rootwin fixed for x11,xv,xmga,xvidix
  • aspect ratio fix for ffmpeg12
  • mpeg-es detection fixed
  • runtime cpudetect disabled by default
  • support for many new win32 codecs, including mss1, tm20, ucod, truespeech
  • divx audio dll sig11 with glibc 2.1.(2|3) fixed
  • includes libmpdvdkit - patched kit of dvd libraries (enabled for linux+freebsd)
  • manpages updated
  • 'f' (fullscreen switch) fixed for some WMs, still has problems
  • various freebsd and openbsd portability patches
  • options -xy,-zoom,-flip usable with mencoder too, -xy keeps aspect
  • -vop lavc, using new fast best libavcodec for realtime mpeg1 transcoding
  • fixed gtk gui crash with --disable-mencoder
  • no more black VOBsub subtitles :)

Everyone is welcome to test, and don't forget to REPORT BUGS! You can download MPlayer 0.90pre2 here.

MPlayer 0.90pre1 released - 2002-04-21
posted by Gabucino

This is a pre-release intended for public testing. We'd like to make a totally bugfree 0.90 later, so please try this out and report problems!

List of enhancements, without being complete:

  • 100% GPL - yeah, so what?
  • runtime CPU detection code - any x86 MPlayer binary can run on "any" other x86 CPU
  • video filter layer - with numerous plugins (crop, expand, etc, see the documentation)
  • ability to view or encode DVD/VOBsub and/or text subtitles into the output AVI
  • prelimenary dvdnav support (experimental)
  • Direct Rendering - can't be used with libavcodec yet, sorry
  • ability to display subtitles under the image, on black bands
  • FFmpeg (included) now supports decoding MPEG4v2 (MP42) and DivX 5.0 files too
  • greatly enhanced MPEG4 encoder - in libavcodec. It's not always as good as DivX4, but is twice as fast - so it's very useful on realtime encoding. And generally also.
  • audio-only (wav/mp3/wma/ogg) file playback (console only)
  • playing/encoding audio from separate wav/mp3 file
  • support for more fileformats, including the new and very popular .ogg
  • multiple files playback from console, including various playlist formats
  • and of course, faster than ever... :)

Everyone is welcome to test, and don't forget to REPORT BUGS! You can download MPlayer 0.90pre1 here.

MPlayerXP - 2002-03-18
posted by Gabucino

As some of you may have already noticed, there is a new project on Sourceforge, called MPlayerXP. This project has been started by Nick Kurshev - the author of Vidix, and origin of numerous MPlayer optimizations.

He forked because we didn't accept his patch: it brings unneeded threads into MPlayer - threadlessness is the main feature of MPlayer, compared to other Linux players like Xine and avifile. Nick writes his method gains 300% speed.. This is not true. His method gains not speed but smoothness - if you have a movie that runs slow with MPlayer, MPlayerXP will not help you. It helps only in some rare files on about ~400Mhz Intel speed category systems, but it won't be faster decode (total decoding time will be the same).

But you are free to try it! If you (don't) find that new core better than the normal one, mail Nick a full report. We don't support MPlayerXP..

[ this is Nick's original mail, it's became a nice thread since ]

Plus - 2002-03-16
posted by Gabucino

Whoops, left out the most important:

  • DivX5 - MPlayer supports it in two ways: by using the official libdivxdecore.so binary library available at avifile.sf.net, or by using the well-known libavcodec. The latter is the recommended for its speed, simplicity and stability ! Neither of them supports encoding currently.
  • XviD - supported. See the documentation.

MPlayer new release coming soon - 2002-03-16
posted by Gabucino

We'll soon make a release again. The runtime CPU detection code seems to be working perfect, so time to be GPL. Until then, let's see some new features :

  • beta DIRECT RENDERING - it's a process where the codec decodes directly into the video memory, and only transfering changed sections of the image, resulting in great performance gain. Unfortunately the codec has to support this method, and libavcodec currently does not. Other codecs like DivX4, DivX DirectShow do support this method, but libavcodec is still faster than they are. So :
    Codecs with support : DivX4, and most of the Windows codecs
    Video outputs with support : xv, mga, xmga, vidix, directfb
  • playing or encoding audio from separate file - use the -audiofile option. See the manpage of course.
  • new audio plugins - such as extrastereo, volume normalizer, software mixer, etc.
  • mach64_vid - new Vidix driver for cards with Mach64 chipset (Rage XL/Mobility, Xpert98).
  • TV audio encoding support on BSD - but still not on Linux :(
  • subtitle placement under movie - ONLY on SDL video output
  • audio files support - yes, MPlayer can play MP3, WMA, etc files. This implies playing audio-only ASF's from the net. Note that this feature is not prioritized too high, which in this case means that sometimes MP3 files will get detected as MPG, and won't be played correctly. This is because MPlayer is still a movie, and not a media player, and it's not easy to distinguish between an MP3 and an MPG.
  • (M)JPEG decoding with libjpeg
  • enhanced DXR3 and DVB support with libfame - libfame is a very fast MPEG1 encoder, perfectly fit to the task of encoding DivXes runtime to MPEG1.

About latest development - 2002-03-04
posted by Gabucino

Here comes a little review of latest works in CVS:

  • Hardware equalizing - we could scratch the this most-wanted feature from out TODO list, as it is available now. Using the xv video output driver now you are able to set contrast/brightness/saturation from hardware. Previously you could do it only in software, and only with the DirectShow DivX codec. The usage is the same, use 1-8 keys - they are explained in the manpage.
  • New input system - this system is able to bind every MPlayer function to a given key/mouse/joystick, easily configurable from a config file. See the input.conf example file in the main/etc directory.
  • Playtree - MPlayer's command line interface changed a little bit, now when playing multiple files the order of options DOES matter. The first options you specify are considered to be default, unless options written AFTER filenames override them. You can find an explanation of this method in the documentation.
  • New fileformats - MPlayer now has demuxers for FILM (used on Sega Saturn CD games), RoQ (used in ID Software games like Quake3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein) file formats. Work has begun on Playstation video files.
  • Enhanced software scaler - software scaler is used in MEncoder when resizing, and in MPlayer when the videocard doesn't have XVideo support. Until now it could work only with codecs capable of YV12 output (libmpeg2, libavcodec). Now it can use others too (Windows DLLs).

And let's see some MEncoder-specific enhancements :

  • Multiple input files encoding support - no, this is not about audio from separate file. This is for creating DivX4/MJPEG/etc files from a series of JPEG or PNG files. Note that MEncoder is also capable of creating MPNG files! :) (and MPlayer is capable of playing them) See the new section in MEncoder documentation.
  • Encoding only given time interval - it sez it all. See the MEncoder manpage for the options.
  • XViD encoding support - XViD is an enhanced opensource version of the old OpenDivX codec, a DivX4-beater wannabe, developed at http://www.videocoding.de. Currently it's not intended for users.

There will be some other new features announced here shortly..

Another joe barr article - 2002-01-28
posted by Gabucino

Yes, Linuxworld hasn't fired this guy yet. This time he examined Xine.. I do not (?:) intend to go ranting about the article, as it does not directly concern MPlayer. Instead, I'd like to point out on some things :

In the beginning of the article Joe baby quickly proclaims that his standard ./configure; make; make install procedure worked just fine, and got "video that rivaled anything he's ever seen". Later in the article he adds that he had to visit and download "a number of related sites and projects" so he could fill in Xine's missing parts. The interesting part is that he had to do the same to MPlayer, and he became angry about it.

Another interesting part is when he "was impressed by the level of detail and information provided by the (configure) scripts". Well you know how a standard ./configure script's output looks like :

  checking whether the C compiler works... yes

I'm impressed by the "level of detail". BTW, that script runs for 5 times more time than ours.. Well, it simply rocks.

Let's continue reading this fabulous article: Joe quickly froze Xine by changing to an other skin than the default. I expected he'd go furious but, no, instead he advises us to "keep in mind this is beta software".. He didn't say this when testing MPlayer, yet he used Xine 0.9.7, and he MPlayer's development CVS version.. He must have forgot it, doesn't matter. But he doesn't know that Xine is planning to release 1.0 very soon...

Next advantage of Xine is "you can set just about anything". Let's see what is anything : from paths to device names to the "demuxer selection strategy" . Now, THAT's what I call variety ;)) But seriously, MPlayer is MUCH more customizable than Xine. If you don't believe it, you've never seen MPlayer, or never cared to read the documentation. So what do we have in the end? Joe Man is FUD'ing again.. This guy is impressive :) If I knew english as much as he does, I too would be able to manipulate the masses this easy :)

Then he plays a DVD. Lucky for him, because Xine couldn't play any of mine, only when I downloaded DVDnav, and recompiled Xine for it :) But please disregard this paragraph, it's only my lameness. Or maybe it's his 1Ghz Athlon, and my 500Mhz K6/2 - which plays DVDs with almost no (!) framedrops (with mga_vid, which Xine doesn't have.. So Xine is unable to use my Matrox's TVout too..)

He also visits #xine, where he gets some hints.. Maybe configure; make; make install and Xine documentation wasn't enough? I never saw him on #MPlayer or on our mailing lists... Yet, according to him, our documentation is the biggest pile of shit :) Yare-yare, I must be crafting conspiration theories :)

So, these are my (Gabucino) comments on Mr. Barr's article.. My intention was to let the community see the other side of Barr's fuckings. My intention was NOT to disrespect Xine (I think it has nice GUI widgets) or Guenter Barsch, if he feels I did so, I apologize.

Vidix's mga_vid tested on FreeBSD - 2002-01-26
posted by Gabucino

...and it works! So currently MPlayer is the FASTEST movie player on FreeBSD, with Matrox G400 cards ! (G200 currently doesn't work with Vidix)

Introducing VIDIX technology - 2002-01-16
posted by Gabucino

VIDIX is an interface for the sole purpose of direct access to videocards' framebuffers, DGA and BES.

I don't have to introduce mga_vid to Matrox users, they already know the mighty speed and quality increase compared to the standard Xv driver in X11, not to mention the hardware accelerated TV out.

I also don't have to talk about radeon_vid which was first to produce TV output on Linux for ATI Radeons, and at the same time having the speed of mga_vid.

But I DO have to talk about the fact that VIDIX provides an interface for all these drivers. I mentioned that it also provides direct hardware access. And what does a standard interface for hardware access mean? It means that now it's very easy to write *_vid drivers for virtually EVERY videocard.

For those which don't have XVideo support in X11.

For NVidia users who have to mess with buggy drivers and incompatibilities. We already started writing nvidia_vid !

And this is absolutely not the whole story. I think you may be interested for VIDIX and its drivers (mga_vid, radeon_vid, nvidia_vid) are PLATFORM AND OS INDEPENDENT !
Ability to use for example mga_vid on BSD. On Windows. On......

New section: Unapplied patches - 2002-01-15
posted by Gabucino

I've just created a new section for patches that didn't make it to CVS, but may be interesting for some people. See the download page.

MPlayer site mirrored - 2002-01-15
posted by Gabucino

We've set up a mirror for the entire site (except the CVS). It can be reached at http://www2.mplayerhq.hu and ftp://ftp2.mplayerhq.hu.

MPlayer 0.60 RELEASED ! - 2002-01-02
posted by Gabucino

3 months have passed since 0.50, and we are pleased to announce that 0.60 is finally RELEASED ! While downloading, check out the "short" What's New list:

  • brand new kick-penguin-ass homepage design by chass (this is his opinion:)
  • new fileformats : Quicktime MOV, VIVO v1/v2, Autodesk FLI/FLC, RealMedia, NuppelVideo, yuv4mpeg, yuv4mpeg2.
  • NEW native codecs : CRAM (MS Video 1), cvid (Cinepak), FLI, generic ADPCM (and IMA) decoder, g723, XAnim codecs support.
  • build fixes
  • DVD subtitles support
  • new DVD options for subtitle/audio language selection : -alang, -slang
  • playing in root window : -rootwin option
  • postprocessing options syntax changes : -pp -npp
  • make install now copies codecs.conf (delete the old one in your home dir)
  • grabbing from TV through v4l
  • mencoder - program for encoding video+audio (divx+mp3 and many others!)
  • new configure script - better autodetect, cleaner messages.
  • partial support for hardware MPEG decoders (DXR3 and Siemens DVB)
  • input cache - to make network/DVD playback smoother
  • software YV12 scaling, aspect ratio fixes
  • GUI fixes (it's still experimental :) and new skins
  • lots of MMX/SSE/3DNow! optimizations over the whole code!
  • audio filter plugins (surround, 5.1, up/downsample, etc)
  • C++ DirectShow code converted to C - no C++ compiler is required anymore
  • new, nicer postprocess code - deinterlace filter too
  • AC3 decoding is now handled with liba52 - Surround, 5.1, etc..
  • ... and countless other new features, fixes, changes !

2001-12-01 :: December News
posted by Gabucino

<sigh> It's hard to start a news entry.
Should I write some lame jokes of mine? I think it's not the reason people read MPlayer news. And they DO read. In July, we had 23487 hits. In September, it was 49947. And now in November, it's 90601 ! Nice growth, I can say. MPlayer's features also grew the same way, so it's nearly time for a new release : 0.50 has grown very old, buggy and featureless (compared to the code in CVS now).

MPlayer team is looking for sponsors ! If you can and want to sponsor the Team's development either with (primarily) hardware or money, or just think that you can enhance the code, contact us! Thank you.

So, back to the new release : we're not sure about the version name, but it won't be 1.0 . As of now, it seems 1.0 will be fully GPL, and will include powerful CPU detection code to allow binary distribution. Be aware that this is like fortune tellings, so no warranties.

Apart from this, the main enhancement that will take place after this release, will be the completion of libvo2 and this time we'll really do it. It means

  • direct rendering (resulting in much faster image display, thus even smaller CPU requirement)
  • free (and MMX/3DNow accelerated) conversion between RGB and YUV colorspaces (so you can use ANY codecs with ANY video output drivers)
  • 100% complete support of DVB and DXR3 cards
  • support of DVD and VOBsub subtitles

and many many other interesting stuff.

And now, something not-so-completely different : new features in current CVS.

  • grabbing from V4L-compatible TV tuner cards - viewing and even encoding, of course! This is relatively new code, and has no audio support yet.
  • Autodesk FLI/FLC Animation support - hmhm, very serious :)
  • native Microsoft Video1 decoder - it's a very old format, but it was easy to add a decoder, so one less Win32 codec to be used.
  • YV12 scaling with MEncoder - you can up/downscale the encoded movie's size, if the source movie can be decoded in YV12 format (MPEG1/2, DivX, but not with Win32 codecs!)
  • new configure script - nicer, better structured, featureful, more informative.
  • probably a lot of other things I can't remember now. Gonna take a nap.

If you feel the urge to try these, hurry and download! Also, be sure to read the documentation about new features, and anyways. Enjoy!

2001-11-24 :: Enough of this already!
posted by A'rpi


Ok. I see you still don't understand what happened and why were we so upset. So, let me explain:


A russian "coder" has "ported" MPlayer (actually removed/disabled half of the code and added audio/video support using someone else's code, so actually hacked together 3 opensource projects at most ugliest way) to OS/2. It is not problem, it is even somehow good, but we would like more if he send patches for MPlayer instead of fork'ing development.


He provided this stuff for download at os2.ru page. He provided no sources at all. He provided it as HIS OWN PRODUCT UNDER HIS NAME and he even not mentioned the MPlayer or ffmpeg or os/2 ao/vo lib authors nor any of these project names. We can call it only 'code stealing'. Tell me if you disagree, and please explain why.


As soon as we got informed about this, we sent some mails to their mailing list. The mails didn't arrived in few hours. We thought the list is moderated and they ignored them or the maillist simply does not exists/work. We sent mail to the website admins, asking them to provide us direct email contact of the "author", and remove the download link until he fixes credits. They didn't replied. Next day we were more upset and Gabucino put out that well-known NEWS entry. I've seen it and said "it's ok", I didn't think of such reaction. (yes, it was a bit(?) rude, but is code stealing a good thing???)


They immediately came out from the darkness, and started to flame us at every forums because of that news entry. Nothing about the code stealing. Just flamed us. Later they started to say: it is not MPlayer port, just 2 libs of MPlayer were used and it's a totally different project contributed by russian coders. They also mentioned that A-V sync code is not from MPlayer, it's their own new code.


I told them that:

  • our primary problem is the missing credits. the missing source is just secondary, and legal problem.
  • i asked them AGAIN to fix their page and show info about MPlayer relations and other stuff used in that.


flame again about NEWS. Nothing about our "wishes". they started to send russian language mails for us and to their list. flame started on mplayer-users list and slashdot too.

Their REACTION Next day (friday afternoon):

they finally released the sources, and afaik (i couldn't check as it was OS/2 installer EXE) they fixed documentation of the project. there is a simple link to MPlayer site now, not mentioning how wvision based on MPlayer or related to it. bad, but it's ok for me, i doubt they will ever do more. also note that distributing MPlayer code in binary form is still prohibited...


as soon as we downloaded the source, we started to check what did he really do. he did what we thought before. ported MPlayer by removing/disabling half of code and hacking in os/2 audio/video out. he even keept my own A-V sync code from MPlayer (compare wvision.cpp to MPlayer.c) while stating everywhere that it's their code. he used the core of MPlayer, so it's much more than "just 2 libs from MPlayer".

OS2.ru guys:

  • clean up credits/copyright stuff on the homepage, add which code is "borrowed" from which project. (ASAP)
  • send patches for MPlayer... (only if you want to cooperate)

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

2001-11-16 :: Word of warning
posted by Gabucino

If MPlayer CVS doesn't compile for you nowadays (you get error messages with quant_store_mpeg2 or so), please do a fresh checkout and try again. A slight inconsistency in the CVS backup caused these errors.

Also, MPlayer now compiles on QNX too. Note that it isn't ready for true usage yet, as the only video output working right now is the X11 one, and as you know QNX has a very slow X emulation. Check the screenshots (they also have CPU utilization percentage). If you have interest or experience in porting further, do so.

And here's the link for the recent interview with A'rpi (in hungarian!).

2001-11-13 :: removed
posted by Gabucino

This news entry contained some misinformations about GCC 2.96 and has been removed upon RedHat's request.

2001-11-06 :: Few words about GPL
posted by Gabucino

This (joke) news entry about Arpi vs GPL was removed for it caused misunderstanding.

2001-11-04 :: Press release
posted by Gabucino

Here I am to keep you informed again, for you ppl who don't download CVS snapshots or use CVS to keep track of MPlayer development progress. Obviously, you're mistaken. :) Other UNIX/Linux projects maybe don't even compile when downloaded from CVS. MPlayer always does. But whatever.
So, let's see the improvements:

  • VIVO parser - have you EVER thought this would happen? Well it did now. As of writing this news entry, audio isn't played, but I bet it will tomorrow. Well, no seeking yet, but what about the day after tomorrow? :) Keep checking the documentation for new stuff!
  • DXR3 support - shortly after DVB cards' support, DXR3 has arrived too! DVB and DXR3 are hardware MPEG decoder cards, and with MPlayer you can watch MPEG1/2/4 on them!
  • Cache layer - cache in MPlayer ! This separate process caches the input data (useful for example for network, slow CD drives, etc), then feeds it to the main process. Add the proper line (see the manpage) to your config file TODAY!
  • ENCODING! - Yeah. Feeling horny now, don't you? :) You will. Just try it. No, you don't need avifile or other bulky utils. Just type make mencoder and (as usually) read the documentation. Convert your DVD/AVI/VOB/ASF/WMV/VIV/MOV to DivX4+VBR MP3 . You still have doubts? Throw them away.

XAnim codecs support
posted by Gabucino

MPlayer now can use XAnim codecs (even 3ivx!) for video decoding ! The documentation is already updated, check the new XAnim codecs section for installation/usage instructions !

ATTENTION: using some XAnim codecs with other software than XAnim is ILLEGAL!

MPlayer compiled on win32
posted by Gabucino

Atmosfear successfully compiled MPlayer on windows (on XP, but runs even on W95) It really rocks.. It needs SDL for video+audio output. Currently lacks Win32 codecs support, but features MPEG1, MPEG2, DivX/OpenDivX/DivX4 (ffmpeg/libavcodec) and MP2, MP3, AC3 support. Check the screenshots ! The binary is yet unreleased.

2001-10-08 :: MPlayer 0.50 released
posted by Gabucino

Just go and download.
New after 0.50-pre3: mostly build fixes for non-linux systems, docs updates.

Note: mov "support" disabled, if you want to play with it, then use CVS. (mov support is far from being finished. no seeking and only cvid video and raw audio are supported - so it's very useless)

Also, we moved the mplayer-users mailing list to our new server. If you weren't automatically resubscribed, you can do it here.

MPlayer 0.50pre3 released
posted by Gabucino

Just a few changes, hot-fixes:

  • gcc 3.0/3.0.1 compilation fixes (should work on redhat/mdk too)
  • win32 DLL loader code synced/updated with avifile CVS
  • divx4windows DLL support on x86 systems (with postprocessing!)

2001-10-03 :: MPlayer 0.50pre2 released
posted by Gabucino

Just a few changes, hot-fixes:

  • compilation fixes (gcc 3, etc)
  • GUI fixes (mainly fullscreen fix for mwm and such stuff)
  • aspect ratio stuff (try -aspect x or -aspect x:y to override autodetected aspect ratio. examples: -aspect 2.24 or -aspect 16:9)
  • more translated help/messages files (cz de dk en hu nl no pl)
  • some warnings fixed and some cleanup around dec_* - win32 interface

MPlayer 0.50pre1 released
posted by Gabucino

Hmm. Release again. Tons of new features, beta Gui version, bugs fixed, new vo and ao drivers, ported to many systems, including opensource divx codec and much more. Try it!

Attack on USA
posted on 2001-09-11

Dear ppl,

We, MPlayer developers, condemn those that are involved in the creation of this senseless massacre, and would like to express our sincerest condolences to the relatives of all who died due to these terrosist attacks.
We hope that the masterminds of this attack will be apprehended and punished appropriately.

As a sidenote..
posted on 2001-09-01

Two more skins are available. I won't announce it anymore, so check the download section for updates.
About the GUI? Well, it's now nearly ready to be released. Just be a little more patient... Oh, and there are screenshots of the skins, just click on their names.

Ogg Vorbis support
posted on 2001-09-01

Atmosfear has commited support for the Ogg Vorbis audio format. You'll need libvorbis from http://www.xiph.org/downloads/ . Don't forget to update your codecs.conf !

Skins available
posted on 2001-08-30

Although the GUI is not yet fully merged/complete/working, I made a Skin download section in the Downloads page. Currently there are only 2 skins, a default, and a skin made by me (it's a conversion of a WinAMP/xmms skin of Rei Ayanami:). BTW it's really easy to develop a skin, just download a skin and read the ./skin file inside it. Self-explanatory.

Letter of the Year
posted on 2001-08-29

(whether this letter is real or not, it's ROTFL...)


can you help me ?

I want to start up my mplayer version 6.4 (I use NT) in full-screenmode(alt enter) is it possible ?
And : when my avi is finished I would like that my mplayer automatically closes (alt F4) ist it possible ?

Thank you very much for your attention !

Pim van As.

Mplayer-users mailing list

mediaLib support in ffmpeg
posted on 2001-08-29

Juergen Keil added support of SUN's mediaLib into ffmpeg (libavcodec, to be exact). And thus MPlayer (since we use libavcodec to play DivX on SPARC platforms, see the documentation).
It does about at least 50-70% speedup on UltraSPARC CPUs (they support the VIS instruction set). Grab the cvs snapshot. Now VIS is supported in the following parts of MPlayer: libmpeg2, libvo, libavcodec.

FINALLY Real DVD playback
posted on 2001.08

As MPlayer now uses libdvdread (which relies on libcss), now we have nearly full DVD playback ability. Plus some more additional features:

  • some pre-beta nationalization support
  • HTMLized documentation, splitted to sections
  • lot of bugfixing
  • (NEW) AAlib driver : it's now independent of SDL, and has some nice features like SUB/OSD support.
  • DivX DirectShow codecs's brightness, contrast, etc settings can be set easily runtime, and not with sucky sliders, but on the keyboard!
  • dynamic setting of DivX postprocessing quality, depending on available CPU time ! (-autoq option)
  • GUI integration is only a matter of days..
  • updated FAQ section on the homepage

Grab the current cvs snapshot (0.18-pre* are obsoleted and removed), and enter the world of Linux Multimedia !

WMV8 support
posted on 2001-08-15

Yeah. Update from cvs if you wish. Hmm what other news.. ffmpeg is even more faster, DivX4 is even more buggier. Update update update!

So you thought you knew everything about DivX..?
posted on 2001-07-24

..didn't you? Well, you were wrong. MPlayer now includes four (actually three) methods to play DivX movies. You can choose between:

  • compatibility - the ordinary method, use Win32 DLLs. Soon nobody will need these antiques, because ffmpeg's (see next) compatibility problems are 99% resolved!
  • portability - the opensource DivX codec from ffmpeg. Now included, and working real great! Developing & optimizing with an astonishing speed! MPlayer now compiles and plays DivXes on non-x86 platforms like Sparc Solaris, iPaq/StrongARM!!
  • speed - ProjectMayo's new DivX4 codec. It doesn't only contains OpenDivX, but DivX itself! Since it's an older project than ffmpeg, it has already reached a bit higher level of optimization.. Don't throw that 386 out yet. ;) It has only one disadvantage: it's NOT opensource!! Yet. Also, MPlayer uses a feature that doesn't exist in other players using this codec (neither Linux nor Windoze) : the support for YV12 pixel format enables the usage of MUCH less bus/memory bandwith, leading to HUGE speed boost! See the short benchmark below:

For a big (resolution 528x368), and high bitrate (262 kbyte/s) DivX,
and a small (resolution 320x240), and low bitrate (65 kbyte/s) DivX :

Win32 DShow DLL100%Win32 DShow DLL100%
DivX4 (standard)112%DivX4 (standard)110%
DivX4 (YV12)140%DivX4 (YV12)130%

What. You aren't downloading yet??

Nowdays' enhancements
posted on 2001-06-30

Another boring weekend, another news entry.. ;) Keeping our habit, we delayed the release again. For the impatient, there is a 0.18preX prerelease available in the download section. Let's see some new features:

  • mp3lib even more optimized to 3DNow!/MMX - about 20% growth of performance on CPUs that support either of these instructions. According to Nick Kurshev now we outperform mpg123 in speed. Not bad, eh?
  • ffmpeg has a DivX en/decoder in C ! I don't know too much about it, but seems it's time for non-x86 users to cheer up, since MPlayer will incorporate this feature (libavcodec) ! I don't think this will make it into the 0.18 release, though.
  • Support for MPEG-TS (transport streams) - this is not ready yet, but A'rpi is working on it
  • The GGI driver is in. It has never worked for me, anyways :)
  • MPlayer got an ICCCM patch.. This is some standard for communication between programs and window managers (or so). Unfortunately some windowmanager is always broken :(( First it was icewm, then WindowMaker, and now it's KDE. I (we) don't like KDE so I'm pleased :)

GUI preview screenshots available
posted on 2001-06-19

Pontscho's GUI has made another step towards being ready. Although the GUI code itself isn't fully perfect, nor publicly available (so don't ask for it), I've made 2 screenshots and put them up. It'll be merged with the main MPlayer SOON, have fun until then.
SKIN MAKERS are very welcome! Don't hesitate to write us!

Some stuff
posted on 2001-06-16

Hmm, let's see some info.. First, about the native AAlib driver. Its development is going slow, seems to be due to some problems IRL. It will be definitively released soon (hmm, but that's what we always say, isn't it?). Second, as you may have noticed, the release should've been released already. Well, it isn't. Good explanation? Oh well. The codebase is still in the killing bugs phase (not if there are any..), also some new features like -benchmark, -frames (play only n frames, then quit) have been implemented. The third thing that comes into my mind right now, is the GGI project. It seems that some of our developers have became inspired by it, and a vo_ggi driver is coming right away. Hope it'll be usable.

Code frozen!
posted on 2001-06-09

As of today evening, MPlayer code is frozen. The release will take place about monday-tuesday midnight (GMT+2).

Sourceforge is back to normal (?) again.

Recent changes in MPlayer
posted on 2001-06-06

  • Introduced libao2 - audio output system
    it's very similar to libvo, but it's for audio. you can select audio out driver with the -ao switch, and list available drivers with -ao help currently available: null - not working, don't use (use -nosound)
    oss - OSS ioctl-based code ("new audio code") it should solve AUDIO_RESET problems too.
    alsa - ALSA 0.5 (maybe 0.9 too?) native driver
    sdl - SDL audio (use -sdla switch to select SDL driver)
    NOTE: SDL supports esd and arts, so you with esd problems should try it (maybe SDL upgrade & recompile requires)
  • ASF seeking fixed
    Find keyframe and A-V is ok after seek too.
  • New option to force audio playback samplerate: -srate
    You can play videos at double speed using -srate 96000 :)
  • Framedropping implemented for MPEG files as well.
  • X11 driver works on remote display (without SHM)
  • A-V sync for AVI files has been fixed (both -bps and -nobps)

Any much much more! Check out from CVS!

SourceForge is dying !
posted on 2001-06-06

SourceForge services run on their slow backup system for 2 weeks, so there are no crontab jobs (no automatic daily snapshots and homepage updates). Mailing lists are extremly slooooow and mails arrive in different order than sent so for example the cvslog lists is totally unusable. So, please be patient, and don't disturb(?) us with these. We hope that SF will recover (but I fear for they will never recover, two weeks on backup sys is too long...) or we can finally set up our new server in Hungary.


FreeBSD and Solaris support !
posted on 2001-06-06

Yes, some people (namely : Jürgen Keil and Marcus Comstedt) made it. MPlayer now compiles and works on Solaris 8, of course only on x86 machines, not Sparc (that would be hopeless, sorry). It even has VCD and DVD support, however the whole support is to be considered experimental. The FreeBSD support is done by Vladimir Kushnir. Update from CVS, or download a snapshot.

PROJECT mpg12play-portable STARTED!
posted on 2001-05-15

Many people asked about portability. Gernot Ziegler went so far that he tried to port mpg12play sources to IRIX operating systems. Now this project goes serious... The goal is to produce a portable MPEG1/MPEG2 player.

From A'rpi :

The project has been started...

  1. I've removed all win32/avi stuff from mpg12play (MPlayer-0.09 version) and imported to the CVS with module name mpg12play. It still has some x86 code, but most places it's disabled. remaining code must be #ifdefed (do not remove!) to get it compile on non-x86 arch.
  2. Created a mailing list called mplayer-mpg12play (yes, silly name, but SF doesn't allow other than mplayer-*) Please subscribe to the list, if you are interested, and aren't already subscribed by me!

MPlayer 0.17a is out...
posted on 2001-04-27

Hehh, we were so obsessed with our own deadline that just after IdegCounter was officially released, we noticed many things were missing, etc. Even its version number was 0.11-pre :)
Download the real thing.

MPlayer 0.17 "The IdegCounter" is RELEASED !!!
posted on 2001-04-27

After many months of daily 24 hours blood-sweating development, MPlayer 0.17 is here to kick some butt! Actually the version number should be much higher (in the view of the Hell-A-Lot-Of functions inside), but we're veeeery humble. That's why we don't say: "This is the best player available for Linux, go download download download it NOW!" So, we don't say it. Instead we'd like to thank for all our sponsors, namely: ... , ... and ... . Thanks for all the money ($0). Don't forget it's NEVER late to send (m)any!!!

Well, enough of crap talk. The Facts:

  • DVD support
  • VCD support
  • OSD (On Screen Display) support
  • Subtitles support
  • DivX/AVI/ASF/MPEG1/MPEG2 support
  • Around 15 video outputs supported
  • Remote control support

And lots lots lots lots lots of more! Head to the download section!!!

Tons of bugfixes and new features !
posted on 2001-04-21

This is a summary of some new stuff in MPlayer:

  • new stream selection code - many people had problems with (mostly ASF) files which contained more than 1-1 audio/video streams, and had to specify them manually. Especially files downloaded with asfrecorder were problematic. These problems are now fixed, MPlayer auto-detects streams.
  • pre-devel-alpha DVD code - now it's possible to play encrypted DVDs, thanx to LGB. MPlayer now uses libcss to decrypt those DVDs. See documentation for usage.
  • subtitle code 100% - it's ready, and mostly bugfree. Works in every possible bpp, driver. Now it has a perfected timing code!
  • new output drivers - they are SVGAlib, and FBdev. They've been tested, and proven very good!
  • faster memcpy() routine - displaying became faster, because the code got MMX/3DNow!/SSE optimized!

The Time of Release is coming in a few days... This is gonna be a big shot for real!

New codecs
posted on 2001-04-03

A lot of improvements have been made to the codec loader, and as a consequence many more codecs can be used with MPlayer than previously. A new w32codec.zip package is downloadable, and it is RECOMMENDED that you download it!

Subtitles (and OSD) support !
posted on 2001-03-30

I'll lend you some useful info to make it work and hope for the best.
First, download the font package.
Next, unzip it to $HOME/.mplayer/font .
Get latest CVS, compile it, use either Xv, MGA, X11 (only in 24bpp), or fbdev output, specify your sub file with the -sub option, and you're done!

Thanks to Laaz for the SUB reader, A'rpi for the great OSD+SUB displayer and Chass for the font(s)!

DirectShow support !
posted on 2001-03-21

A'rpi has finally added DirectShow support to MPlayer! Now it's possible to use postprocessing with DivX movies, of course you'll need a very strong CPU! You'll need the file divx_c32.ax from either Windows, avifile, or from here. Support for the other codecs is coming very soon!

New timer code
posted on 2001-03-18

A'rpi is experimenting with a much smoother timer code, called MPlayerHQ. It solved at least some problems with ALSA for me. Please try it and write if playing got smoother. Also try the new code snippets in the TOOLS dir, and post results to A'rpi.

CVS mailinglist
posted on 2001-03-15

There's a new list, which announces all changes in the CVS repository. Subscribe if you want to, but be warned! Its traffic is BIG!

OpenDivX 4.0 alpha48
posted on 2001-03-11

The new release of the OpenDivX codec is now supported. It introduces better quality, however the encoding speed is still slooow. Negative: the alpha47 codec isn't forward compatible, so you'll have to upgrade. (this code is in CVS)

New Matrox mailing list
posted on 2001-03-08

Since there are a lot of questions/bugs/discussions about the relationship between MPlayer and Matrox cards, A'rpi decided to make a new mailing list just for this topic. You can subscribe on it

Mailing lists moved
posted on 2001-03-07

The MPlayer-users and MPlayer-announce lists have been moved to Sourceforge. Subscription info is updated in the About section.

DGA driver
posted on 2001-02-27

Andreas Ackermann made a DGA driver for libvo. And he did a good work... It's about 60-80% faster than the X11 driver! Of course if you could do Xv output already, this isn't much of an improvement for you..
Also note that this code is alpha, and - at the time of writing this - exists only in CVS.

Moving to SourceForge!
posted on 2001-02-24

Yeah, we'll move to SourceForge.
I hope you'll like the CVS accessibility.

Prerelease versions
posted on 2001-02-23

No prerelease versions have came out since Feb 19. THAT'S really strange!
A'rpi must be working all day all night on the 0.11 release and 0.12 series. :)

A'rpi released information on upcoming 0.12 series
posted on 2001-02-20

On the MPlayer mailing list, A'rpi announced the proposed changes in the 0.12 series.

The biggest change will be the change from libvo to libxmm . libxmm aka XMMP is an abbrevation for "Linux MultiMedia Project", which is another multimedia layer for Linux.. However, in the light of its nasty features, no wonder A'rpi chose to use it! I suggest to download, install and get familiar with it now, since you'll soon have to do so anyway!

Another great stuff is ffmpeg , so A'rpi thought why not include it in MPlayer?
And so he did. ffmpeg is no less than a realtime video/audio encoder for Linux, so prepare your BTTV cards or any stuff you wanna record with, since now you'll be able to encode runtime to OpenDivX (or other formats).

The GUI code (by Pontscho) will be imported too, so you can finally show your Windows pals who has the better player!!! Actually with an encoder! :)
Anyways, we still need good skins! Graphicians, get a grip on yerself and write to Pontscho!

Those of you who missed DivX ;-) quality setting option, be delighted! DirectShow support will be added too! Of course this also means VoxWare support (audio codec).
I wonder who needs .mov support.. That'll be added very soon!

The mailing lists are ready!
posted on 2001-02-17

In order to lower the load on A'rpi :) the MPlayer-users mailing list was created. Thanks to Dariusz Pietrzak for the hosting!

The subscribing process is simple. Click here.

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