Release Notes for X11R7.1

The X.Org Foundation

22 May 2006

These release notes contains information about features and their status in the X.Org Foundation X11R7.1 release. It is based on the XFree86 4.4RC2 RELNOTES document published by The XFree86[tm] Project, Inc. There are significant updates and differences in the X.Org release as noted below.

1. Introduction to the X11R7.1 Release

2. Summary of new features in X11R7.1

2.1. Updated keyboard mappings
2.2. Video driver enhancements

3. Drivers

3.1. Video Drivers
3.2. Input Drivers

4. Overview of X11R7.1

4.1. Loader and Modules
4.2. Configuration File
4.3. Command Line Options
4.4. XAA
4.5. Multi-head
4.6. Xinerama
4.7. DGA version 2
4.8. DDC
4.9. GLX and the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI)
4.10. XVideo Extension (Xv)
4.11. X Rendering Extension (Render)
4.12. Other extensions
4.13. Font support
4.14. TrueType support
4.15. CID font support
4.16. Internationalisation of the scalable font backends
4.17. Large font optimization
4.18. Unicode/ISO 10646 support
4.19. Xlib Compose file support and extensions
4.20. Bitstream Vera fonts
4.21. Luxi fonts from Bigelow and Holmes

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. Legacy keyboard driver phase-out
5.2. Socket directory ownership and permissions
5.3. Composite exposes extra visuals

6. Deprecated components and removal plans

7. Attributions/Acknowledgements/Credits